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Blueprint for Djokovic to take over the No. 1 rank, next season.

Posted by tennisplanet on November 27, 2007

There is absolutely no doubt, based on how the season has gone, for the top contenders, that Djokovic is the most lethal threat, for Federer’s hold on the No. 1 post.

Nadal and Nalbandian, may be there too, but it’s Djokovic leading the charge.

This season, gave clear clues to Djokovic, on what he needs to work on, to take the next big step. Tennis has dropped similar hints to many, since the inception of the game.

Did you know, that most heart patients ignore the doctor’s warnings, on what food they should avoid, even if they have had, quadruple heart surgeries? That’s true of any disease. Look at your own self, or a close family member, and you will have the proof.

If people can do that for clues that determine life and death, you can imagine how seriously these tennis indicators fare. Safins, Baghdatises, Agassis are all over the place, to set strong precedents.

What Djokovic engaged himself in, these 45 days, will determine the outcome next year. If he partied, and went ‘Baghdatis’ to enjoy the newly found status, money, attention, girls etc. he actually should be banned next year.

He needs to hire a more high profile and professional coach, from now on. He has milked everything from the current one.

He talked to John McEnroe during the US Open. If he can get McEnroe on his side, in any capacity, he will surely reap massive dividends.

Every freaking cucumber knows that physical fitness and conditioning, is what screamed out of this season. His back is suspect, and like knee problems, has no cure. You either rest, or go under the knife.

Rest of his body has to get stronger, to take the load off his back. If he is not able to quickly and effectively solve his back issues, he could turn into another Nadal on the fast surface.

Scaling back the schedule is another way to solve the problem. Concentrating more on the Grand Slams, to the exclusion of everything else, would be a good start.

If he aims for the top spot, without paying his dues on the big stage, he may find himself running into the ground, without too much to show for it, specially against the backdrop of this season. Winning at least one Grand Slam, has to be the priority, ahead of the No. 1 spot.

That also means not having a front-loaded season. Ease into the season, to test the fitness, and ensure that you make a strong finish in November. Why? Because, most likely the top spot, like this year, will be decided in the last month.

A good physiotherapist can help. You think!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep the fun going, but if you cannot come up with anything else, shelve the freaking impersonations, for good.

We would also like to see proof, of what all those cows, that the doctor received from you, brought to your life. Be sure to show it to Federer in the locker room. Intimidation is the word.


14 Responses to “Blueprint for Djokovic to take over the No. 1 rank, next season.”

  1. chieko said

    If my hero goes, I really want Rafael Nadal to take his sppot. I pray that his knees will get better soon. No not the other one. I do not like him especially his mother. End of story. Sorry no offence to his fans.

  2. Eva said

    In your dreams, Tennisplanet.Djokovic won’t get anything like what you suggested he should grab. Physically, he has problems. psychologically, he has problems–matchplay capability, and ego issues.
    So far, anyone who came along, even on just a hot streak, they have been heralded as the new ukpcoming heroes. Where has that lead to? Some results, but definintely not what they wanted. Nadal got the furthest. And don’t forget, these hot streaks included Gonzales, before that Blake, Canas, Nalbandian, and Ferrer.
    The way you bring up the issue, is as if Federer were magically to disappear, never to grace the tennis courts again. Haven’t you seen his latest demonstration at Shanghai? And how he finished his year despite some minor setbacks earlier that he overcome with strength?
    As for McEnroe, he is a commentator. Why should he involve himself with one player? Or is he going to stop being a commentator with the supposed “unbiased” commentRY? Also, nobody can play for Djokovic, and McEnroe’s generation played a different game.
    Because Djokovic made some inappropriate public noisea that doesn’t make him capable of the kind of play he would need to achieve what you suggested. Are you kidding me?
    Remember it’s not always thrue that if you want it hard enough, and work for it, you can always have whatever your heart desires. That’s just an American myth.
    Djokovic’s main desire is to desport himself in the spotlight, be a spokesman for Serbia as a result, be acclaimed and admired. He doesn’t have the true dedication to the game and the drive to develop it and elevate it as Federer has. It’s all about Djokovic. With Federer, it’s about Federer and his game, and the game overall. Bit difference, I should think.
    You need new crystal balls, TP. Or do you just want to get people’s GOATS?

  3. Evroula Savva said

    You don’t know anything about Baghdatis
    personal life so you cannot comment.
    Baghdatis is a very good player of tennis and he is dear in all tournament for his humour and also for the fair play.

    Here in Cyprus we beleive that this year is for Baghdatis.

