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‘One Slam wonder’. One Grand Slam mens singles title (all time).

Posted by tennisplanet on March 4, 2007


-1 Grand Slam singles title: Fred Alexander, Wilmer Allison, Malcolm Anderson, Jozsef Asboth, Marcel Bernard, William Bowrey, Pat Cash, Michael Chang, William Clothier, Albert Costa, Sven Davidson, John Doeg, Mark Edmondson, Bob Falkenburg, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Gastón Gaudio, Rhys Gemmell, Vitas Gerulaitis, Andres Gimeno, Andres Gomez, Spencer Gore, John Gregory, Frank Hadow, William Hamilton, John Hartley, John Hawkes, Henner Henkel, Fred Hovey, Joseph Hunt, Goran Ivanišević, Thomas Johansson, Arthur Larsen, Algernon Kingscote, Richard Krajicek, Petr Korda, Herbert Lawford, Francis Lowe, Harold Mahoney, Vivian McGrath, Ken McGregor, Chuck McKinley, Edgar Moon, Carlos Moyá, Thomas Muster, Yannick Noah, Arthur O’Hara Wood, Manuel Orantes, Rafael Osuna, Dinny Pails, Adriano Panatta, James Parke, Ernie Parker, Yvon Petra, Ernest Renshaw, Horace Rice, Tony Roche, Andy Roddick, Michael Stich, Roscoe Tanner, Brian Teacher, Holcombe Ward, Sidney Wood, Beals Wright

12 Responses to “‘One Slam wonder’. One Grand Slam mens singles title (all time).”

  1. victor yu said

    Iva Majoli

  2. eva said

    This does indicate, doesn’t it,m how difficult it is and what constant preparedness, mental strength, and skill and stamina and great talent is required for anyone to go beyond this point, once they have achieved it. And the great inborn talent that has been well-honed, so that they don’t have to play beyond their natural abilities on a regular basis. This, I think is very important, and could be a prime reason for 1 Grand Slam winners (other than circumstances such as injuries, illness, etc.) It is hard to sustain what is an extra effort that strains the natural talent and is fed by will and desire alone.
    By the way, I didn’t realize there were quite so many one-slam winners. It is a hard row to hoe, and a big mountain to climb, and even more challenging is to sojourn or stay there.
    It is to be respected that these players did win a Grand Slam, no question about that. We can witness-partly–what an effort the Grands require, aside from the modern era Masters Cup tournaments.
    One-Slam winners do deserve respect. It’s a little like writing one famous novel, or doing anything great for a time. There is appreciation and regard that has to be shown for that. Don’t forget, these players after all are all good, really good players.
    This gives better defenition and understanding of achievements by people like Connors, Laver, Borg, Becker, McEnroe, Sampras, Federer, and others I left out.

  3. Jenny said

    Well said Eva. One slam wonders, a term I’ve never particularly liked. To me it rather puts them on the same level as some of those dreadful 1 hit wonders who were never to be seen again. Unlike some of the younger players eg Ferrero, Roddick, Moya, Johansson who are still playing great competitive tennis as did their predecessors. Winning 1 slam is a great achievement.

  4. Brooke said

    Why is Roddick the only one pictured in this post? Why is he always the one to get signaled out for only winning one slam?

  5. Jenny said

    Sorry, I forgot to mention Gaston Gaudio who teeters in and out of….

  6. Gracie said

    Brooke – LOL! I purposely didn’t mention Andy by name in the (Letter to Djoko’s Mom) post where I put this link. And I didn’t even realize his picture was on top here, I was so busy looking through the other names! You’re right though about him being singled out too often. I guess it’s because he’s the one name on that list we simply cannot let ourselves believe will remain there…

    And BTW, well done team Roddick, et al, on horrible CLAY at the DC matches against Austria!

  7. Brooke said

    Gracie, lol thanks for being one of the only people in the world not to try Roddick!

    I second that congrats to the Davis Cup. Hopefully Mike will be okay to play in Delray tomorrow (If it stops raining)!

  8. Liz said

    I know you won’t do this but I’m going to ask anyway, please remove Juan Carlos Ferrero and Andy Roddick from this list since they have not retired yet.

  9. cindy popper said


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