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Here is another prediction: When will Federer retire and how many Grand Slams will he win.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 10, 2007

Take in this disclaimer first, so are awake with both hands on the keyboard, you one-track-minded zombies: 95% of my predictions have come true.

If you want to solve your stupid problems in life, just supply me with a new goat at my basement for a week, and you will have my attention and the prediction. Now, don’t turn judgemental on me!!!! It’s for the benefit of the goat – mostly.

CUT THE CRAP OUT. ok, sorry.

Here is the deal.

After careful calculation, it appears Federer will end up with 15 Grand Slams.

Retirement? That will happen in 2011, that’s four more years. Federer will like to carry on, but repeated losses to journeymen will convince him otherwise.

He will compete in the Wimbledon Olympics crap in 2012 after retiring. No title there.

I can see some of you are already jumping up and down and Gracie and Jenny already have their foot through the computer screen. Calm freaking down and put in your two cents.

This prediction will be buried in a time capsule under my basement, with the other….. Oh, forget about the other stuff. Don’t push me around and try to get more info than I wish to reveal. Just stick to the prediction for your own ‘benefit’.


19 Responses to “Here is another prediction: When will Federer retire and how many Grand Slams will he win.”

  1. Jenny said

    I’m here already, using another computer ‘cos my foot got stuck in the other one!!

    I kind of go along with you and do think he will surpass Pete with 15. I also think 2008 will be good year for the French – what do you think? Sorry, can’t agree on the journeymen losses, Roger’s not into that.

    2012 London Olympics, dead on Tennisplanet. This event is a bit controversial in the U.K. at the moment though. By the way is the capsule safe from the FBI!!!?

  2. Gracie said

    I’m more curious about what else is in that time capsule under the basement.
    Just remember, edible underwear won’t stand the test of time…

    15 or 16 titles. Five years.
    Though I DO have to wonder how much stamina the Fed will have for losing, because those Leos have BIG egos.
    OW! My foot hurts!

  3. Jenny said

    Re: Leos, yes they do Gracie, he’s also a Chinese Rooster, they are tidy perfectionists and like to strut and preen as well LoL.

  4. chieko said

    Ha Ha Ha you guys!! I love this one and the responses.

    I do agree that he will retire by or before his 30th birthday. I think he will receive a position either for UN or the Swiss Government. And he will marry right after.

    I think he will get 16 titles. I hope so.

    I start to miss him already.

    Dear Jenny and Gracie, please take care of your feet tonight.

    Stay away from tennisplanet’s basement.

  5. arbit said

    can someone run a compaign to convice federer to get a coach before its too late…….i think he should hire a young guy…or someone who atleast heard mcnroe’s commentary.

  6. Rollin said

    I think he’s gonna have a Jordan type non-retirement, where he’ll go away for a couple years then come back thinking he’s still the man. But by then there’ll be too many young guys that came into their own and phased out his play style. He’ll have a terrible 2nd career, but people will try to focus on the 1st one years after his official retirement.

    Then again, i also see him sticking around for as long as he keeps winning, well into his 30s. Same for Venus.

  7. Gracie said

    He needs Paul Anacone! If he can score Anacone off Tim Henman then I amend my prediction to 17 titles… Hey Jenny, I love Tim too, but can’t you guys over there convince him that Anacone might be a nice birthday present for the Rajah?

  8. chieko said

    To Arbit…Tennisplanet can do it !!!! He can invite Federer to his basement and teach him a few things including how to beat Nadal. Yeah I think tennisplanet is the only one..Arbit.. to ask .. thanks.

    To Jennny: I wanted to ask for a while but did not want to show my ignorance so fast.
    What is LoL???

  9. bunnee said

    tennisplanet, i love you!

    but i am going into denial about this one…

  10. Jenny said

    Gracie, Not a bad idea – but Tim has to play Davis Cup first, also I think Anacone is contracted to the LTA also at the moment. Not quite sure in what capacity, but LTA trying to encourage future tennis hopes here in the U.K. by using top flight coaches, Gilbert, Anacone, Lundgren, Sears, Rusedski is also involved.

    Chieko, LoL, Laugh out Loud!

  11. katrina said

    Thanks Jenny!!

  12. chieko said

    What happens if Federer does not get a coach?? I wonder how long he is going to keep this up?? Would it hurt his games??

    By the way, thank you Jenny!! I would never guess..

  13. Jenny said

    Cheiko, He will be absolutely fine. He didn’t have a coach for a while after Peter Lundgren, he wasn’t so experienced then [2003] and still won slams. Roger is so gifted, in my opinion he just needs someone he respects, ie an advisor to motivate, share thoughts tactics etc…

  14. chieko said

    Oh great !!
    Thanks again Jenny.

  15. Eva said

    No go, Tennisplanet. Federer has the condition, talent, and will to play even better. I think he will go to at least age 31, 34, or more. He is in line to win upwards of 20 to 21, if he follows his plans. As for the Olympics, although I don’t see that as important in tennis, he will have a gold medal. (It is just a different venue, and maybe varied levels of play there might not equal the standard of a grand slam.)
    Roger is in such good shape, that he will be in his prime–tenniswise– for years to come. As for his game, it will only get better–scary thought, isn’t it? There are always new talents, new promises emerging, and players with hot streaks. But Fed’s unique and unparalleled skills and tennis genius, his deep love and appreciation of the game, and his mental strength and will, that does not come along even every decade or so. That will is not just a wanting or a wish to win, it is a certainty that he cannot bu t fulfill. There will always be winners and No. 1s, but when Roger will have had his fill, I suspect there will be no one to replace him, no one to approach the totality of his game,his level, his superior class, a class of just one player, himself.

  16. Gej said

    He’s just won his 12th, beating Roddick, Davydenko, and Nole (# 5,4, and 3 in the world) in straight sets each. And his serve is better now than it was earlier in his career, so just who is going to stop him all of a sudden? I say 20 Grand Slams, minimum.

  17. anca said

    well….fed is not starting to play worse…he is just starting to play the minimum he needs in order to win. i consider this a smart approach because he can avoid injuries this way.. about the number, maybe 16.

  18. raghav mittal said

    i think he will be able to win 18 grandslam titles

  19. Dan said


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