  4. Eva said

    P.S. Besides, there are other players , such as Gasquet, Berdych. and Baghdaties if he learns some self-discipline.
    It’s good that there is more competitions, because they will spend some times taking each other out, rather than all of them trying to throw their best at Federer.
    That’s another issue to consider–he always has to play against people who, most of them, have nothing to lose by going all-out. To maintain his record with these constant challnges is quite amazing.
    Or maybe you think that Djoko could move to the U.S., and McEnroe, so there would be another American champion? Even then it won’t work. Mark my words, it’s not going to happen that way, three GSs, for vain Djoko. ever.
    There are many people, including me, and my sons, and people on other sites, and here, too,who started watching tennis again when Federer got on the scene. Nadal. too, won’t have the capability to last and to win the way #1 has.
    Let’s enjoy the great talent, the inimitable one. Yes, there are alwayks some other winners. and probably Fed’s focus will shift somewhat eventually.
    Hey, what’s going on with the women’s game? Saw Davenport winning the Bell Challenger title the other week.

  5. Louise said


    i am exactly the same, im a great fed fan, and if anyone who takes it. the only person id want it or deserve it.. is Nadal. Djokovic gets on my nerves too .. sorry guys

  6. Jill said

    Have to agree with you Chieko. It would just be too unfair if Nadal never got to be No 1, a position he truly deserves. I know Novak will get there one day but I just don’t want it to be that soon. His arrogance would most likely go out of control and I couldn’t bear him lording it over Roger and Rafa.

  7. backhand said

    Many talents like Djokovic have been fast on rising, but slow on dominating. Prob that he hits #1 next year is rather low. If he does, he could really go and start chasing Federer’s records.
    But I don’t understand why he has problems with fitness and especially with his breathing; breathing like a cruise ship on the long rallies.

  8. nadalfan said

    i hope rafa fixes his knees and comes out strong next year surprising everyone on the hard courts of the AO

  9. Bunter said

    No offence taken but try to leave his mother out of it (I would hate to be held accountable for mine:)). I assume you objected to her remarks after the US Open but remember English is not her first language…

    I agree Djokovic appears over-cocky but to me that’s part of his appeal – I love his zest and unpredictability. He’ll mature and tame both his tongue and his behaviour in time.

    I am a huge fan of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic – it is possible to sincerely admire them all. They’re so different – the prospect of the three of them playing at top of their games next year is really exciting.

  10. Gracie said

    I think I was one of the first here to say I thought Djoko had a good game and a lot of talent, maybe enough to one day push him all the way up the ranks. But y’know, I said that once about Marat Safin. And I once thought, Wow, maybe this Andy Roddick is gonna be the next big guy. And, If only that Roger Federer would ‘playthat way all the time!’ Or, Holy Cow! This Nalbandian guy has a terrific game.

    I didn’t get drawn back into tennis by Federer. I watched him come up. Like all the others. I had higher hopes for some, while others unexpectedly surprised me. But certain things remain consistent for those who go on to be true champions. And IMO, until Djokovic finds a way to:

    Start winning matches in two or three sets.
    Prove he has the stamina to survive an entire season.
    Improve shot selection, think faster on the fly
    Improve play at net
    Find another way to hone his focus on the court WITHOUT having to bounce the ball 25 times. It’s not only annoying, it’s only a hairline away from being poor sportsmanship.
    Master his own nerves
    Believe his own hype
    -and generally prove himself in ‘year two’ when all the fun and games are over and all the pressure is upon him…

    …until then I wouldn’t go so far as to call him Fed’s “most lethal threat”. Not quite yet. It’s a long to-do list and a big set of tasks to master in just one more season. If he can do it, then kudos will be due. But meanwhile, I’d have to think that aside from Nadal, Nalbandian could be Roger’s biggest threat in ’08. If he has indeed rededicated himself and stays on this roll going into next season, then he’ll be dangerous (at least for a time, until Roger figures out a way to beat him again). But on one of his good days, I’d still favor Nalbandian to kick Nole’s behind.

    Hey, somebody might wanna tell Djokovic that Nalby’s first goal might just be gunning to regain his No. 3 spot in the rankings!

  11. Jenny said

    I have to go along with Gracie here if Nalbandian remains interested – we’ve both seen Nalbandian at his best and his worst, so I would favour him over Novak. Would also like Baghdatis to do well too.

    BTW – did anyone hear Nalby has had another personal family tragedy? Apparently his aunt has just been killed by a hit and run driver on the pavement [sidewalk]. Condolences David.

  12. Eva said

    What? Another tragedy? At the AO it was a freak elevator accident killing a newphew and wife. And now his aunt? That is awful, truly terrible. I thinkl South Americans are very family oriented, by and large, and for any other nationality, these would be great lossess. And so close to each other!/
    Condolences to David. I am sorry for his pain and loss.

  13. Jenny said


    For your info, I found this on another site which was translated from the Spanish: Quote

    ‘David Nalbandian’s family has suffered yet another year-end loss. His father died a few years ago, and last year his godson/cousin was killed in an elevator accident. This time, Nalbandian’s aunt was killed by a car that drove onto the sidewalk where she was walking. The driver drove off without stopping but turned himself in to the police several hours later. (Blurb translated by mmmm8)’

  14. ロゴ said

    The thing I love about his game is his court coverage and defence is nearly up there with feds.

    If he can use his weapons better through experience he could get close.

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