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Federer wins another award: From L’Equipe, arguably the top sports newspaper in the world?

Posted by tennisplanet on January 3, 2008

Top sports newspaper in the world? Are you freaking kidding me!!!!! I bet even Bush hasn’t heard of it!!!!

And Federer beats American swimmer Michael Phelps for the award? Who came third? Shrek? What kind of BS is that? Even Americans haven’t heard of Phelps!!!!

What? Will Federer be running against Tanya Harding next? Give me a freaking break!!!!

Why don’t you just place that award on auto mail for next ten years?

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9 Responses to “Federer wins another award: From L’Equipe, arguably the top sports newspaper in the world?”

  1. muscarine said

    so much for america if they don’t know michael phelps!!!but i bet they do know him well! he won them 5(?) gold medals at the olympics and will win 7 next time!
    l’equipe is a daily sports paper! only sports! i don’t know of many of those in the world! daily being the key word here! and the only paper i read daily in this era of fake news! oh john stewart, what have you done to the world!! lol
    btw, i totally love john stewart!! for those whio still don’t know him, google him!! he’s worth it!

    happy new year!!

  2. leanne said

    for the record, i knew who michael phelps is. he’s got a great body!

  3. Eva said

    This seemed a reasonable place to ask a question–since you never answer the question rubric, TP, but where is Djokovic?
    Is he waiting for Kooying and AO? There are some other tournaments going on, but it would be nice if the ATP, when you can find and profile a player, could indicate what tournament they are playing at the moment. If they are not in circulation, nothing need be said.
    Do you know, TP?

  4. Eva said

    Nice looking kyoung man! Quite streamlined, and broad in the shoulders for the power. His neck, too, could be twice the size of mine. Swimming is a great sport, too. But I actulaly never found it reallly relaxing. Only whne floating on my back, or water skiing back in the days. But go swimmers, go!

  5. Eva said

    Federer deserves all the accolades that he gets> TP, where are all those mournful dirges you were singing at the beginning of 2007? Like Is it the beginning of the downward slide?
    Youwelcome. I forgive you., because working so hard must make your mind addled sometimes.
    Do you have any part-time work I could do from a distance? Like edit, proofread, so on. I am really good at these things; it’s only that when I type my own comments my thoughts are at warp speed compared to the keyboard capabilities.

  6. anna said


    Djokovic just finished playing at the Hopman Cup tournament in Perth Australia. It’s like a mixture of Davis/Fed Cup where nations participate in men’s/women’s singles and one mixed doubles to decide the winner if split results. Serbia finished second – players were Djokovic and Jelena Jankovic. The winners was USA – players were Marti Fish and Serena Williams. They won in the doubles mixed to take the tournament.

  7. Nelson Santos said

    This image is copyrighted please add my link attached Nelson Santos

  8. Delaney said

    ok one quiestion….WHO DOESN’T KNOW YOU MICHAEL PHELPS IS!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! i know that we won 5 (im not sure) last time and 8 this summer! he set the world record for gold medals won in an olypic games!!! and he from baltimore! (yay) you’re crazy if you don’t know who michael phelps is…..seriously..god!

  9. m said

    Hmph. Just because GWB might not have known who Michael Phelps was before last week doesn’t mean none of us Americans did.
    Please don’t generalize, Muscarine and TP. Some of us are counting the days to January 2009 – and not just for the AO.

    However, I am glad that Rogi got this — and his other Astrodome-sized warehouse(s) full of awards — when he did. Because – albeit well-deserved and well-earned (in part because of Rogi) – the Rafapalooza is kicking in.


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