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Players to win the Grand Slam (all 4 in 1 year).

Posted by tennisplanet on November 26, 2006

  1. Don Budge 1938.
  2. Rod Laver 1962, 1969.

5 Responses to “Players to win the Grand Slam (all 4 in 1 year).”

  1. somebody else said

    It should be noted that when Rod Laver achieved his calendar slams (once as an Open-Era professional), 3 of the 4 slams were played on grass (Budge included). Of course, Roland Garros was clay, which is still the big obstacle for Federer, the closest any male player has come since Laver’s 1969 sweep (2006).

    We’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. SSilver said

    This is only Man Singles. You forget that Grand Slam includes Man Singles, Woman Singles, Man Doubles, Woman Double, Mix Doubles, Boys’ Singles, Girls’ Singles and Girls’ Doubles.
    Following that, there are more than 2 name listed here.

  3. SSilver said

    1. Singles
    * Man:
    – Don Budge (1938)
    – Rod Laver (1962 và 1969)
    * Woman:
    – Maureen Connolly (1953)
    – Margaret Smith Court (1970)
    – Steffi Graf (1988)

    2. Doubles
    * Man
    – Frank Sedgman & Ken McGregor (1951)
    * Woman
    – Maria Bueno (1960)
    – Martina Navrátilová & Pam Shriver (1984)
    – Martina Hingis (1998)
    * Mix
    – Margaret Smith Court & Ken Fletcher (1963)
    – Margaret Smith Court (1965)
    – Owen Davidson (1967)

    3. Boy’s Single
    – Stefan Edberg (1983)

    • Eric said

      Also note that in 1988 Steffi Graf also won the Olympic Gold medal, in Seoul, Korea. Defeating Sabatini in the finals.

  4. Liz said

    Oh how I wish I had an update for this one!

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