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Posted by tennisplanet on March 24, 2007


-“New balls, please”. Fans demanding new faces, after getting tired of seeing Sampras and Agassi, at practically every final of a meaningful tournament in the 90’s.

-“Steffi, will you marry me”. Fan screams from the stands in a Grand Slam match. Steffi Graf pauses, before serving and asks “How much money do you have?” to the delight of the crowd. Watch the video.

-“What’s up. Have you gone mad?” First words from John McEnroe to Bjorn Borg over phone, when he learnt, that Borg was selling his five Wimbledon trophies, to raise money.

-“No, no, no. Seriously no”. Nadal, when asked if he was disappointed that he was not playing against Federer at the final of the 2007 Pacific Life Open. Federer lost in the opening round.

-“12-10”. Text message from Tiger Woods to Federer on his 10th major at the Australian Open in January, 2007. Woods has won 12 majors.

-“You cannot be serious”. Phrase heard by the referee, from John McEnroe at every disputed call, before throwing a tantrum. He later wrote a book entitiled “You cannot be serious”. Click here to watch the video.

-“Don’t try this, if you haven’t had children yet”. John McEnroe, in the broadcasting booth, talking about the ‘back-to-the-court, between-the-legs’, shot.

-“Tie both his shoe laces and play him in the dark”. Other players on the tour, on how to get a 50% chance of winning against Bjorn Borg.

-“I hate losing more than I love winning.” Jimmy Connors.

-“From now on, he is going to add an ‘er’ to his name, everytime he wins a major.” David Letterman talking about Federer.

-“We are loving this rivalry. I guess you are not, really.” Interviewer to Federer about Nadal after Wimbledon victory. Click here for the video. Move forward 5:26 seconds.

-“I’ve had enough tennis for the week. I’m still in school so I’m going to relax by doing economics”. Maria Sharapova.

-Agassi: Let’s see what you got, big boy. Roddick: Hair.

-“You are doing better at this news conference than you did in the match”. Reporter to Roddick, at the meeting with media after Roddick got humiliated by Federer at AO semifinal.

-“Can you please reduce the tax on my prize money”. Serena Williams to the then Presdent, Bill Clinton when he called her over phone to congratulate, after she won the US Open.

-“They get it now. Don’t they?”. Letterman to Federer when told that his parents and grandparents constantly nagged him for practicing on garage doors and walls in the house.

-“Agassi’s explanation that ‘sex does not interfere with your tennis: it’s staying out all night trying to find it, that affects your tennis’.

2 Responses to “Tennis quote archive.”

  1. Kristen said

    “Stay in school kids, dont become an umpire” (Andy Roddick shouted to the crowd after an arguement with the chair umpire)

  2. Eva said

    Funny stuff. A great tension and anger reliever. Thank you.

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