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About you.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 11, 2008

Some of you it appears are reaching celebrity status among tennis fans around the globe. If you want to share details about youself, here’s your chance. Idea generated by Brooke and Claire.

You can also request for anyone in particular and hope they oblige. Also please spare us rants on your sharp mental abilities. You are not fooling anyone here.

203 Responses to “About you.”

  1. dee said

    Favourite clowns- Federer and Serena
    Love to watch-ferrero, Gasquet, Berdich, Tsonga, Blake, Murray, Ferrer, Venus, Anna Ivanovic, Lindsay, Justine
    Ex clowns- Sampras, Agassi, Rafter
    Fav sport activity- Watching Tennis and Taking Tennis lessons for mums.
    Why do I like tennis- I didn’t at the beginning. I hated it because I didn’t understand it and broadcasting swallowed my fave TV shows. I use to love cricket and the betting scandal in late 90’s made me swap to an individual sport. It was Golf or Tennis!!!! I picked Tennis because some one is actually playing most of the time.
    How did I learn tennis- Purely by watching and listening to commentary.
    Those days we didn’t have pay TV so I didn’t even know how Gustavo turned #1.I had no idea about ATP tours. I only knew about GS’s because they were the only ones on free to air channels.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! I was under the rock ,one of the cave people!!!
    I am female, married and have 2 kids[not goat babies]
    I love children.
    I am Passionate and fair.[Because I equally, love and hate, passionately]
    Fave TV shows- Cosby show, Gilmore girls,Everybody loves Raymond, Oprah, Dr.Phil, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen,
    Fave films- Emma, Save the last dance, Bridget jones’s diary, Note book, Lion King—-
    Fave colour-Blue
    fave flower- natural
    fave food- Pork omelet, Lamb chops, rice and curry, pavlova, Tea, Choc fudge ice cream, nuts,
    fave song- Kiss by a rose-Seal
    You think you are Beautiful-Pete Murray
    Love to do- volunteering, cooking, entertaining, music, shopping,
    dress well, checking tennis planet, reading about Roger
    I think this is enough about me.

  2. Claire said

    Guess I’ll be the first one!

    I am an old lady with 2 kids 10&16. I was too busy having fun so I had my eggs and my husband spream frozen and there you are, I’m an old lady with 2 young kids. It’s not too bad being retired, driving my kids here and there in my cadallac!
    My 16 year old is on the tennis team at his school. MY 10 year old is probably the most talanted tennis player in the family. He’s a hand full, he tells us we will be either dead or he won’t let us alone with his children (guess fear we will be too shakey and may drop those babies). We really feel guily that we won’t be able to watch those grand kids so my son and wife can escape for a week-end together, not!I play a bit of tennis but I’m really not good, maybe cuz I don’t move too fast. I could relate to how Federer must have felt at the AO.
    I didn’t start really watching tennis til a few years ago. I was sick and stuck to the couch when my husband was watching Federer. My husband said watch how good this guy is. I really,really enjoyed watching the tournament and have been a fan ever since. My husband saw Federer years ago when he was playing in Houston. There was a long rain delay so Federer didn’t play til early in the morning, like 3a.m. I rolled over and said give my ticket to someone else! My hubby came home and said you have made one of the biggest mistakes in your life! MY husband and I agree the really big one was waiting a bit too long to have those kiddo’s; but it’s hard to regret thinking back on how much fun we had!
    I’ve always gotten a kick out of Nadal! At the AO tournament in an interview he said some thing to the effect, I don’t know what it is about Australia but I take alot of afternoon naps here, if I lay down I’m out for a couple of hours. His facal expressions are great. I sometimes wish Nadal was my son, life would be easier just going to tournaments and just sitting and jelling.
    Well have to go, another one of those dank doctor’s appointments!
    Would love to hear from you all.
    Not to hurt any of your feelings but would really like to hear Jenny’s story; she really knows her tennis – I’ve learned alot from her. Plus it sounds like Jenny lives in the U.K.; maybe the hubby and I can visit sometime!

  3. Claire said

    One more thing. TP I have told my children about you; shame on you sitll living in your parents basement! Thank goodness we don’t have a basement; can’t in texas!
    You should marry that girl next door, if you don’t want to have sex with her (for some reason you haven’t told us) I could tell you of a place where you and her can have a baby together without even touching each other. I heard these days they can pick and chose what sperm and egg you want, i.e. boy,girl or any other gene you want to eliminate.Sorry I don’t think can get eggs from an inflatable!
    I really think you are a great writer so TP you could have a great career being a writer! FOr all we know you could already be a great writer, maybe we have read some of your work other than what is posted here. An example would be Marv Levy the former coach of the Buffalo Bills,he wrote the book called “Where Else Would You Rather Be?” I lived in Buffalo, New York and when I get really upset about our Federer losing,I just look back and remember the agony I went through when the Bills lost the Super Bowl 3 times in a roll!

