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Connors and Roddick – Is the split inevitable?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 25, 2007

I think Connors’s efforts have plateaued. There is no more room. That’s how good Roddick can get with Connors, and his partying and laziness and the reputation of ‘not the hardest working’ player on the tour.

His arrogance and extreme efforts to empahsize more, on how he looks than how he plays, is just bringing back the harvest, from what he is sowing.

Connors may have already decided on the move, and may be just hoping to get some credit for Roddick’s win at the US Open. Just reaching the final there is not going to cut it anymore. He now has to absolutely win a major, to just merely get traction, to halt the slippery slide.

Any faltering here, and all hell might break loose, to take the wheels from under him for good.

Roddick needs to look at the above scenario, and use it as motivation to reach higher. He knows his No. 3 ranking is gone for good, and he is now fighting Davydenko for the No. 4 spot.

Roddick can regain confidence by winning a couple of tune up events. Maybe he needs to enter in smaller events, to get himself going, after the heart breaking loss at Wimbledon. Once he gets the momentum going, his chances improve dramatically.

After all, this is where he won his first major, this is his favorite surface, he reached the final last year, he will have the home court advantage – a lot is going his way. With younger and talented players rearing to go, it is last chance for a title here.

Connors with his immense experience and success at the US Open (5 titles), knows how small the window is. He would like to move out of the relationship gracefully, before it gets ugly.

I feel Connors came on board at least two years late. But if he can still get Roddick to win the US Open, he would have achieved a lot in a very short time. His value as a coach in the tennis world would soar to great heights.

Not that it hasn’t already. But that would cap a very cleverly crafted expedition.

I wouldn’t be surprised, if he is not the top dog for coaching position, once he is done with Roddick. To fully utilize his expertise and new found talent, he needs a fresher canvas. He has a tremendous future as a coach, primarily because there is none on the market with his credentials.

When he says it needs to be done this way, many players would believe it just on that quality of his. Maybe it will start a trend, and former greats will not hesitate to come down, and wet their feet, in what seems to me a logical conclusion after so many years at the top. 

I heard that Wilander has taken up similar duties. It is a trend that the ATP needs to encourage, by maybe putting in place extra incentives for these greats of the game to come down from their Ivy Castle. Those incentives have to more than just monetary. When you are considered one of the greats, your ego soars too, and that I think is the biggest impediment for these immortals to swallow.

But I think once they are on the market, and have the ‘available for hire’ sign on their back, they will be gobbled up very quickly.

Will this be a turning point for Roddick or will it be his last hurrah?


6 Responses to “Connors and Roddick – Is the split inevitable?”

  1. Jenny said

    I would like to think Roddick will do better, however he has to overcome Federer and some of the others [including the hardworking Davydenko] at the U.S. Open hasn’t he? Obviously, I know nothing of Andy’s work ethic, but if as you say, he’s not as committed as he should be, he is going to have to change all that as from now. Look at Safin, another party animal who’s trying to resurrect his failing career with a new coach. I agree Connors came on board too late. Hopefully, he still has faith, it’s now up to Andy to cement that and move on because they are at an impasse at the moment. To be honest, I think Fed has got into Andy’s head, although I’m sure he would never admit it. Maybe they should go off to some kind of boot camp together, try to neutralise Roger’s past thumpings, and definitely away from the party scene.

  2. bunnee said

    just my humble opinion but i hope to gawd that federer would never consider jimmy. talk about ego ego ego! despite the home court, surface, i predict roddick won’t get past the quarters… too many other strong guns on the move already, not the least, the fed.

  3. Jenny said

    Good God Bunnee, perish the thought – those racquets and tempers would be flying!!! LoL

  4. Brooke said

    Like Jenny, I’d like to think Roddick will do better (Someone has to lol!), but I’m not sure if it will happen or not. As for his work ethic: Well, he certainly can down beers with the best of them, but I think he’s smart enough to know where to draw the line and get down to business.

    I doubt Andy’d have the heart to fire Connors. It is his idol after all. And from watching Connors get into the practice sessions, I highly doubt that he’d quit. I think he’s having more fun than the rest of team Roddick combined!

  5. Jenny said

    Remiss of me not to welcome you before. Keep commenting and enjoy our community. TP will be firing me if it happens again!

  6. Brooke said

    Haha thanks, Jenny. Don’t fire her, TP : )!

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