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Crowd imitates Sharapova’s grunts each time she hits the ball.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 2, 2008

Russiai's Maria Sharapova returnsto her Israeli opponent Tzipi Obziler during their Fed Cup World Group tennis match at Canada stadium in Ramat Hasharon, north of Tel Aviv, 02 Febuary 2008. Sharapova, fresh from her first Australian Open victory, got defending champions Russia back on track in the Fed Cup tie against Israel today. She outclassed the world number 81 Obziler 6-0, 6-4 in the second rubber.   AFP PHOTO/JACK GUEZ (Photo credit should read JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images) 

At her first Fed Cup match in Israel, the crowd started imitating her grunts after every shot. Will this now happen everywhere else she plays? Hope so.

Her response:

“I don’t mind it,” Sharapova said. “It brings out the best in me. I love the atmosphere, the crowd and their craziness. It is what we live for. I got really anxious and excited as I was close to finishing my first Fed Cup match.”


12 Responses to “Crowd imitates Sharapova’s grunts each time she hits the ball.”

  1. Jenny said

    I’m no paticular fan of Maria, but a lot of the ladies grunt or more correctly scream – I don’t have a problem with the men grunting, again I would describe it as a roar, but those ladies’ high notes go right through my head!

  2. faith said

    Maria is by no means the only one who does this. I wonder if that same crowd does that when Venus comes to play?

  3. Eva said

    Not all aldies and all men players do that, but quite a few do. Some are more irritating than others’. As for the crowd imitating her, I don’t like it. It’s only cause for more alarm, in the sense of a downhill slide in the tennis tournament spectator behaviour. There is no need, and actually, no matter what Maria says, she won’t like it during a match when she loses. It should be discouraged, as it can also be quite distracting to the players.

  4. deb said

    I’m sure that crowd would do it to anybody. Gonzo was reduced to tears by the crowd antics when he played a Davis Cup tie in Israel.

  5. Defrogerer said

    My problem with grunting,groaning,roaring or screaming,is that it is strangely inconsistent.
    How many occassions have you noted complete silence from Serena,Venus,Rafa,Djoker etc? That is what gets to me.
    Truthfully,a match with totally silent players is more enjoyable to watch.At one point in Roger/Tipsaravic match,I turned the sound down.When we are given the speed of serves and return points,can we have the decibel levels as well? LOL.

  6. Michael said

    Such an intimidation of the player is with no taste and primitive. They will not be able to see Maria again, probably.

  7. Brooke said

    Is that true, Deb? What did the crowd do?

  8. Jenny said

    Deb, What happened to my Gonzo in Israel?

  9. Gracie said

    There are quite a few screamers playing these days (which I still maintain is a BS intimidation tactic and a way to keep one’s opponent from hearing the ball come off the racket). Much as I can’t stand the Shriek, I have to say that Venus and Serena (and sometimes Nadal) are becoming impossible to watch at all, without turning the volume down to a whisper.

    It’s interesting that when we look at some of ‘the best’ players ever (from Evert and Borg all the way down to Henin and Fed), most of them have managed to play the game without all the deafening sound effects.

  10. grace said

    It was funny as hell. I mean real hilarious. Everytime she hit the ball the crowd grunted along with her. She’s actually lying when she says that it didn’t bother her — she was leading like 5-0 and lost four games in a row (or something like that). It bothered her. I’m not a fan, but I did feel sorry for Sharapova. It was embarassing — yet really funny. I felt bad laughing.

  11. Katie said

    Yeah, and just think–it was Connors who started it all. Thanks a bunch, Jimmy! I’d still rather hear them than watch that infernal ball bouncing bull.

  12. Bill said

    It’s difficult to find any recorded media regarding the israel goons. Youtube swiftly pulls anything posted.

    But Maria is indebted to the publicity machine, IMG, that bought her, citing Oprah as A GREAT HUMAN BEING! on her site. (I always wondered if Oprah was human) She routinely dashes back to NYC after nearly any break in her schedule. Her agent ‘Max’ is cited as being her ‘good luck charm’. Her website is a curious farrago of pimped out lusts for red carpet appearances and guys she’d like to date.

    Of course she will be welcome there. They nearly own her. What else is new!

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