  4. Claire said

    PS alot of the above is true, just added some stuff to make it more interesting 🙂 🙂 i.e do have 2 boys, did get pregnant later in life (not as old as I lead you to believe), did miss seeing Federer in Houston ,do play some tennis, did grow up in Buffalo,N.Y., second thought would rather be Federer’s mom; wouldn’t act like Djerko’s mom – heck I’d take some money and go on a great vacation – forget about taking time to say stupid things. Now, I won’t take up more space, you turn! 🙂 🙂

  5. Brooke said

    First of all, I suggested this MONTHS ago and nothing, but the second Claire says something, there’s an entire “About You” post! What’s up with that, TP??????

    I’m from Miami and right now I’m really nervous because I hear from two colleges any minute.
    My favorite players are Roddick, Tursunov, and the predictable Americans (Minus Spadea).
    Fave TV shows: Da Ali G Show, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls
    Fave Song: Anything by John Mayer or Dave Matthews

  6. Jenny said

    Thank you Claire.
    Married with a 22yr old son.
    Live in the UK.
    Played tennis a long time ago after watching Bjorn Borg, but come from a sporting family gymnastics, cricket [hobby] professional boxing [grandfather].
    Fav colour green.
    Fav films – Continental, mostly French. Ha.Ha also The Third Man!
    Fav music – Classical and the power ballads. I love Springsteen’s The Streets of Philadelphia.
    Current favourite boys – Federer, Ferrer, Gonzalez, Nalbandian.
    Love to watch – Nadal, Ferrero, Moya, Verdasco, Ancic, Mahut, Hewitt, Santoro, Blake.
    Ladies: Henin, Mauresmo.
    Previous favs – Borg, McEnroe, Edberg, Kuerten, Coria, [still love Coria, I’m hoping he will get better].
    btw Claire, my late favourite uncle and godfather was born in Buffalo and went on to live in Ohio.

  7. Jenny said

    Sorry I forgot Pete Sampras!

  8. Jenny said

    Glad you’ve made an appearance on this one Brooke!! I think Ali G is funny too, he was born in London which you probably knew.

  9. Claire said

    Sorry Brooke, I must have caught TP just at the right moment and he decided to do this

    Anyway, I’ll get serious:

    My Fav Movie – Sound of Music
    Fav color – yellow
    One of Fav thing to do -have my husband all to myself for a week-end
    Fav to do as a family – play doubles
    Fav music – Frank Sinatra (grow up with hearing his voice, nice memories plus Frank and I share the same birthday) and Maroon 5 (my son and I sing to their music in the car)
    Fav TV show _ LOST – do any of you watch that?
    Fav thing ever – enjoy each and every day,laugh alot. I had a life threatening disease and realize how precious life is. I did have children later in life due to infertility problems so those boys are so precious to my husband and I.
    Sorry if you guys thought my first post was so goofy.
    Jenny, so you must have heard great things about the weather in Buffalo, like the blizzard of 1976! I spent some time in my basement – to get away from my family and ride my exercise bike.
    People didn’t go out of their houses for days!

  10. Brooke said

    Don’t worry about it, Claire, it’s not your fault. I don’t want to point fingers or anything, but I lay all the blame on the person whose name rhymes with RP.

    Yup, Ali G’s a Stains native….and a Jew, which is cool.

  11. Jenny said

    Claire, I believe my uncle left Buffalo quite young and before 76. I know when I spent a summer in Akron, all I remember is the terrible oppressive heat and hearing about the awful winters and seeing pics of snow halfway up their front door!

  12. Jenny said

    btw Claire, your post wasn’t goofy at all, and nice of you to share with us. My fav thing apart from watching tennis, is to walk on a deserted beach at dawn with my husband and dog. We don’t live near a beach, so it’s pure luxury when we do!

  13. Brooke said

    I forgot to add Juanes to my fave music and The Lords of Discipline to my fave book. Wow, I’m never going to Buffalo!!

  14. Claire said

    Looking at old posts,looks like you have a 11 yr. son with a smelly problem like my 10 (soon to be 11) yr. son. He had 3 friends over after school, boy did we have a smell after they came in! Should be out there with the “pit rub”. It’s fun finding out we have other things in common along with tennis 🙂
    I have switched from the terrible cold to the terribly hot Texas! I still think I perfer the heat
    Didn’t that Cal… make a comment about Federer,i.e. something about a family/friend being with the Federer camp in Australia and Dubai? said Federer and Mirka are still in love and Federer is not taking anything out on his family. Anyway, if you are reading this (I think Cal something) let’s here your life story, spacifically what conection do you have to get personal stuff about Federer?

  15. dee said

    Hey Claire,
    I always thought I relate to you the most, with comments. I have new neighbours from England. Love the accent. They actually say ‘Bus’-Bus(h). They have a 11yr old as well. He gets on very well with my son. I am trying to get him to wear roll on deo. so it’s 2 showers a day and plenty of Nappy san in the laundry. He does Tennis, Cricket, swimming, chess and play drums. My husband doesn’t like tennis. He’s still a cricket fan. I wish you, all the good things in life and plenty of tennis.

