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If you don’t watch all these vids in one sitting, you seriously need to go drown yourself in the kitchen sink, for your own good.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 1, 2007


10 Responses to “If you don’t watch all these vids in one sitting, you seriously need to go drown yourself in the kitchen sink, for your own good.”

  1. Gracie said

    That was like arriving home to find a banquet table filled with tasty desserts! Delicious brilliance. Thanks for posting these.
    Where’s Chieko? She’d want to see them.

  2. Jenny said

    Great TP! Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed these ‘desserts’ washed down with a glass of ‘champers’. You have to feel a little sorry for his opponents in these vids who are great players too. Thank you TP.

  3. Defrogerer said

    Did watch them all at one sitting and after a sh** day at work was totally cheered up.
    Thanks TP,its good to be reminded of what absolute artistry Roger has at his disposal.

  4. bunnee said

    although some of the clips were repeated (ie: against a racket tossing gonzalez), how can we not hope for our genius to continue his world domination & put the naysayers to rest regarding his GOAT status? & though the book “the roger federer story” compiles little new info, it’s essential reading as a compendium of fed’s achievements thus far. every fan should own it.

    sometimes i feel a bit embarrassed by my rampant enthusiasm for this man but is there a better role model in life to follow?

    brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

  5. mo said

    What a treat TP!! Hi Gracie you enjoyed it too. Great.

  6. Jenny said

    Bunnee, Have you read Fantastic Federer by Chris Bowers? That’s a good read also.

  7. Eva said

    Bunnee, you are not the only one who has been singing Fed’s praises. My adult sons teased me that I am obsessed with him. I was never one of those women or girls who have crushes abour actresses or celebrities.I But I quickly recognize greatness when I see it, and it makes me happy in this world of injustices, pain and suffering that there is a good person who got by with great inborn talent, hard owrk, ahd thinking about his sport, everyway from its history to its records. Bless his parents, for despite their fear they gave him a chance to prove himself ofter turning pro,
    I believe that I have an innate ability to recognize greatness when I see it. I have never seen, nor am I likely to, anybody play the way he does: with such authority, power and grace, and such shot-making, and that total commitment.HIs parents, family friends and close companions must we very well pleased with their extraordinary son.
    Roger is, besides everything else, courteous, well manered and thoughtful. He does not live just for himself.
    He did an awful lot to revive serious interst in the sport: he definitely is a leader.
    So you see, Bunee, I am well and hooked on tennis–and especial the Betterer Federer tennis.

  8. Claire said


    I’m right there with you! I came home from surgery a couple of years ago, my husband was watching a Federer match and I was touched by his play and way he conducted himself. He has an “air” about him that is so special. If you met him and didn’t know who he was you would just think he was a great guy you met; not the no. 1 tennis player in the world!

    Sad, but I am old enough to be his mother; I was married the year he was born!

    TP, I so glad I found this site; I look forward to viewing it every day and reading all the comments from very knowledgable
    people. So often I LOL to so much of your stuff. Thank you!

  9. m said


    Feeling bad for Gonzales. For Marat. For Andy. For Santoro.

    But *LOL* @ Wimbly 2006. You don’t see that look often these days on Rafa’s face — but this is a striking reminder that there will always be two champions in any FEDAL final.

  10. zeki said

    Federer is apsolutely the best!I am from Serbia and I am very proud of Novak, Ana and Jelena but this man is in league of his own, a tennis God. Hope to one day watch him play live…

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