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Ideal tennis couples.

Posted by tennisplanet on December 6, 2007


Nadal and Hantuchova (first night includes broken bones and metal casts).

Djokovic and Venus (Sex’s got to be great, what with the ‘cow’ addition).

Federer and Jankovic (Half alien, half superhuman – Can it get any better?).

Davydenko and Hinges (Hair raising) – Lame.

Canas and Sharapova (Not in any hurry to produce kids. Fans are screaming ‘nueter’ NOW).

Karlovic and Justine (One sex act at a time, due to geography).

Yuri and Mrs. Williams (Cheating head office).

TP and Chakvetadze (Living happily ever after).

Nalbandian and Bartoli (Mission difficult to accomplish).

Safin and Navratilova (Only cure to the unending Casanova ailment).

Roddick and Mauresmo (Maybe two men may turn the 1-15 record).

Gasquet and Serena (That’s child abuse).


2 Responses to “Ideal tennis couples.”

  1. lolita said

    This is way too funny esp. Karlovic-Justine and Nalbanian-Bartoli. You’re really good at this tennis coupling. LOL.

  2. ricke said

    Knowing Yuri he’d probably try to sell the grandkids for a profit.

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