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Sania Mirza gets sued for this act.

Posted by tennisplanet on January 8, 2008

A lawyer in Madhya Pradesh has filed a case against tennis star Sania Mirza for allegedly dishonouring the national flag during her visit to Australia.Sania, representing India at the Hopman Cup in Australia, has been caught on camera watching a match putting her feet right in front of the national flag of India.

Union Sports Minister Mani Shankar Iyer has also been made a party in the case.

“Sania got so much involved in watching the match that she forgot where her feet were, and what is the value of the tricolour in the heart of Indians. She should, therefore, be penalized,” Raj Kumar Dubey, the petitioner, contended before the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate Ajay Shrivastava here.

Dubey urged the court that the sports minister should also be asked to enact a law to deal with rising number of incidents of insult to the national flag.

“Either the union minister should act to prevent recurrence of such incidents and inform the court accordingly, or we will act against the minister,” Dubey said.

The next date of hearing has been fixed Jan 7.


11 Responses to “Sania Mirza gets sued for this act.”

  1. anna said

    She should leave India . . .

    • Dr SK Shukla said

      so that she planned to leave India and settled her marriage with Soaib Mallik!! disgusting. she should have born in Pakistan only!!!!!!

  2. Eva said

    A flag is a symbol and deservees respect, but is not holy. Penalization , whether through carelessness or protest is a lmistake.
    This is especially odd, since Mirza is such an avcknowledged personage/star in her country. Oh, well. Probably the fine will be symbolic.

  3. Mika said

    human stupidy never ceases to amaze me.

  4. Steph said

    Yes, I read about this, as well as other things certain factions in her country have said and done. Death threats to her and her doctors, coaching staff, etc. Oh, and a fatwah was issued against her for wearing inappropriate clothing (her tennis attire). I give her mucho props for hanging in there, though I wonder if she will eventually be pushed to play under another flag someday.

  5. Eva said

    Steph, you said a fatwah? That must mean she is Muslim rather than Hindu. Hindu’s don’t pass fatwah, I think their religion is more tolerant. Although most Westerners think that Hinduism is all about gods and goddesses, the more esoteric teachings (i.e. not for the general public) are and have been extremely advanced and high-minded, and intellectually deep.
    For God’s sake, I hope it is only a rumour. I hope people take up her cause in India.

  6. Mariam said

    I am a huge fan of this website, but have never written any comments. I just wanted to respond to Eva’s comment. Yes Sania is a Muslim. I think that it is ridiculous that this case has been filed. Its like political correctness gone mad!
    As a young female Muslim law student, I feel really frustrated that my religion is being hijacked by narrow-minded idiots who portray a negative stereotype to the western world! :S.
    Ok my rant is over now! Keep up the good work guys! 🙂

  7. Anonymous said

    sania mirza should fil soory for this

  8. rahul said

    One who can’t respect his national flag,that person cannot respect his nation and not even his parents.

  9. rahul said

    Jai Hind

  10. citizen said

    she is not atall worthy to earn the citizenship

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