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Predictions for 2007 season.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 22, 2007


Roger Federer: This is the year, Federer needs to bag the Grand Slam. The only hurdle for the last two years, Nadal, is faltering and is plagued by nagging injuries. Add to it, the fact that Federer has won the last two encounters, although one was an exhibition. There is nothing standing in the way now.

If he blows this opportunity, it might take him out, mentally, from the Grand Slam pursuit. Completing it, though, will give him added confidence he needs, to beat back the young gunners banging on the door including Murray, Djokovic and Gasquet. His dominating showing at the Australian Open, without dropping a set, gives him a huge psychological advantage over anyone having any ideas of overthrowing the King.

This year’s Grand Slam, in short, is Roger’s to lose.

Andy Roddick: He seems to have solved the ‘early round exit syndrome’ that plagued him, all of last season. But true to his record so far, he is still faltering miserably against the top ten players. Add to the mix, the new generation almost breaking the door down, and it all does’nt bode well for Roddick.

This is the season where Roddick’s rankings are going to nose dive for good. He was able to get back in the top five after dropping from the top ten last season. But that was partly due to inspired play, but mainly because of a friendly draw.

Andy Murray: He is a great candidate to be the valedictorian of the new class of throne usurpers. With impressive outing at the Australian Open, having almost beaten Nadal, and then claiming the San Jose title for the second consecutive year, after knocking out Roddick in the semis, he seems ready for prime time.

With Brad’s expertise in his corner, Murray is flourishinig and must be very proud of his decision to hire the acclaimed coach. If he keeps up his current form, he could be one of the main contenders to dethrone Federer for the Wimbledon title.

James Blake: You have to give it to James for having come so far in the rankings, despite the enormous struggles and obstacles. But this season will see the end of the amazing run. With age against him and the vastly and quickly improving younger and talented field, he will see his ranking drop past the top 15 very soon.

But he should have no regrets. He achieved a lot and should be very proud.

Novak Djokovic:There is little doubt about the talent here. He is just oozing with it. With one title already in his bag this year, he has a great start on his classmates. It will be a hotly contested rivalry, between him and Murray this season, for the season’s top ranking, among the newcomers.

Without question, he would be in the top ten by season’s end and vying for the spot at Shanghai, China. He needs to make this as his break-out year, on which to build his potentially remarkable career. Being selective on his comments about other players wouldn’t hurt.


3 Responses to “Predictions for 2007 season.”

  1. Sandy. said

    I feel you are on the money as far as Roddick is concerned. So far this year, the only word that sticks to one’s mind about him is — demolished. Roger did that at the AO and then Haas repeated it in Memphis, USA.

  2. Rob said

    The prediction on Rodddick is flat out wrong. He’s a rejuvenated player and a legitimate contender. HE WILL WIN WIMBLEDON. There is no doubt in my mind. He’s been playing amazing tennis this year and is gonna make a run at the #2 ranking. Watch out FedEx, A-Rod’s coming!

  3. Gracie said

    Well, well, TP… Not bad, so far. I do hope you’re wrong about Blake’s ranking continuing to drop. He’s not quite out of the top ten yet, but I’d hate to see him fall below 15 by year end.

    While waiting for tomorrow’s coverage of some of the Legg Mason and Acura tourneys, I’ve taken some time to check in on your earlier posts, and I see you’ve compiled quite a few lists of player stats and records, yourself, buddy. Nice job!

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