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Fastest serve ever.

Posted by tennisplanet on November 28, 2006

155mph by Andy Roddick at 2004 Davis Cup against Belarus.

Roddick also received an honor, last month (Feb, 2007). More here.

4 Responses to “Fastest serve ever.”

  1. leanne said

    haha in that picture andy looks so skinny and white!

  2. Bill said

    Mike Sangster and Bill Tilden reportedly hit harder than this, though I’m not sure what accuracy can be claimed for these speeds exceeding 160 mph. Also, it must have been a rare rare occurrence, a harmony of a microscopic sweet spot, loose strings, a still stiff but whippy racquet, and a perfect delivery of arm, wrist, torso and leg. I do believe this is possible with wood. There is that one in a thousand strikes when the sound just tells you you’ll never hit that hard again. The ball winds up driving through the windscreen and hanging on the other side of the fence. Or, it breezes through the wire and smacks a soccer mom in the back hard enough to have her summon the police. I’ve seen this. Only the ones that are ‘in’ or nearly in usually have this speed. Everything else is just fluff. A knockout punch.

    I hate modern racquets. They have taken something warlike from the game and replaced it with whiners and massage therapists.

  3. yazan said

    kos emmak eben ga7beh 3a ahek manzar !!! jd ennak wa7ad eben shlokkeh !! garen !!

  4. Karl said

    Chip Hooper was one of the great ones. Back in the early 1980s, my coach was helping at the Buckey Boys Ranch Tournament in Columbus, Ohio. Hooper had demolished the field and was meeting Jimmy Connors in the finals. My coach setup a radar detector at the match. Hooper’s average first serve was in the upper 130s MPH,but he hit a half-dozen that topped the 150 MPH mark. Then Becker came along in the mid 1980s and was faster than Hooper. P.S. that was with 1982 technology. P.P.S. Connors beat Hooper without great difficulty due to owning the best return of serve in the game at the time.

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