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Records that may never be broken.

Posted by tennisplanet on November 26, 2006


  1. Top 10 ranked player in three different decades- A. Agassi.
  2. 5 French Open (clay) and Wimbledon (grass) titles back to back- B. Borg.
  3. 8 straight US Open final appearances- I. Lendl.
  4. Most titles won in career- J. Connors 109.
  5. Winning 24 straight finals- R. Federer.
  6. 81-match winning streak on clay.
  7. 237 consecutive weeks at No. 1.
  8. Five consecutive Wimbledon and US Open titles.

28 Responses to “Records that may never be broken.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Um, Borg won 4 French Opens and Wimbys back to back, not 5.

  2. gmoz said

    And how many consecutive Grand Slam finals Federer already has ?
    I think 9.
    It will very hard to break this one, too !

  3. somebody else said

    Actually, Borg won 3 consecutive back-to-back French Opens and Wimbledons. On his fourth time around, he got the French but he lost the Wimbledon final to McEnroe.

  4. somebody else said

    Yes, so far Federer has reached 9 consecutive Grand Slam singles finals, an all-time record in men’s tennis.

  5. somebody else said

    Nadal’s 81 consecutive clay-court match wins may be an unbreakable record.

  6. somebody else said

    Federer won 3 consecutive back-to-back Wimbledon and U.S. Open titles (so far). Could this be one of those records that stands alongside Borg’s?

  7. zola said

    I agree. Nadal’s 81 consecutive match wins on one surface may never be broken.

  8. looking forward said

    I love this post, and the comments, because it’s clear nobody thinks the Sampras Slam record is unbreakable. I was never a fan, so I’ll be positively thrilled when it’s shot down – next year, perhaps?

  9. somebody else said

    correction: Federer has won 4 consecutive back-to-back Wimbledon and U.S. Open titles (so far). That will probably never be matched by anyone, male or female.

    • Linda said

      Actually, he won five Wimbledons in a row (03-07). His streak at USO is at five now.

      • somebody else said

        I said 4 consecutive back-to-back Wimbledon-U.S.Open titles.

        We all know he has five in a row at both, individually.

  10. Manohar Halady said

    Roger Federer has won three Grand Slams in each calendar three times. It may not be broken either.

  11. Eva said

    These records are good, in a way. It certainly helps to know the history of the game, and the players who achieved a lot.
    However, what I think, is that no one will ever play like Roger Federer, ever. It is a combinations of things about his
    play: his shot-making; his change of pace; his ability to turn defense to offence anywhere on the court at any time (quoting Peter Sampras after on of their exos); His fluid and impressive serve, not going for so much power, abut placement: although I think last year he did clock at 134 during the game he lost to Murray, and I also think his choice is very good in his serve because it doesn’t make extreme demands on his shoulder; his balance, how his torso is generally balanced over his legs, which means much much less lunging than other players; his amazing movement, the fluidity, balance, the smoothness and the unique quiet of his movements (he doesn’t go tearing about the court as some players do); his shotmaking ability, which is knowledge of the court and hiself in it, and the immediate and usually unnerving reflex that makes him find that angle that he wants (this is important, for without that, you have to htink, and that prevents that full-flight play, and it also brings doubt, will it work, won’t it work into play, which is a sort of second guessing and defeatist); his timing has also been very important and powerful in returning serves or just returning a ball with such step-in and speed the the opponent hardly recovered from his last serve/or contact with the ball; the footwork, which among other qualities, is so beautiful and it enables him to make shots that other players can’t. His strategy and tactics. Although his great raw talent came not from him , and he can’t credit himself for that, but all his work, devotion, and development is his genius at work; he has done a lot for the game worldwide; he is very athletic, in an effotless seeming way, so other players and working away llike tghe devil, clearly putitng ina lot of hard work and effort, whereas Federer looks as he does things effortlessly, which is not quite that way, of course, it lies in his style of play and his fluidity.
    Havve I said enough about him? I just conversed over instant Messsenger on the Internet with my younger son, and he, too thinks Federer is inimitable.
    Even when he won’t play anymore, there will always be a #1. But never again one like him, as he is truly original and unique.
    When he admits or talks about his great play and talent, he is talking about an attribute, that although he developed from basic great talent and despite his early temper and impatience, he displays how the game of tennis can be truly like an Olympian sport.
    It’s like a beautiful woman, who most of the time is not aware of her beauty, but is sometimes surprised by walking into a restaurant or public place, aand a sudden hush ensues, as people look on. Now, a modest person eventually becomes aware of this, but does not “gather, harvest” and credit to herself her loooks, and may be surprised at times if she catches sight of herself in a window pane or a mirorr, surpised at the look. I think that could be a similar feeling for Roger and his play.
    And a woman can be pleased with her looks, and grateful, and might not enhance it much because it doesn’t need e. i.e. the natural pearlescene of the rim just above the eyeon the upper lid, with faint hues of colors like purple–hancement; most cosmetics try to create the natural qualities of a beautiful woman.
    There is an element of being unconscious of the level at which the player is performing, although they might come to associate it with some descriptive word. But they are fully immersed in the second and moment, and that is one of its great appeals.
    I did say some of these things before, but Roger needs to know that his effort and the importance of the game, and how he sacrificed for it–even though he earned good money for it, it’s still not alike a professional team player who can get paid far more. To go through these tours, repeatedly, and the grand Slams which are so demanding, can only be done oon the basis of love of the game, and to make other people appreciate the game and the person whocan play it at the highest level, just to whos what the game is capable of in the hands of a master.
    I better stop here. I will still follow Kooyong, and see what happens there–should be interesting, especially if there are some psychological games going on, and then will have to”sleep” only about seven more nights.

