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Djokovic trying to polish his image?

Posted by tennisplanet on August 24, 2007

He has said enough crap, to alienate the top players on the tour, for a couple of hundred years. Now that he is starting to gain on most of them on the tennis court, there appears to be a feeling, to make him pay for his past sins, before he is accepted in the locker room.

Djokovic has felt the cool reception to his recent laurels, and is intelligent enough to connect the dots.

He has tried his best to temper his recent rants, and has mixed it with funny impersonations of tennis players. Not everyone is amused yet.

Remember the feeling of being on your first day at your new job. You have to earn a lot of stuff in the beginning. Now that he is at this new class, his past is bound to hound him for a while, specially with the big boys, who have been on the receiving end of his big mouth predictions.

He may never be, like Federer and Nadal are with each other, but if he leaves most of his talking to be done by his racket on the court, eventually and slowly he will gain acceptance in the elite circle.

It’s like the newbie challenging his boss on the first day at the new job. You don’t have enough balance in your account to pull that off. Only way for him to deposit enough in his account now, is to perform and deliver on the court. All that mimicking and clowning cannot stretch it.

Although Kobe Bryant’s woes were more drastic, it has some parallels. Kobe has never been one of the most liked players in the league, even before the Colorado disaster. Some of it has to do with jealousy. But what he did was, not build enough balance from his on-court performance, to make those early predictions, about wanting to be the ‘best basketball player in the history of the NBA’.

That puts other players on the defensive, and erects unnecessary resistance to your goals. You are swimming uphill from then on.

But although tennis is an individual sport, and Djokovic does not have to depend on other players that much to move up, it is the innate human desire to be liked universally that takes a hit.

Oh, Djokovic, you want my opinion? I thought you’d never ask.

Here you go. You need to start a war and make tennis interesting. Plan how you can create a rift between Roger and Nadal. It is not very difficult with a strong undercurrent already there for you. All you need is stir a few things and you will be fine.

Reiterate what you predicted about these jokers, and proclaim that you were right about ‘Nadal being beatable and that the days of Federer of winning tournament are already here’. Ruffle up everyone’s feathers.

You are not going to get a pass in that circle. Might as well use your energy to disband it altogether. Believe me it will be fun. It will spice up your personality, and you will get what you are really after – the sponsorship money.


9 Responses to “Djokovic trying to polish his image?”

  1. Jenny said

    TP, you’re stirring with your wooden spoon again!!! I don’t know why Novak was so stupid earlier, maybe some fool behind the scenes was geeing him up? You couldn’t even say it was lost in translation because he’s an intelligent, articulate young man with a perfect command of English. Let’s hope he’s learned his lesson and starts to earn respect from all which his game undoubtedly deserves.

  2. Brooke said

    Haha Can you imagine if Djokovic actually took that advice? There would never be an empty seat at one of his matches!

    I know Nalbandian has a good reason to hate the Serb, but did he really say anything that offensive to Nadal or Federer? I mean, so he thinks he can beat them in a couple of matches? So does everyone else, otherwise they wouldn’t bother showing up. Sure, some might lose confidence half-way through, but many don’t and Djokovic is one of the players who doesn’t, and he lets everyone know it.

  3. Gracie said

    Oh boy, for a short minute there, I actually thought you were going to advise Djoko on how to ‘make nice’. Ho ho, silly me! I can’t really bring myself to dislike this guy, in spite of some of the stupid things he’s said, but I like your idea. There is always the possibility that if he takes your advice and pokes both Fed and Nadal, he might create a rift that he will fall into himself, while the two of them beat him to death with their rackets. Like Jenny always says, beware awaking the sleeping giants… He’s playing with the big boys now, and now he’s got both of them seeking revenge.

  4. Michael said

    The comment is a joke! Djoko already proved that he is able to become No. 1. He is on the way (do not forget he just turned 20) to put himself in top position on ranking list. First time I can smell fear in Fed comments. Young man (Djoko) is in the process of change of tennis world order. Federer in his age was nowhere. He has more talent than Federer. Djoko is very confident player (tipical for Serbs) and it is obvious that he does not posses any type of complex (low/high value) that is going to brake his way to success. I am impress with mental toughness he displayed in such young age, when he demolished Federer in two T/B during final in Rodgers cup.

  5. Jenny said

    Didn’t know about the Nalbandian spat. What was that all about?
    I know Nalby called our Tim Henman the ‘worst possible kind of rubbish'[or very similar] last year and none of us really understood what precipitated that either.

  6. Brooke said

    Jenny —
    I was just referring to the video where Djokovic does the Nalbandian imitation (When he sticks out his stomach, basically calling him fat. That was pretty mean). I’m sure Nalbandian and him aren’t going to be buddy buddy in the locker room from now on.

    I hadn’t heard about him dissing Henman, but if that’s true that’s also pretty rude. Still nothing against Fed or Nadal though, right?

  7. Jenny said

    Thanks for that. Definitely true and well documented in the UK about Henman. I’ve heard nothing on the Fed/Nadal front.

  8. Jenny said

    Hi again Brooke,

    Just to clarify, Djokovic was certainly disrespectful to Federer IMO. All in the past now, I’m putting a line under it. Nalbandian hasn’t dissed Fed or Nadal.

  9. Eva said

    Tennisplanet, you sound like the Sybil–Apollo’s fortune teller at Delphi, when you say ” Oh Djokovic, want some advice?
    Your obserations are very good. Although according to Patrick McEnro, Djoko is “cocky, but in a good way”?
    The Sybil now wants to speak, since Djoko had sought her out in the sultry caves of Delphi:
    “Djokovic, oh Djokovic,
    the journey is hard
    and sorely marred
    by uncouth men who’re stoic
    in the face of your threats
    Ah, they don’t break rackets
    in despair while you beat the drums
    of war on your strings and strum
    victory songs.

    chorus: O the mortal Novak
    He has no shame
    knows he can outplay
    the others any day

    There will be a victory
    whose…we cannot tell
    two will fight for a spell
    only one will raise his hands

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