  16. dee said

    Pete Murray is an Aussie. You might not be familiar with his work. Listen to this (my fave song) but try to avoid watching it. Video sort of ruins the song for me.(IMO)

  17. Claire said

    Hi Brooke,

    Looks like RP talked to TP and TP gave you due recognition. 🙂
    (see above)

    One more thing about me – My real name is Danette, my Mom’s maiden name is Claire, love that name so thought I’d use it (don’t really like Danette)!
    Also to figure out where we all are in life, my age is 49!
    I’m obsessed (sp) with working on crocheting an afgan for my son but some how can stop a moment and look at this site 🙂
    Where are the rest of you? Waiting to hear about your lives.

    I can’t wait til 3/3,I’m missing Federer. Wonder what shape Djerko will be in? Maybe Djerko will realize how amazing Federer was to play when he was still sick! Guess Federer won’t play til around 3/5 ish?

  18. Jenny said

    Hey Claire
    I crochet too!

  19. Claire said

    I think we should all meet at a GS and make sure TP is there also. TP, I’m sure we can find a hotel with a basement, so you would feel right at home.

  20. Brooke said

    Haha thanks TP : )

  21. Jill said

    Here goes!

    Born and raised in Scotland to English parents. Moved to London at 10 and have been there ever since (except for the last 3 years living in Dublin). Hope to return home this year.
    Married (recently), no children
    Fav players of old: Nastase, McEnroe, Becker, Agassi, Sampras
    Fav currents players: Federer, Nadal, Nalbandian, Ferrer, Baghdatis, Gonzalez, Moya
    All I used to know of tennis really was Wimbledon. Used to work nearby so Wimbledon fortnight would leave off work at 4pm and go straight to the courts each day. Love being able to see so much more these days with all the television coverage.
    Am currently delirious with happiness as after years of trying have finally got tickets for Centre Court in the public ballot for the first Friday of Wimbledon (dare I hiope that I might finally see Federer live).
    Fave films: The Apartment, It’s a wonderful life, The Way we Were, LA Confidential, Withnail and I. Odd mixture, I know.
    Fave ever telly programmes: Mash and North and South (that’s the Elizabeth Gaskell victorian england one not the American Civil War)
    Fave current telly: Doctor Who!!!!!
    Fave song: One by U2
    Interests: Watching tennis, big film fan, reading, walking, travelling.

    Yikes, I sound boring.

  22. Claire said


    Not boring at all!
    I think it’s so interesting and neat that we can learn about each other.

  23. Katie said

    Breadth, depth of Nishikori’s game illuminating

    By Sandra Harwitt
    Special to

    Updated: February 19, 2008

    Kei Nishikori became the youngest player to win on the ATP Tour since Lleyton Hewitt in 1998.
    At the Nick Bollettieri Academy, where Kei Nishikori has been sculpting the game that just earned him his first career title on Sunday, the Japanese teen is referred to as “Project 45.”

    Why “Project 45,” one might ask?

    It’s because Bollettieri and staff have had a very specific goal in mind for the incredibly talented 18-year-old who landed on their doorstep at 14 to help him become the most successful Japanese male player of all time.

    Retired Shuzo Matsuoka, a former coach to Nishikori, had been the last Japanese man to win a title, at Seoul, South Korea, in April 1992. Matsuoka attained the highest ranking for a man from their country on the ATP computer: No. 46.

    Hence “Project 45.”

    As an unknown ranked No. 244, Nishikori traveled across Florida from Bollettieri’s in Bradenton to the International Tennis Championships in Delray Beach with the hopes of qualifying for the main draw. Nishikori did better than he expected — he became the youngest player since a 16-year-old Lleyton Hewitt won Adelaide in 1998 to win a title, stunning top-seeded James Blake into submission Sunday in a 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 final victory and improving his ranking to a career-high No. 131.

    “Last night, I tried to imagine winning this final, but couldn’t,” said always smiling Nishikori, conspicuously overwhelmed by his success. “I was so nervous in the first set … I can’t believe I beat James Blake.”

    It’s unlikely that Nishikori — a happy-go-lucky kid who already has a trademark shot, a forehand “jumper” that he hits from at least a foot off the ground and never missed all week — would be where he is if there weren’t a company called Sony.

    Masaaki Morita, a member of the founding family and the retired CEO of Sony, has more than high-end electronics among his interests; he has a penchant for tennis. That led to his founding the Masaaki Morita Tennis Fund, which sponsors four promising Japanese players each year for a free ride to train at the Bollettieri Academy.

    It’s hard not to wonder whether Morita — the brainpower behind the company’s simply stated commercial slogan, “It’s a Sony” — took a first look at the young Nishikori and thought: He’s a champion.

    “Yes” probably would be a good guess.

    Nishikori became one of those lucky youngsters sent to Bollettieri’s and seems destined to give Morita a successful return on his investment. Although Nishikori remains close to Morita, he hasn’t fallen under the auspices of the fund since giving up his amateur status to turn pro at the AIG Open in Tokyo in October.

    “He spoke to him [Morita] twice on the car ride back to [Bradenton],” said Olivier van Lindonk, a natural “big brother” type who helped Nishikori adjust to life at the academy and officially became his IMG agent when he turned pro.

    Nishikori spoke not a word of English, and he admits he cried at night from homesickness for two years after arriving in the U.S.

    Although Bradenton is no bustling metropolis, it was quite an adjustment for a youngster from Shimane, Japan, a countryside town near Hiroshima, halfway around the world. He roomed for a while with Zach Gilbert, who reportedly is not a chatterbox like his famous father, Brad, and for a time with tour neophyte Jesse Levine.

