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Do you know what’s up your rectum?

Posted by tennisplanet on June 5, 2007

I cannot freaking believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just look at the list of items, found in human rectum. Here are some:

Light bulb.
Ice pick.
Toothbrush holder.

Do people walk around nude in their houses these days? Or people have too much idle time? Either that or the hole has gotten bigger.

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3 Responses to “Do you know what’s up your rectum?”

  1. Jenny said

    Freaking unbelievable but true!! I used to work in a hospital, so couldn’t resist responding – I’m not going to add even more objects to this strange list! Lets just say it kept us amused in a stressful environment [obviously we didn’t laugh in front of the patient who clearly had problems].

  2. dmvt said

    I just hope that tennis ball was thrown out after extraction…because I’m always finding funky-smelling wet tennis balls on our courts.

    The other day, my buddy returned from the court bathroom and handed me a sopping wet ball to begin serving. I was horrified, and pleaded with him to reassure me that he DID NOT find that ball in the toilet. I suspected he didn’t because he wasn’t wearing rubber gloves when he gave it to me, but I just needed confirmation so that I could skip the sprint to the nearest Clorox bottle.

    Turns out he found it in a puddle — but he had a good laugh watching me squirm.

  3. Ron Williams said

    A prominent attorney I know was taken to hospital for an “obstructed” rectum. Before the doctors could remove the nasty culprit it decided to sound his ringtone. Nasty Boy. The OR was in absolute hysterics. Wished I could have been there.

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