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Want to get that pink back in your cheeks? That glowing and wholesome look? Try this.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 10, 2008


Eat half papaya after dinner for the next three days. Of course, it would help if you cheap freaks stopped your other usual bad eating, exercising etc. habits, but this is such a strong shot that it can overcome even your stupid moves against your own health.

If you don’t notice a difference, you will be provided a free tour of my basement.

Go to the freaking store, and buy two good size papayas, NOW, for crying out loud. Is that too much to ask?

I know all of you are already down with the flu. Sets you right, for not taking my advice of not shaking hands, washing hands frequently and properly, and using infected computer keyboards and mouses.

If are planning to ignore this advice too, please slowly and carefully move closer to the computer screen and put your face right against it. Are you there yet? THERE. Now go to ‘’ for relief.

Get off your lazy behind and open your ‘nothing in it’ wallet or purse, and JUST DO IT. GEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

17 Responses to “Want to get that pink back in your cheeks? That glowing and wholesome look? Try this.”

  1. chieko said

    Papaya extract also proven good for cancer treatment I heard.

  2. Jenny said

    How interesting Cheiko san.

  3. srikandi said

    I grew up eating papayas sprinkled with a little OJ. Yum.

  4. Katie said

    Yes, we have no papayas. I’m in the Northeast for chrissake!

  5. chieko said

    oh my goodness Katie san. But does not some of your grocery stores have forgein fruits imported? No??

    Please check again. It is suppose to be good for your stomach .

    Yes Jenny san I have checked. It is established in Chinese medicine that papaya extract is to be used for stomach and sometimes bone cancer.

  6. eva said

    Are you sure that the effect doesn’t come from the pigment in this fruit, much like carrotine in carrots? If you eat too many carrots everky day, and some people a number of years ago had developed addictions to this vegetable, maybe becauseof the health food fad, then they turned yellow from the carrotine.
    But I’ve never eaten a papaya, I think. Willing to try it.

  7. Steph said

    Ok, so I started eating papaya a few days ago. Not a half at a time as recommended, but a few small pieces with lunch and dinner. And today – well, I’m lookin’ good! Good call! Thanks!

  8. monique said

    All fruits are good and you must eat them on an empty stomach in order for them to be beneficial.

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Absolutely right, Monique! I realized this 2 years ago and I never leave home without eating my 4 organic apples. It feels so right.

      • monique said

        Congrats, eating 4 apples per day, that’s good. I try to eat fruits with a lot of water content and I eat the banana last. Hard to do every day……lol

  9. Jenny said

    Papaya isn’t easily available in the UK. I love fruit and veg, a berry fruit and pineapple freak when in season, love black grapes too, but they contain lots of natural sugar.

  10. M said

    Hey, TP, is this because of the enzymes? Is it okay if we eat it dried?
    If that is okay, and we do eat it dried, how many dried pieces equal half a fresh one?

    (And isn’t half an awful lot for dessert for one meal? What’s the girl-size equivalent? 🙂 )

  11. monique said

    You can buy them in a can too if they are not in season.

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