  12. m said

    TP, I know you wrote this list some time ago, but perhaps it’s time for an update.

    Do you really think someone else is going to break Rafa’s 81-match winning streak on clay?

    And can we add Rogis’ 238 CONSECUTIVE (no one else has that, not even Pete) weeks at #1 to this list, plz?

  13. m said

    A double set of 5 consecutive Grand Slams? 😀

    I may be wrong – Rafa would be halfway there with an FO 2009 win – but I don’t think so …

  14. cf said

    you should add Roger Federer’s 5 consecutive Wimbledons and 5 consecutive US Opens (yeah, yeah i am a federer fan)

  15. somebody else said

    MEN’s singles:

    Ivan Lendl — 9 consecutive Tennis Masters Cup finals
    Roy Emerson — 5 consecutive Australian Open titles
    Ivan Lendl — 18 consecutive tournaments reaching the final
    Don Budge — 6 consecutive grand-slam titles
    Roger Federer — 3 career “small slams”
    Rod Laver — 2 career calendar slams
    Bjorn Borg — 3 consecutive back-to-back FrenchOpen-Wimbledon titles
    Roger Federer — 4 consecutive back-to-back Wimbledon-U.S.Open titles
    Pete Sampras — 6 consecutive year-end no.1 rankings (open era)
    Roger Federer — 24 consecutive finals won
    John McEnroe — 82-3 season win-loss record (open era)
    Rafael Nadal — 4 consecutive Monte Carlo titles
    Roger Federer — 10 consecutive grand-slam finals
    Rafael Nadal — 81 consecutive matches won on clay
    Roger Federer — 65 consecutive matches won on grass
    Ivan Landl — 8 consecutive U.S. Open finals
    Bjorn Borg/Roger Federer — 5 consecutive Wimbledon titles (open era)
    Roger Federer — 56 consecutive matches won on hardcourts
    Guillermo Vilas — 46 consecutive matches won
    Roger Federer — 237 consecutive weeks ranked no.1 (all time)
    Jimmy Connors — 109 career titles (open era)
    Roger Federer — 3 consecutive 11+title seasons
    Jaroslav Drobny — won Monte Carlo, Rome, and Hamburg in the same year
    Roger Federer — 2 consecutive years reaching all 4 grand-slam finals
    Roger Federer — 3 titles won at 3 separate grand-slam events
    Roger Federer — 5 consecutive titles won at 2 separate grand-slam events


  16. guido said

    Borg won 3 straight back to back French and Wimby titles in 1978,-79,-80.
    So, please check before posting unreal records.
    Federer has 4 straight Wimby-US back to back titles, this is an important achievement too.

  17. Aris said


  18. banti said


    This one is epic. Shows his versatility on all surfaces. If it wasnt for that one semi in the Australian, this would be 17 straight finals!

    • Linda said

      Actually, it was 19. Paris made it 20.

      • M said

        Wimbledon makes it 21.

      • banti said

        Taking out Soderling in the US open Quarterfinals makes it 22. Most astonishing record in tennis history hands down! He has won 5 consecutive matches (enough to win most tennis tournaments) when he’s needed too in 22 straight slams. With most records people either come close or there are similar achievements. This is unprecedented, no one has come close by a ridiculous margin.

      • banti said

        23 at the 2010 australian open!

  19. Anonymous said

    For me…all of them can be number 1 but no one can play the versitility and the finess like Roger. he play so effortless…very smooth…I hope he can win more slams..

  20. bunnee said

    okay okay everyone, go to bed & sleep on it!

  21. bunnee said

    btw, i do luuuuvvvv roger.

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