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Annoying words and phrases.

Posted by tennisplanet on March 19, 2007

The words you choose reflect who you are. Freshen-up your conversation by eliminating these stale words and phrases TODAY!!! 

-You know what.

-Guess what.


-To be honest with you.


-You know what I mean.


-No question about it.




-As a matter of fact.




-Should I tell you the truth (No, lie!!!).

-Are you serious.

-Truth of the matter is.

-Let me say this. (No we won’t).



6 Responses to “Annoying words and phrases.”

  1. somebody else said

    I used “actually” once, and I have no regrets.

  2. Katie said

    You know what TP? Well, guess what! I honestly think–let me say honestly that to be honest with you, frankly I see what you mean about these annoying words and phrases. You know what I mean? Exactly! There’s no question about it, I really think you’re absolutely right in your assessment. Actually, as a matter of fact, basically it’s–well it’s like a complete list. Seriously. Should I tell you the truth, dude? You left one very important word off the list. You didn’t include dude, man. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    Seriously–won’t you miss me for 2 weeks? (No answer required)

  3. Jenny said

    LOL Katie. We will miss you, no!

  4. Gracie said

    LOL Katie! No doubt about it, we will absolutely miss you. Seriously!

  5. Just me said

    Actually, I don’t find them annoying…

  6. Annie said

    Hi wow lol.Thats all i could really say sorry.

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