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Chakvetadze’s hair and the racket.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 10, 2007

She ish sho shweet!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Chakvetadze’s hair and the racket.”

  1. Jenny said

    I’d heard about that incident, but didn’t see it. It was a good job she wasn’t into a real big swing there!

  2. chieko said

    TP san, I did not know you speak French!! And your statioin is a French station !! Wow you are so talented.

    I love your lady friend’s hair. I used to have long hair, to braid like that has some weight on the head. I mean it can be heavy .. I think. And it takes more time to wash and dry. But it is so lady like to have long long hair. I only have medium long hair to the shoulder.

    She also look like another very beautiful lady player who is not around anymore. She was also called Anna. I forgot the last name. I wonder what happened to her. But your friend is more gentle and decent looking to my thinking. I really like your choice TP san. Good luck to your relationship with her.

    I shall eat something light and go to sleep soon. I am so tired. It shall be 8 pm soon. I need to rest at least 10 hours. Oyasuminasai Good night Tennisplanet.

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