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Whose victory dance do you enjoy / hate the most?

Posted by tennisplanet on October 5, 2007

Isn’t hate and Sharapova synonymous? That kiss, smile and twirling is so freaking fake. She might as well start panhandling. It wreaks of ‘I need more money’.

That Youzhny stunt is original, only because he is able to carry it since he is very personable and genuine. If you are just out of the cave, he puts his racket on his head and salutes.

Federer’s looks quite majestic. He says it without begging for it – in line with the rest of his act. Class.

Agassi’s was quite sincere too, although too winded. But that sincerity card will take you past a lot of stuff.

Sampras was quite dignified too. Class all the way.

Serena starts to get so bent out of shape it appears she is on the catwalk at a fashion show in Paris. Cut out the fake theatrics out, PPPLLLLLEAAASE.

Ivanovic’s seems she truly appreciates the applause and is humble. Good one.

Roddick’s says I did it and I deserve it and I know you like it. But it’s still not offensive because of his demeanor.

Jankovic’s smile takes all the venom of bad looks, whatever, and instantly transforms her into that lovable cute girl who is happy to be there.

Nadal’s is truly sincere and appreciative of the crowd applause. Very humble and likable.

Venus’s Wimbledon victory dance or endless hop, after she beat Davenport in the finals, is straight from a 8-year old girl’s mind. Spontaneous and a beauty to watch.

Djokovic’s says I knew I would win, it was a foregone conclusion. What’s the big deal? It sits on the borderline. If the titles stop coming it might slip on the other side of the fence. So far it is tolerable, considering what he has achieved this year.

Borg’s was straight for the Gods. He appeared to instantly contact God before he acknowledged any applause. Very humble as usual.

McEnroe’s was what is all this commotion about. I told you it was mine last year. Calm freaking down. You cannot be serious.

You’ve got more?


7 Responses to “Whose victory dance do you enjoy / hate the most?”

  1. Jenny said

    Totally agree with your comments TP! Sharapova blowing kisses and the ballerina curtsy really does my head in.

    Love Youzhny’s military style salute, he’s a sweetie who I would love to see go up in the rankings.

  2. Eva said

    TP, in this instance I agree with you. Except you didn’t mention Connors. He was one of the worst I have seen.REgarding Djokovic, you are right, he is very much on the borderline. Next time he might take all his clothes off. When Federer pats somebody on the back after he wins, it is not condescending at all, but a gesture of camrederie. When Jokovic does it, to Fecderer, as in Montreal, he was trying to be patronising. Of all the impudence and arrogance. But yes, you seem to be of sound mind for now. Oh, one more mention is needed. Stepanek is absolutely dislikable, even after he hits a winning shot. He prances around, making a show of it. I don’t care if his neck was broken: if he keeps on like this, something else of his might fall off. Just let your play speak, not your stupid gestures, Mr. Stepover to the end of the line. At least Hingis woke up from her bad dream

  3. Eva said

    P.S. And I have seen Federer look skyward a few times before his restrained arm pump, or both arms raised, or when he falls to the ground.
    See, his arm pump is not like Nadal’s, who really angles his fisted hand upward and thrusts his hips forward, is if in a sexual gesture. In Europe, especially if you put the other arm in the crook of your elbow with the lifted, angled arm it is an obscene gesture, meaning a horse’s bollocks up yours. However, Nadal hasn’t done that, thanks his lucky stars.
    And please, don’t let players forever thank their supporters in their box, who hoot, holler, yell,jump up and down. Some restraint is needed, especially during play.
    I would really like to institute and/or enforce some rules. such as time-delays during serves, holding up the other player’s serve, and if someone needs medical attention that interrupts play a few times, then they should have to retire.

  4. Deisi said

    I love it when Maria blows kisses 😦
    But yes I think Rafa’s is the best! 😀

  5. Arbit said

    i find venus’s and serena’s to be fake….it looks like as if they have planned with photogs what will look good to people who dont’ watch tennis but might watch them on the front page…not to mention sharapova’s….which is all drama queen like that only dick enberg will appreciate……anyway….youzhny’s style is classic…i love it….that goes with his intensity and crowd pleasing shots……but i really like borg’s…as mcnroe says….it can’t get better than that…..btw ….tp ur comment abt mcnroe was …. well TP like…nice.

  6. Gracie said

    These are all dead-on. But I could do without the Djokovic sweaty shirt throwing part of his victory dance. Forget about wanting to catch it – I’d be ducking to avoid any contact with that thing! Erf!

  7. zola said

    very funny and nice article.

    I think all players are sincere when they thank their fans, even those I don’t like ( like Djoko or Sharapove). Because how can a player fake happiness after playing for hours, especially against a tough opponent?
    I love Rafa’s best, especially in clay. he just rolls in clay and shows how he is part of that turf. and I think Federer’s celebration after beating Rafa in Shanghai and also wimbledon was very genuine. They all deserve credit for their effort.

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