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Secret to happy life: Encourage positive emotions and block negative ones. That’s it.

Posted by tennisplanet on January 10, 2008


Do you even have any idea which ones are positive and which ones negative? No, you don’t.

Here are the positive ones:

Emotion of:








And the negative ones are:








If you have, even one freaking marble in your brain, you know only one emotion can occupy your mind at one time. If that is a given, all you have to do, is ensure you allow the existence of only the positive emotions and thoughts.

It takes practice and persistence to block out negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones. But once you achieve that, you will be happy, irrespective of what’s happening around you.

Try it freaking NOW. What have you got to lose? You are going down the drain with your negative thoughts anyway. Make the freaking change, and see how the whole world will work for you to cheer you up, in the crappiest of times.

Which among the positive thoughts, you think, I have chosen? There you have it – the reason for the existence of goats in the basement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But lately my thoughts are wandering, since mom brought up that ‘same brain capacity’ girl next door. It seems like a perfect match. Do I have to get rid of the goats altogether, anybody know?

12 Responses to “Secret to happy life: Encourage positive emotions and block negative ones. That’s it.”

  1. chieko said

    How true TP san !! Thank you.

  2. Sarah said

    Those kittens are so cute!

  3. Brooke said

    Very true!

    To add to the list, avoid calculus for a happy life. Everyone should be able to go through life without having to find the integral of an absolute value function sans calculator. Forget immigration and education, I’m voting for the candidate who promises to abolish calculus! Ok, rant over.

  4. chieko said

    Calculus ,,how awful.. I feel sorry for you. I am glad I do not have to take it.

  5. Claire said

    A good book to read is “Happiness is an Inside Job” (John Powell,S.J.).

  6. Eva said

    I would say to this Jesuit author–I admire learned Jesuits a lot, by the way–is that perhaps contentment, or learning to accept your life as is is the secret: if you can do it, that is.
    All the comments about happiness do not take into account circumstances that are uncontrollable, but which, nevertheless can be very destructive not only to happiness but to peace of mind. Here are wars, poverty, starvation, injustice, being trapped in a bad place or bad situation, abused bky an individual or a group, and so on. Infinity possibilities. What did Sartre, the French philosopher say? “Hell is other people.” What he meant is that we suffer at times when our will or wants or needs collides with those of another person.
    The Birdman of Alcatraz was a nice movie about a convict who found contentment in Alcatraz by becoming an ornithologist. I highly doubt that such a circumstance would be possible in today’s medium and high-security jails.
    Despite mys respect, I also say tha priests, in a way, have a better chance than millions of the deprived. Their Church provides for them all their life; tit is their home, their foundation, and it looks after them, for certain.
    It is possible to improve one’s mental attitude, by resignation, willlingly or unwillingly of things that one cares about. But it will work always, and in all circumstances.
    Sayings like this are broad categorical statements, such as there are two kinds of people, the ones who make the best of their circumstances, and those who don’t.
    The human condition is so varied that what befalls people and their responses will be or can be can’t even be anticipated and proscribed for optimum benefit, because nobody knows what will happen even in the next 24 hours.
    Some trust toward God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, is probably the best attitude. |Those who rely on faith can be disappointed badly. The young, let’s say approximately teens and early twenties, have a lot of this natural faith, even if they don’t believe in a god, because they are vital and think themselves indestructible, and because they haven’t had enough experience of themselves and don’t know the world well enough, even though we all do think that we know so much at that age. But trust is letting your life be in the sphere of a much greater force or a kind of free-flowing energy than either will or faith.
    Trust, I think, even if it doesn’t bring happiness, can bring a certain peace, no matter what happens. The fact that we have come to be in the world, the universe itself is an incredible thing, and that we live and will have lived in it, even if no person remembers us at some later date, still can never be erased, and somewhere, somehow, there is a trace of us that stays in the universe–or more than a trace. So our existence, that very fact, can never be undone. And somehow, I think that means something.
    Have any of you heard about MOroni, the Recording Angel in the MOrmon relilgion? (I am not Mormon.) Apparently, it is his job to record peoples names/existence. That’s the Mormons answer partially. I would guess. I myself do not know what it means to have dome into existence; all I know is that it means something, and not just for now.
    Regarding Christianity, I don’t think Jesus said
    that he came to bring us happiness. What he said was “I come to bring you more life,” or words to that effect.

    Tennisplanet, on another note: I am waiting to hear what you have to say about the AO draws.

  7. imaginaryband said

    i quite enjoyed calculus 😉 much simpler than avoiding or blocking emotions that you can’t control. after all if we could control emotions, they wouldn’t be emotions and we would be robots/vulcans/aliens of a sort.

  8. Brooke said

    Imaginaryband, you’re obviously not human. : p

  9. grendel said

    At the end of the day, calculus is mechanical, and therefore manageable even when it’s hard, provided you put the work in – unlike, say,combinations and permutations which are consistently monstrous and subject to no obvious pattern that this benighted soul can discern. But negative emotions – who would choose them? They choose you, if you are unfortunate enough to be in their grip. I agree with Imaginaryband, except there is this paradox: true, it would be strangely artificial to be in easy control of one’s emotions. On the other hand, never does one feel more robotic (programmed, chained, confined) than when under the sway of a dark emotion…..

  10. padam said

    what an idea to be happy

  11. Somebody Else said

    Desire generally leads to unhappiness or emotional discomfort/pain.
    To always be wanting something, whatever it is, can lead to increased misery about not having it.
    Typically, when one attains that object of desire, it is soon discarded in pursuit of another desire, creating anxiety and frustration.
    Desire nothing and you will enjoy more things when you do have them.

    let’s not confuse desire with lust.

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