    Eventually, he settled into his new life and found peace with all but American food. Asked how he was going to celebrate his ITC victory, Nishikori said there would be a present for his parents, who will come watch him play next month at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, but was more immediately intent on dinner plans: “I’m going to have sushi.” A treat, definitely, but it is hard to forget that earlier in the week he dissed American sushi, proclaiming it just isn’t prepared to Japanese standards.

    Moments after Nishikori picked up his $68,800 winner’s check, he called his parents for the first time all week. Clearly superstitious, Nishikori said after saving four match points to beat third seed Sam Querrey in the semifinals that he would have to be patient and wait to phone home: “I don’t talk to them during the tournament. I used to do it when I won a big match, but then I’d talk to them and the next day I’d lose every time.”

    Mature beyond his years, Nishikori had a more childlike response to finally speaking with his family, who woke up to watch the match on a streaming Internet feed at 4 a.m.

    “I almost cried, but I didn’t,” Nishikori said “I said I couldn’t believe [I won] five times. They said, ‘It’s good you win,'” but his father countered, “But you have tournament next week.”

    Nishikori wasn’t the only person on site who thought of crying when he became the first Japanese man in 16 years to hug a trophy.

    “I can cry,” said Akatsuki Kobayashi, a Japanese freelance writer based in Los Angeles who jetted in on the red-eye Sunday morning to cover the final for Smash magazine. “It’s unbelievable. In Japan, they say, “He’s the Japanese Roger [Federer].”

    Kenji Shimuzu, a baseball reporter, also turned up for the final. He drove over from Fort Myers, where he is covering Daisuke Matsuzaka of the Red Sox for Yomiuri Shimbun, the leading daily newspaper in Japan.

    To date, we’ve only seen Nishikori on the big stage twice — at the Indianapolis Tennis Championships, where he became the unknown qualifier in the quarterfinals this past August, and at the ITC in Florida last week.

    To be honest, the small handful of journalists in Indianapolis pretty much ignored the then 17-year-old as an aberration among the final eight — he lost in straight sets to eventual champion Dmitry Tursunov on an outside court on a rain-soaked Friday.

    No one, however, was dismissing Nishikori last week.

    James Blake had no idea what was in store for him in the Delray Beach final.
    The teen made the ITC — a small tournament that has grown from what many considered an annoyance on the tour calendar to a smart seaside stop for players — his very own playground.

    He’s clearly an intelligent thinker on the court, and all in attendance marveled at the depth and breadth of his shot-making.

    Glenn Weiner became Nishikori’s coach in December at the urging of his boss, Bollettieri, and immediately was impressed by the talents of his new charge.

    “He’s given me goose bumps on several occasions this year already,” Weiner said. “When I started working with him in December in practice, I was like, ‘I know he’s going to be good.’ But I took him down to a Challenger in Miami where he played [Gaston] Gaudio [he beat the 2004 French Open champion 6-0, 6-3 in the first round at the Challenger], and that’s the first time I got goose bumps and I was like, ‘This kid can just hit shots that are a top-20 level.'”

    Weiner says the 5-foot-10 150-pounder is low-key and funny off the court but a dynamo on the court, capable of playing both defense and offense: “He’s very explosive. His groundstrokes — he can just put an extra little bit of zip on that ball. When it comes off the strings, it’s coming. He’s got unbelievable speed, which keeps him in the point longer and for an 18-year-old, the poise he showed, that really impressed me the most against someone like James [Blake] and even Sam [Querrey].”

    Although top-10 player Blake wasn’t quite ready to predict a new star was born, he knew that was a distinct possibility.

    “He can definitely have a bright future,” said Blake, who was supposed to be the guy hoisting the ITC trophy. “He’s 18 years old and already has a tour title. Not many people can do that … I was miles and miles behind him at 18. It’s just so hard to gauge how much better somebody is going to get. … There is no such thing as a sure thing, definitely going to make it and be a superstar. But the kid has all the tools.”

    Before the final Sunday, Nishikori was barely a footnote on the ATP Tour. By Monday, van Lindonk had been up fielding calls until 4 a.m. and was at his office in Bradenton by 7 a.m. as interest in his client soared.

    “He’s not a man of many words, but the things he says, he puts a lot of thought into it,” van Lindonk said. “He’s actually a funny personality. He’s very mature, but every now and then it comes through that he’s just an 18-year-old.”

    Sandra Harwitt is a freelance sportswriter who spends much of her year covering tennis around the world.

  24. Katie said

    Pistol Pete ain’t ready for that rockin’ chair, Irma Jean!

    Sampras’ dismantling of Haas highlights San Jose tournament

    Associated Press

    Updated: February 20, 2008, 10:59 AM ET

    * Comment
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    SAN JOSE, Calif. — By beating Roger Federer in an exhibition last year, Pete Sampras showed he still has some of the game that made him one of tennis’ greatest players and led some people to wonder whether he retired too soon.

    Sampras isn’t one of them. He’s content with his decision to step away age 31 in 2002 with a record 14 Grand Slam titles.

