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Most matches won in open era (top 10).

Posted by tennisplanet on November 26, 2006

  1. J. Connors                                1222
  2. I. Lendl                                     1070
  3. G. Vilas                                       920
  4. J. McEnroe                                  867
  5. A. Agassi                                     860
  6. S. Edberg                                    806
  7. P. Sampras                                 762
  8. I. Nastase                                   724
  9. B. Becker                                     713
  10. M. Chang                                     661

10 Responses to “Most matches won in open era (top 10).”

  1. Jenny said

    Lottie, I believe Connors was 39yrs old when he stopped playing. I don’t think Roger would want to be playing for that long!

  2. Liz said

    A lot of your numbers don’t match up with ATP Stats TP, so I’ve just relisted all of them.

    1. Jimmy Connors 1,241
    2. Ivan Lendl 1,071
    3. Guillermo Vilas 923
    4. John McEnroe 875
    5. Andre Agassi 870
    6. Stefan Edberg 806
    7. Pete Sampras 762
    8. Ilie Nastase 755
    9. Boris Becker 713
    10. Roger Federer* 691

  3. Tennis statistics or numbers do not have a point of reference. For instance, they say that Roger Federer has won the highest amount of money in prizes. Yes, now that he has 16 grand slams yes. When he had 14 same as Sampras, may be Sampras had won more in REAL TERMS. This means you have to adjust the money earned each year with the inflation rate that year. This means one million dollars today equals to half a million dollars 10 or 12 years ago. Connors won the highest number of matches but until he was 39!!! Fair enough, but they do not say how many matches he had won when he was the age when Sampras retired.

  4. richard silbert said

    You fail to record Roger Federer has 900 match wins as of today and he is only 29.

  5. richard silbert said

    You are correct.

  6. jojo said

    Connors played on the tour until he was 40…..he won a match in the 1992 US Open, and took the first set from Ivan Lendl in the second round.

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