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Head to head clashes.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 10, 2007

-Federer vs Nadal 7-13.

-Federer vs Canas 3-3.

-Federer vs Nalbandian 10-8.

-Federer vs Hewitt 17-7.

-Federer vs Roddick 19-2.

-Federer vs Sampras 1-0.

-Federer vs Agassi 8-3.

-Sampras vs Agassi 20-14.

-Borg vs McEnroe 7-7.

-McEnroe vs Connors 20-14.

-Navratilova vs Evert 43-37.

-Graf vs Seles 10-5.

4 Responses to “Head to head clashes.”

  1. Sarvesh said

    As of now…

    -Federer vs Canas 2-3.

    -Federer vs Nalbandian 8-7.

    -Federer vs Roddick 14-1.

    -Federer vs Hewitt 13-7.

  2. The Fan Child said

    How about head to head in the finals of a major stats? Can anybody direct me to those?

  3. Hope said

    U need 2 refresh this page =p
    write the new records
    roddick is now down 2-19

  4. Liz said

    Federer vs Canas 3-3
    Federer vs Nalbandian 10-8
    Federer vs Hewitt 17-5

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