    “I could still play a little bit, still play at a pretty high level, but coming back is a whole different ballgame, whole different lifestyle, a lot of work,” Sampras said. “The day-in, day-out grind of tennis isn’t in me any more. I still enjoy playing a few exhibitions here and there, but to come back, I don’t really necessarily play just for the limelight or for the money. I play to win.”

    Sampras’ latest stop was at the SAP Open in San Jose, where he vanquished the former No. 2 player in the world, Tommy Haas, in an exhibition Monday night, 6-4, 6-2.

    That match kicked off a tournament that features most of the top American players, led by Andy Roddick and James Blake.

    Sampras, though, is still the biggest U.S. star more than five years after he left the tour.
    [+] Enlarge
    Pete Sampras and Roger Federer

    AP Photo/Kin Cheung

    Pete Sampras attacking style is not a blueprint Roger Federer sees often. Sampras beat the Swiss in an exhibition last November.

    “Pete’s obviously a guy you look up to, you respect for what he’s done,” said Haas, who has practiced a few times recently with Sampras on visits to Southern California and said Sampras still has one of the best serves in the game.

    “It’s nice to see him play some exhibitions with Roger and getting him back into the tennis world because he’s such an icon in the tennis world,” Haas said. “For us tennis players, he’s somebody we really look up to. Having a chance to talk to him every now and again is obviously great.”

    After staying away from the game in his first years of retirement, Sampras has been more involved recently, playing on the senior tour, World Team Tennis and exhibitions. Sampras will face Federer again at Madison Square Garden on March 10.

    Sampras held his own in the three matches he played against Federer in November. Federer won the first two matches before Sampras pulled out a 7-6 (8), 6-4 win in the final meeting on the fast indoor surface at the Venetian Macao arena. That generated talk about how good Sampras would be if he tried to make a comeback.

    “You hear a lot, but also it’s rough, you see a lot of stuff about how he’d step in and be top five right away, all that stuff,” Roddick said. “He wasn’t top five when he left the game. And you know, and it’s tough to imagine someone kind of sitting on the pine for three years or four years and coming back and being better. If anybody could pull it off, it’s probably Pete.”

    Sampras retired after winning his record 14th major title at the 2002 U.S. Open. It’s a mark that might not last long. Federer won his 12th Grand Slam title at last year’s U.S. Open and will be the favorite once again this summer at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

    Sampras figures it’s just a matter of time before the 26-year-old Federer passes him.

    “He’s young enough. He’s fresh enough. He’s not 30,” Sampras said. “Having a few years left, I see him doing it. But there are going to be a few guys that are going to push him. It’s just inevitable that he’s going to do it here in the next probably year.”

    Federer’s dominance has contributed to the struggles by American men in Grand Slam tournaments. Since Roddick won the U.S. Open the year after Sampras, no American man has won a major.

    The 17-slam drought matches the longest in the Open era. Ten times during that stretch, Federer knocked top Americans Roddick, Blake or Andre Agassi out in a slam, including four wins in the finals.

    Roddick has lost 11 straight matches against Federer since winning in Montreal in 2003. Blake has never beaten Federer, losing all eight meetings.

    Sampras said Roddick and Blake don’t have the all-around games like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic to be able to beat Federer.

    “Andy’s got the power but maybe doesn’t have the athletic ability, and someone like James, who has the athletic ability, but doesn’t have the power,” Sampras said. “It’s kind of a tough matchup for them, for both those guys.

    “Seems like James can stay with Roger. I just think they play similar games and Roger is a little bit better than James at it. And Roddick can overpower Roger at times, but at the same time doesn’t move well enough from the back court to really get into these exchanges, that someone like Djokovic can.”

    Michael Chang ended the previous drought with a win in the French Open in 1989. That was followed by other victories in Grand Slams by Sampras, Agassi and Jim Courier.

    The question is whether the upcoming Americans this time around like Sam Querrey, Donald Young and John Isner — all of whom will be in San Jose — can compete on the world stage.

    “It’s hard to predict,” Sampras said. “When I was 18-years old, 19, no one saw me doing anything really special in the game. Even I didn’t know what I was going to be doing. It all happened. So it’s hard to predict. It’s hard to see it. But we’re going to know shortly.”

    Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press

  25. Claire said

    Enjoyed listening to Pete Murray – I like his music but will listen again without looking at video.Thanks for sharing 🙂

  26. Jenny said

    Hi Jill,
    Certainly not boring. btw Congrats on your lottery draw, don’t forget your camera!

    Fav actor Robert de Niro – not for the gratuitous violence, although I did love his Travis Bickle character! but for his intense method acting acting style, Also I handle show dogs, although tennis has rather taken over, but we do foster the abused and unwanted when we can. Travel too, did work in tourist industry with other half.

