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Nadal linked to ‘dog fight’ scandal?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 23, 2007

It has recently been revealed, that Aunt Tony has a farm in rural Spain, with hundreds of pit bulls. He has been exporting these well trained dogs to many countries including the US. Top dogs can go for as high as $200,000.

Michael Vick admitted to this link, after he was interrogated at Gauntanamo bay prison using ‘special’ tactics to ‘break’ inmates. For zombies, just creeping out of that rock, Vick has been indicted for having brutal dog fights etc at his house.

OK, OK, OK you got me!!!!!!!

But why can’t such attention grabbing and sensational things, happen in the tennis world? No wonder American Football is ‘King’ here. It is called NFL – National Football League or as someone calls it National Felon League.

It is churning out felons faster than Federer can say S***. Why do you think tennis is not catching up in the US. Tennis players are boring. They have no tattoos, never fight verbally forget about physically. Don’t take drugs and have never been linked to fixing matches – how mundane is that. How do you expect fans to come and watch tennis with that routine?

People need excitement. Morals and ethics? We give a rat’s ass about it. Just keep us entertained with such fascinating antics, and we will open our wallets and eyes for tennis.

Here, the three major sports are Baseball, American Football and Basketball. Need more proof why they are off the charts in popularity?

Well, Basketball has that match fixing scandal with FBI involved. Baseball has that steroid issue with Bonds expected to go to jail, immediately after he breaks Hank’s home run record. And Football has this dog fight juicy nut.

These are such exciting times for sports. Not only do you get to enjoy the sport, but we also provide entertainment long after the games and the season is over. How can you blame the league? Fans here have a very short attention span and the league has so many bills to pay. They are just meeting the demand. What’s wrong with that.

The ten commandments and the other good stuff? We will deal with it after we are done enjoying life in this world. You live just once. Why inhibit yourself by stupid rules and regulations. Just have a good time and everything will be fine.

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13 Responses to “Nadal linked to ‘dog fight’ scandal?”

  1. chieko said

    I am so sad to hear that Nadal’s relatives are involved in this. I am so disapointed.

  2. Jenny said

    This has to be a spoof doesn’t it?!! Is your fertile imagination running wild again TP?!! You’ve upset Chieko.

  3. Deisi said

    OMG! I’d like a link to a trustworthy site to back this up!

  4. bunnee said



  5. chieko said

    Jenny san, really, you mean TP san is just kidding !!?? Oh I am so dumb !! I believe him!! Thank you Jenny san for reminding me that TP san does make up stories to be funny,

    Jenny san domoarigatougozaimashita !! Thank you. You are indeed sweet and kind.

  6. deep south girl said

    Please tell me this is a joke!!
    I know Spain’s track record for disposing of past-their-prime greyhounds is to hang a few on a line then bet on which one dies first.
    But I hope Nadal & family have nothing to do with contributing to animal cruelty.
    In the south of Chile I passed a sign at the gate of a small farm inviting people to “See a Condor” Behind the house there was a magnificent condor in a cage so small the bird could’nt stretch his wings. I was asked to make a donation to enable the family to feed the bird.
    It broke my heart.

  7. Jenny said

    DSG, Totally agree. I don’t believe this story though. Many past their prime Greyhounds suffer cruelty around the world, not just in Spain.

    Fernando Gonzalez would empathise about the Condor in Chile, he’s a great animal lover.

  8. deep south girl said

    You are so right about the plight of greyhounds everywhere-not just in Spain. Wherever there is money to be made on them-or on any other animal-there will be suffering and I hate it.
    I an so glad to hear that Fena is an animal lover. I hope he uses his status in Chile to speak against animal cruelty. I guess it sounds like I am a nut: what does tennis have to do with animal cruelty? But I really am passionate about this, so….

  9. Jenny said

    Hi DSG,

    If you’re a nut, so am I. My husband son and I have been campaigning against animal cruelty for years. There are plenty of friends here and TP who abhor cruelty too. Ljubicic and Keifer are animal lovers too. I’ll try and find the article where he rescued an injured dog on the highway in Chile – he has two dogs and his parents have 6 plus 1 cat, the cat’s probably the boss! btw my friend has 3 rescued retired Greyhounds who make lovely pets – need to be de-trained before living with cats/small dogs though.

  10. deep south girl said

    Hi Jenny–
    Thanks for ypur response—so GLAD to hear that Fena rescued a dog. In my book, if a guy loves his dog then you’d better grab him because he’s a keeper!I have three rescues, Foxie pomeranian,Kato ummmm…perhaps a black lab/shar-pei/pit bull (he is the most polite dog in the world) and Frances who we think is
    whippet/beagle.Foxie and I were a therapy team for Hand-in-Paw (a great organization using trained therapy dogs. You might check

  11. deep south girl said

    Hey Jenny–my space ran out but I HAD to say how excited I am about the French Open Nadal/Federer final!!
    Can’t wait.

  12. deep south girl said

    Jenny: Now I am hoping for a Federer/Nadal final at Wimbledon. Federer has been sailing thru so beautifully–I just can’t see him losing.

    Tempus fugit, no?

  13. Jenny said

    Hi Deep South Girl,

    Just picked up your recent comments, apologies for not responding earlier. Nice to hear about your pets. I have a blue merle Smooth Collie and a cat.

    Hey, ask TP for a mail box and we can leave messages for each other re animals etc., so much easier. I’ll look at Handinpaw. We have a similar org here called PAT Dog. Hoping for a Fed/Nadal final too.

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