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Sharapova vs Mother Teresa. Are you freaking kidding me???

Posted by tennisplanet on June 6, 2007

For all you freaks running around with blinders on or are just coming out from under that rock, here is a recap.

In her match against Schnyder, Sharapova served despite Schnyder raising her hand for a time out. She was booed by the crowd for the rest of the match.

When asked about it at the press conference she said this: “It is hard to play tennis and be Mother Teresa at the same time”.

Translation to the younger generation: “Do the right thing, only when it is convenient to you. Anytime doing the right thing results in your losing anything, just carry on. Don’t bother”.

Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There should be a suspension and a hefty fine for such an irresponsible and derogatory remark.

You have to have a pretty sick psyche for something like that to come out of your mouth spontaneously. I love it when people say ‘I said that, but I did not mean it’.

What a BS. You see, long before words come out of your mouth, your system has had the thought for a long time. Can you imagine Federer or Nadal saying anything like that?

No, because they don’t think that way and thankfully have a more conscientious personality.

What a perfect model for the adoring tennis fans.

Sharapova, you are a big loser in my book, no matter what you do for the rest of your pathetic life. Good luck with the values you live your life by.


15 Responses to “Sharapova vs Mother Teresa. Are you freaking kidding me???”

  1. Paul said

    Thank you for bringing this to Tennisplanet. Sharapova (and half the women’s seeds, for that matter) pulled out of the Montreal event last year at the freaking last minute, citing some obscure, not-as-yet active but possible ailment that might interfere with her US Open aspirations (which to every Tennisplanet’s chagrin, she won).

    IMO, she will not win here at Rolland Garros. Either Henin or one of the Serbs will squish her…

  2. Jenny said

    It was a very silly remark which was obviously said without thought. As Mother Teresa died in 1997, I wouldn’t think MS was old enough to appreciate what this lady did for humanity.

  3. chieko said

    she is spoiled and has been very fortunate. I simply cannot stand her and her father. I really hope she loses soon.

  4. quasar said

    two jokes to mirror you guys..

    the burglar gets caught and he accuses the household for leaving the door unlocked..he says he was provoked!..

    they ask an engineer what 2+3 makes..
    the engineer answers, “easy, 5!”
    then they ask a doctor, a musician, a student, a carpenter, a homeless..
    all say, 5!..
    then thay ask an accountant what 2+3 is..
    the accountant answers..
    “what would YOU like it to be!..”

    give it up guyz..
    give it up..

    you guyz look funny and messy whenever she steps up..

    enjoy the sport!..
    be fair!..

  5. Jason said

    Her comment is ridiculous. I mean, come on, nobody had to tell Mother Teresa when to eat a banana.

  6. chieko said

    Bravo!! Ivanovic demolished her just now. I am so glad that she is out. I hope she stays out all thru Wimbledon too.

  7. its look like a hard time for the world hate her..ouhu…poor sharapova..

  8. schtrumpf said

    Sharapova will always be a soulless, money-hungry loser, no matter how many tennis matches she wins. Even her game is mindless and repulsive, devoid of any thought or elegance.
    The ol’ “stone hands” screeching machine gets breaks and attention mainly due to the omnipresent power of IMG, but no amount of money can buy you substance.

  9. shaider said

    Very well said schtrumpf!!
    Totally agree. And look what she almost got from
    the lovely Ana- a humiliating bagel if she didn’t
    managed to summon a mere 1.
    She got what she deserved.

  10. David J. said

    It’s certainly a crazy comment and I’ve heard similar comments from Sharapova. However, she’s really only a kid and a product of the media anyways. Look at all the attention she’s received from it. I’m sure she’ll do something similar again. It’s marketing

  11. quasar said

    m.schumacher 80m usd/yr
    v.rossi 70m usd/yr
    ronadinho 50m usd/yr
    sharapova 25m usdyr
    d.beckham 20m usd/yr

    now from which of the above top 5 except for maria is the press
    obsessed with their income?..

    whats the media’s point here?..
    what is their target, their mindset?..

    there is hungar/poverty all around the world..
    and an inbalance of fair-share of the resources..
    are they trying to create a collective-unconsciousness in the publicly media and fans to create a sort of hatred here? (thanks c.g.jung)

    maria is playing a match live on tv and the commentator several times underscores the brand of the car she arived to the arena with..

    i don’t remember any commentator underlining the brand of the car or how much d.beckham got easily paid in the gillette commercial (yes, despite the poverty in afica, mind you!) as he’s out there taking a free-kick in the match (and probably scores!..)

    so back to the Q again..
    what’s the press’s/media’s point here..?


    just check your comments about her being a money-girl etc and you’ll see..
    mission accomplished!..

    see ya hamsters!..

  12. russian said

    Only a drunken could say mean things so openly… She will learn hard way what are the real values in life. Or maybe she never will…

  13. bono's vaporized ghost said

    She makes me sick. Everyone needs to take a look at her website. You will need a dramamine or two, however, because nausea will quickly overwhelm you as you read the lists of famous rich people she most wants to ‘work with’. It must have broke her heart to include one dead person on her list (Van Gogh), however, because how will she get any money from this. F her and the horse she rode in on.

  14. bono's vaporized ghost said

    She’s like a child with a butterfly net chasing dollars. Even her restaurant picks sound like strokes for cash. Enough of her already. Hope her puffy arms fall off.

  15. Yvonne said

    Maria needs to grow up!! Her comments are without thought, or maybe she caanot think. She never answers a reporters question on the subject asked. At 20 with so much attention it has gone to her head. Her looks are very over-rated and she feels that she is superlative to the other tennis players. For all the money she has made in this country, I don’t think she has dnated a dime or her time to helping Americans who are underprivileged.

    She is very ungrateful. I read her comment about Davis Cup and beating the Americans. I don’t think she has enough game left to do so. She has a short memory about how fortunate she was when she came to this country and was helped by an American, Nick Bolleteri. The Americans did not ask her to come here, she wanted to be here. This wonderful country of ours has embraced and helped her and now she just wants to enjoy beating the American players. Usually people who make such statements lack knowledge.

    I think she should be careful about what she says because her tennis is not so hot at this time and we all know how quicly sponsors drop endorsements. Also, her overrated looks are fading. You’d think she would try to portary a more amiable attitude towards the other players instead of throwing them her cross-eyed looks.

    I really felt that at the match with Patty Schneider she was very unsportswomanlike. Patty was upset and the match went in Sharapova’s favor. Perhaps Maria could take a page out of Patty’s book on class. She says she wants to be a champion and be classy, that’s not the way.

    Anyway, I hope that Patty will take heart and enjoy it whenever Serena, Venus or Henin gives Sharapova a good beating. Maybe, she will learn to be more submissive and less arrogant!

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