  27. Claire said

    My fav actor is Matt Damon – Born Identity movies
    What happened in my part of the world today.
    Sat down,crocheted (that afgan is getting long) and watched tennis channel.
    1.Agassi’s life story – was teary eye on some of that.
    2. Federer’s acceptance of Laureus award. Mikra was next to him, planted a small kiss on her lips and headed off to accept the award. Federer’s parents were there also, Mirka has her hair dark – looks great!
    3 Some of Sharapova’s match – she look awfully thin!
    4.TP, I saw your “girlfriend” being interviewed. Isn’t she Anna Chur…! She is a cutiey and says her nickname is ACHUR
    (it’s first initial of first name plus first 4 letters of last name – not sure if last name is CHUR or CHAR?
    TP you should be more that happy that ACHUR said there is no time for dating!
    Hope you all had as great a day as me 🙂

  28. Dee said

    Oh, Claire,
    Looks like you are having a great time. I am so bored, nothing to do so I am reading every thing in tennis planet. All my family went to cricket. Sri Lanka/ Australia. They got a family ticket which includes 4 tickets. I still didn’t want to go. When I am off, I am off. Free beeze don’t work. So,I watched them packing food. Helped a bit( not much),Died my hair, did some washing MMM May be I’ll go shopping. They are open Till 9.30pm on Fridays. It’s raining so cricket people might even come home early.

  29. Louise said

    well ladies and gents im pretty new to the site, i have been coming on but never really spoke.
    but i tend to voice my opinion now 😀
    im 24 from the UK (i know jenny is) hehe.
    born and raised in great britian. i dont have kids yet, still young as i like to think.
    im a huge federer fan have been for yearsss.
    i also like nadal great sportsman and roddick he is hilarious, tbh i like alot of tennis players just djoker i dislike. sorry might just be me.
    i like to keep with the ladies on the tour, i see its mainly the mens that get the site’s attention. william sisters rock :D.
    well will leave it at that.

  30. Claire said


    Thanks for telling us about you. Was so happy to see someone else has posted here.:)

    What about the rest of you????

  31. Jenny said

    Thanks too Louise. Do you know when or if SKY are broadcasting Indian Wells?

  32. Katie said

    Hi Louise, and welcome! I like the women’s tour, too. Def a minority around here. Happy Birthday (a bit early). It’s nice to hear about you.

  33. Louise said

    hiya thanks. thought id join the ladies 😀 haha

    jenny, indian wells is being broadcasted on sky but not till sat night!
    how crap but thats like 2nd round for men i think, so not to bad better than nowt.
    i went through and searched the whole week for it. im off work this week too, so i thought great not interuptions for tennis. to good to be true.

  34. Claire said


    Did you post about your self? Couldn’t find it if you did.

  35. Jenny said

    Thanks Louise. I need to take a subs as I’m on cable. Have a lovely birthday by the way.

    C’mon gents, don’t be shy – where are you? Pommesdesuisse…?

  36. Louise said

    thank you very much 😀

  37. Katie said

    No, I haven’t Claire but guess I ought to. Let’s see…

    Married since 2000
    50 years old
    Favorite Tennis players – Federer, Santoro, Nalbandian, Nadal, Venus Williams, Jankovic Old guard – Agassi, Graf, Connors, Noah, Edberg, Navratilova
    What I do when I’m not on here – I paint pet portraits and equine art, also do house painting (interior work only unless it’s my house – I’d rather paint walls than pictures because I’m such a SLOW artist!!!) and I’m working on a screenplay (it’s not about goats and basements, but if the one I’m writing doesn’t ‘pop’, it’s nice to know I have a backup)
    Some favorite movies – True Romance, Pulp Fiction, The Barbarian Invasions, Talk to Her, anything by Pedro Almodovar, Bubba Ho-tep
    Favorite Actors – Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon,
    Some Favorite Books – Jazz by Toni Morrison, Midnight’s Children by Salmon Rushdie, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, The Assassins by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, A Man by Oriana Fallaci, anything by Philip Roth
    Music – very eclectic tastes Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (especially Mike Campbell’s mean guitar work), Lucinda Williams, Billie Holliday, White Stripes, Johnny Cash, (I have hundreds of favorite CD’s so I’ll stop)
    Love cooking and eating great food – motto: Life is too short to eat bad food.
    Some Favorite Painters – Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Joan Brown
    Love Quotes
    Will shut up now.

  38. Jenny said

    That’s great Katie, thank you. Btw I love Dylan and Cash too, also the Gypsy Kings especially the Nicolas Reyes vocals. Favourite painters Landseer, Degas.

  39. Claire said

    Thanks, enjoyed hearing about your life. You are the same age as me. I’m gonna check out your fav books. I finished that afgan (my son (11) is so cute-he sleeps with it every night) and now I’m switching to books. I’m reading the “Twilight” books by Stephenie Meyer. It’s really written for teen-age girls but my friends really liked it. They are great and a quick read.
    I love Meryl Streep especially the movie “River Wild”. People have said I look like her; my profile is similar to her’s.
    Fox Sports is televising I think basically all of Indian Wells,I’m so excited! Will you guys get to watch it also?

  40. Katie said

    Ooh, I love the Gipsy Kings, too! And Nicholas does have a great voice. Landseer’s work is beautiful – of course I’m rather partial to animal art having painted so much of it. Adore Degas. Claire, you’ll have to send TP a picture of your afghan to post – just tell him not to let the goats near it. Yes, we do get Indian Wells starting Saturday, and I’m so happy! By the way, you must be beautiful looking like Meryl Streep – such an aristocratic look she has.

