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Why can’t WTA players be like Lindsey Lohan?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 25, 2007

She is completely dedicated to her profession. To promote her latest movie, she drove drunk and went to jail and created a buzz. Not many people can put so much on the line to promote their job.

Maybe if Sharapova would grow some ‘kahunas’ and follow this example, we would have better ratings for WTA, and it would shut up, everyone calling equal prize money for women, unfair.

This is the kind of dedication to your craft, that is missing in today’s WTA stars. Davenport is doing her best, but how much can you expect from such an unglamorous, average looking b****.

We need some real stars to take up this kind of cavalier attitude, and bring tennis to the forefront once again. The recent ‘spurt’ in short skirts and diving necklines have helped, but we need someone to follow Lohan and Paris Hilton, to wake up young girls of our generation to view tennis as forward looking and hip sport.

You don’t want to be left behind in that department. That’s like sports suicide.

How fortunate are we to be living in these modern times.


3 Responses to “Why can’t WTA players be like Lindsey Lohan?”

  1. bunnee said

    few of us are immune to a beautiful face & a nice bod. par example: when are you gonna post a pic of yourself tp?

  2. Nicholas said

    Love it! Definitely hilarious. If only the press would play up some of the girl-on-girl tennis drama (a la Justine/Serena, etc.) we could get better ratings!

  3. LIO said

    Are u kidding ? There are a lot of WTA players hotter than Lindsay. Daniel Hantuchova, Maria Kirilenko, Ana Ivanonovic, Maria Sharapova, Sania Mirza, Tatiana Golovin, Gisella Dulko…

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