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McEnroe gives his assessment of Djokovic.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 3, 2007


“He is going to be a real force and not just what you see now,” said McEnroe on the Podcast.

“You are going to see him in the top couple of players in the world in a couple of years, pushing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. I think he has shown the players out there that he is ‘big time’. He is cocky, but in a good way. He believes in himself and he should believe in himself. He’s got the shots, he’s got the game, he’s got the power and he moves well.

“I like him because he’s smart – I can tell he’s smart. He’s looking to improve and he knows what he needs to work on. He’s got everything he needs from the baseline and if he can add that one little element of being able to finish off opponents (from the net) he’s going to really challenge the top couple of guys. We need some fresh blood and some other challengers and I really think he is going to step it up.


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