  41. Anonymous said

    I wish I had your gift, Katie. Are you any good at painting goats! Seriously, have you considered the lucrative world of show dogs and cats? Each breed has it’s own club where you can get details from the AKC, we have our own Kennel Club here of course. Show people love having their champions immortalised, infact a friend of mine had 3 of her Shepherds painted some years ago and I wouldn’d like to tell you how much she paid!

    I found two nice links for you, you may already know them, so forgive the repeat. I’m sure TP won’t mind me posting – thanks TP!
    btw I have a print of ‘saved’ which I find beautiful.

  42. Jenny said

    I have a really nice print of Landseer’s ‘Saved’. I adore Labradors and Newfoundlands, although my preference is for blacks, this painting just moves me. Do you paint show dogs and cats? So glad you enjoy listening to Nicolas Reyes, that guy’s voice gives me goose-bumps!

    Meryl Streep, just great. You put me to shame finishing the afghan, it’s nice your son is enjoying it. I’m still ploughing through a tablecover.

  43. Claire said

    Only look like Meryl Streep from the side; we both pretty much have the same nose!

    I have 2 dogs – a Maltese (FiFi – my girl,I have 2 human sons!)
    In family portrait she came out the best! Photographer loved FIFi; perfect model! Also have a wild Maltapoo, Molly – unlike FiFi, Molly is not very lady like! 🙂

    I’m really nervious for Federer – not sure if I can watch the match without knowing the final score! The matches are shown in evening here – guess I’ll already know how Federer did! I’m kinda feeling Federer will come out charging (please)!

  44. Jenny said

    The Anonymous was me!

  45. Katie said

    No Jenny, I’ve not painted any show dogs or cats. I get some commissions from my website, but mostly from local people as I have a sign up.
    Your dogs sound adorable, Claire. The last commission I did was a little Maltese named Mikey. I’ve got an old (17) schipperkee named Margee, who’s my ‘baby’. I used to have a little Molly (australian terrier) but she’s gone to heaven.
    I agree about watching Federer. I don’t know how his parents do it – I’d be a basket case if he was my son! It’s bad enough an I don’t even know him. Watching that Tipsarevic match nearly did me in, so I’m grateful there’s no 5 setters this time.

  46. Jenny said

    Claire, Katie – your dogs sound fabulous.

    My Labradors went to Heaven some years ago too. I now have a Blue Merle Smooth Collie, a handsome boy, [the shorthaired version of the Rough Collie] and a completely bonkers white cat who isn’t deaf.

    Can’t wait for Indian Wells. Go Roger!

  47. bunnee said

    i am:

    * canadian
    * play some tennis
    * food: hazelnuts, strawberries, lambchops, zabaglione, sushi
    * music: rolling stones, the fall, sigur ros, ween, belle sebastian, gorky zygotic mynci, broken social scene, radiohead, apartments, the carpenters
    * actors: gary oldman
    * peeves: walmart (read “the walmart effect”), bush, people who say “funky”
    * fav tennis players: federer, gasquet, ferrer, youzhny, roddick, williams sisters, mauresmo, henin. use to watch borg, navritalova & becker & macenroe (thought post serve&volley tennis was boring, so stopped watching. until 2006… prior to wimbledon ’06, never even heard of nadal & federer. now i am all caught up. voraciously read everything i get my hands onto regarding the atp tour & federer. hey, i even know the jockstrap size of practically all top 100 players! (jk). have met federer, tursunov, djokovic, nadal, kohlschreiber
    * authors: hermann hesse
    * also like: painting, industrial design, nature, running, eckhart tolle, cycling, boardgames, reading, photography
    * don’t own: cellphone, car, pharmaceuticals, bandages, tv
    * have: new 24″ imac, nad & rotel stereo system, a simple life.
    * happy to see the sun rise & set

  48. Claire said

    HI Bunnee,

    Thanks for sharing your life with us.
    What’s the details of meeting the above mentioned players? I.E, autograph? Talked to them?, etc?

  49. Louise said

    lets see,

    – i think i have had chance to read through all the comments now. hard to remember it all though.
    seems im the baby of the group. all can mother me its fine 😀 hehe
    – i dont play tennis anymore, i used to in school and college but i was pretty rubbish so i stuck to just watching it.
    – watched tennis from says 2000. when i left school pretty much. been fan of federer from the start.
    – as i have watched it more over the years began to like more players nadal, roddick and ferrer
    – i work fulltime and like coming on the net for this site, roger federer site and ebay’s good.
    – nice to see other people like tennis as im pretty much the only one, as my family dont and none of my friends so hard to discuss the tennis side.
    – movies- al the bourne films are fantastic plus there might be a 4th :D, step up, oceans trilogy. rush hour aswell hilarious
    -music- i like updated music most, but i like whitney houston and micheal buble too.
    -actors- matt damon, chris tucker.
    – i have never been to watch tennis live, which is not good, but no one likes it to go with. but i do want to go to wimby one day it will be amazing.

    will update as i go on, dont want to bore all you at once. he

  50. Jenny said

    Thanks Bunnee and Louise for sharing.

