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Sexy ball girls at Madrid. From Sasha. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 20, 2007


Madrid ballgirl drama. Could someone write something about this, please?


11 Responses to “Sexy ball girls at Madrid. From Sasha. Thanks.”

  1. Brooke said

    Let me get this straight. Half naked girls can walk around the court, distracting the players, and no one complains, but I whisper something in the nosebleed section and it is somehow a distraction and I get “shushed”? Makes perfect sense.

  2. Gracie said

    If a player blows a point do they get to call ‘interference’?

  3. Jenny said

    I’m surprised the conservative Daily Mail published this, they must have been short on news!

  4. Sasha said

    I saw Federer shaking his head in disbelief and Djokovic and a few others getting somewhat distracted. I saw a girl not being able to get the ball out of the net, and two girls bumping into each other. I saw Nalbandian turning his head after he already started going back to the court, to get the second look at one of them. I saw the umpire directing a girl back to her side after picking up the ball. I saw them running around like plastic dolls not knowing where they came from or where they were going. It’s plain wrong and it’s tasteless. Next year Madrid Masters marketing stunt: topless ballgirls dressed in red thongs being chased around the court by the bulls. Tennis players need not apply.

  5. Claire said

    It’s the tennis version of the “cheer leaders” at football games! Is this a way to get more people (men) to watch “tennis”?

    Did you see the two “ballgirls” that nearly knocked each other out retreiving a ball! Maybe they should go back to the real ballboys(girls) who may play tennis (i.e. like Federer did) and are really thrilled to be on the court with the best in the world; instead of these bumpkins trying to get a break in modeling or acting. Maybe DeNario should have attended this tournament.

    I wonder if Federer will have anything to say about this? Will he still have a pizza party with the “ballgirls” ?

  6. Jenny said

    LOL Sasha and Claire!

  7. Dee said

    that hot pink outfit must be really distracting.They don’t look athletic at all.They don’t even run properly.Look at them.They run like they are carrying suitecases.Anyway Iam jealous.I just think of them like that to comfort my heart.

  8. aeropuzz said

    They a r e cute. Actually, I think they are the reason why Federer is playing that well again. Mirka knows – have you seen her smile just once lately?

    what I found most remarkable, is the fact that the soundtrack of the mutua madrilena comes from film “conan, the barbarian”. yes, the one where Schwarzenegger plays rock n roll with other people’s heads, instead of fine-tuning his own. I mean, has the concept artist of the mutua finally discovered a place on earth that works as refugee camp for machos?

  9. Tylerito said

    I am really enjoying watching Roger and Rafa playing for the championship today, and find the cute ball girls a pleasant and refreshing interlude, between points. I love tennis of the highest caliber, but I also adore “pretty”, tastefully done. Can’t wait to see what the french think of winsome ball girls at their open. The name of the game is, afterall, entertainment, and, thanks to the marketing techniques employed at this year’s Mutuamadrilena, I am doubly entertained! Regardless of how much the politically-correct may wish otherwise, there are a lot of tennis players, both sexes, who would agree with my opinion. If it’s purity you’re after, go to Dubai! I’ll have another helping of Mutuamadrilena, por favor.

  10. problemsolvergene said

    Love the sexy ballgirls. Great way to draw more attention to our sport and give some lovely women work!

  11. M said

    I could have sworn I saw a photo of some very nice-looking ball-*boys* as well this season. Where is that? Where are they?
    *looks around*

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