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I have to tip my hat to all you clones. You are good.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 14, 2007

Clones, I never thought I would get such an informed and educated audience. You guys are good. I have made some (read: plenty) errors which I never thought would come back at me.

I have to admit, you guys are no push overs. You know your tennis. It is always a pleasure talking to an alert and intelligent group of freaks. Now, I freaking double, triple check the post before putting it out there, in front of a bunch of zombies, ready to pounce on the minutest of mistake. I am freaking walking on my toes here. Are you freaking kidding me?

Like yesterday, Jean and George pointed out that Dominik had a winning 2-0 record against Federer, whereas I had posted it incorrectly as 0-2.

Now that does not freaking mean, you take that fine tooth comb of yours and start going over the whole blog. At times, I should tell you, I do it, just to check if anyone is paying attention (read: that’s how I save face after making embarrassing blunders).

OK, you want a piece of me? I am hiring a proof reader and an editor. That should take your microscope off your freaking hands.

Glad to have all you freaks on board. BTW, you zombies are coming out of woodwork like, well, freaks. The site broke the top 100 mark among almost a million blogs on this platform, just 2-3 weeks ago. Two days ago, it broke the top 50 freaking mark. Are you freaking kidding me?

And give Federer a break. See, even I am human. Or is this supposed to be the other way around? Hey, watch it!!!


2 Responses to “I have to tip my hat to all you clones. You are good.”

  1. Jean said

    You are a funny chap ! 😉

  2. Hako said

    Weird. Chakvadatze and I were just talking about you TP. Yeah, she’s right here eating a blue-berry bagel. You are human TP, in the accepted sense anyway, that’s why we come here to frolic and prance. Well…. that and all the tennis stuff.

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