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ATP Prize Money Leaders (US$ million)-Career. Top 10.

Posted by tennisplanet on November 27, 2006

  1. P. Sampras                             43.2
  2. A. Agassi                                 31.1
  3. R. Federer                               55.4
  4. R. Nadal                                   27.9
  5. B. Becker                                 25.0
  6. Y. Kafelnikov                            23.8
  7. I. Lendl                                    23.2
  8. S. Edberg                                 20.6
  9. G. Ivanisevic                            19.8
  10. M. Chang                                 19.1


2 Responses to “ATP Prize Money Leaders (US$ million)-Career. Top 10.”

  1. Liz said

    Federer – 55.4
    Hewitt – 18.3

    You may want to add Rafael Nadal – 27.9 (which would drop Hewitt out of the top 10)

  2. Tom Zarvis said

    Can you tell me how much the average top 100 guys make in endorsments,that is aside from their actual prize winning.Can you give me an idea what a player earns for wearing or playing a a certain brand of equipment? I have heard stories of guys on the ATP tour receiving such and such an amount for wearing brands of equipment for each tounament they play.What are the perks they get for being top rated away from the money they earn playing,reaching the semi’s,finals,etc.I would think that as a player like Nadal’s status it’s no-brainer he pulls in the big bucks for ads,but what about the lesser guys on the fringes of stardom like a Monfils,Tipsaravic,Andreev,the guys below the top ten in the world.Where do they fit in the economic scheme of tennis and endorsments? What kind of bucks can they get on the side?

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