  51. Katie said

    Good to hear about you Bunnee and Louise. I share your aversion to Walmart, Bunnee and have never been in one yet. (Pretty impressive seeing it’s the only retail store around for 50 miles, but I also share your less is more theory). Good computer and good music is key. Wish I could go to a tourney with you Louise, but I rarely go myself. For the first time today I bid on something on ebay and got it, so guess I’m getting au courant.

  52. Claire said


    LOVE Bourne moives and Matt Daman. After watching 1st movie I sent my son out (10pm ish) to get the 2nd and 3rd movie.(my son just got his liscense-great to sit home and not have to go out and get movies).
    So Louise, how old are you? About 28ish?
    Bunnee – i loved that you like the simple life – I think that’s what TP is telling us how to live, i.e. pretty recent post. Why do we need all the “stuff”. Another thing I like about Federer is they say he lives a fairly simple life.
    When you think about it most songs written, they aren’t about lost or lust for “things” but lost and lust for people!

  53. Brooke said

    Thanks for sharing, everyone.

    Claire, you’re so much more chill about driving than my parents were. I got my license a couple years back and they freaked (I’m not the best driver so it was for good reason, but still…..).

  54. Louise said

    Claire, i just turned 24. the baby
    yeah my step bro got me into Bourne they are good and matt daman is in it too. even better

    katie, aww lucky you i like ebay too.
    yeah will have to make friends on here to go tournys with.
    most people live in america on here?
    i know me n jenny are from UK.

  55. Claire said

    I live in Houston, Texas – originally from Buffalo,N.Y.
    Would love to meet all of you at Wimbleton?

    I’m pretty laid back but of course my son only gets to drive in a 5 mile radius (only kidding).

  56. Jenny said

    Lovely idea to meet at Wimbledon. Unfortunately I won’t be going, it’s such a hassle and you can never tell what the weather is doing, so I watch it on TV, not the same I know, but a lot easier and I can pick my courts. Here’s a link for you.

  57. Louise said

    yes we should all meet up for TP meeting haha
    TP you could come if you want?? 😛

  58. Claire said

    Where is Dee, or am I not seeing her posts?

  59. xargon said

    Well I am from Chicago and love Novak Djokovic. Before that I loved Sampras. On the female side, I like Ana and Jelena. Like Maria. I tend to like “eastern” Europeans. They are less spoiled.

  60. Dee said

    Hi Claire, I just started casual work.It’s very flexible. If my family needs me I can say ‘no’.(didn’t feel like skipping work to check TP. Ha!Ha!) I work 3days and the other 2 days do some volunteer work. Time to time I get to have a peek but miss a lot. I’ve got the Easter break so I’ll have some more time.Thanks. Dee

  61. Jenny said

    Welcome to the family Xargon!

  62. Brooke said

    Thanks for sharing, Xargon.

  63. Tanya said

    Well, let’s see what we have here… hi!

    I’m Tanya, 32, Russian, a freelance editor and translator. I loved tenns since appr. 1998 (my faves then were Rios and Seles), but I didn’t watch it much then, because there really weren’t much opportunities (GS quarterfinals-finals on tape delay was everything that I was getting in those times). Now I have a satellite dish, a DVR, and I can watch and rewatch to my heart’s content. How the times have changed!

    Now I have more faves that I could shake a stick at: Safin, Youzhny, Gasquet, Djokovic, Baghdatis, Gonzalez, Kohlschreiber, Meltzer, Almagro, and probably a few more whom I forgot to mention. On the ladies’ side it’s Henin, Mauresmo and Kuznetsova (sometimes), but I really don’t pay much attention to the women’s game except for the latter stages of Slams. I have to say that I really dislike Nadal and Murray, so you know which grains of salt to take me with.

    I have a hubby and a 5-year old son. I used to play tennis, over 10 years back, but don’t anymore, because it’s too expensive over here. Beside tennis, I like reading SF and fantasy (a big fan of Tolkien and George RR Martin). I learn German in my spare time.

    I’m not big on movies, but from the latest I liked “Alatriste”, “Pan’s Labyrinth”, “1418” and “Assassination of Jesse James”. I agree with Louise that the Bourne movies are fantastic, watched Ultimatum in the theater and was blown away. I hope they’ll do a fourth.

    Favourite drink: coffee, tv show: Heroes, colour: green, season: autumn. Favourite person in the world: my son.

    So, hi again, nice to meet you, folks!

  64. Brooke said

    Nice to meet you too, Tanya! I don’t think there’s any other Russian poster on this site, but I could be wrong. Not a Murray fan either. I haven’t heard of any of those movie lol

  65. Louise said

    hiya tanya! yeah the bournes are fantastic. there is meant to be a forth but will be a long time yet.

  66. Jenny said

    Hi Tanya, thanks for sharing. Glad you appreciate Gonzalez, thought it was just me and Jill!

  67. Tanya said

    Thanks ladies. 🙂

    Brooke, I’d highly recommend all those movies, especially “Alatriste” and “Pan’s Labyrinth”. The first one is a historical drama about a 17th century Spanish soldier/mercenary – very historically accurate and moving, and the other one is also Spanish – a crossover of a dark fairytale with the story of Franco’s wars. Really excellent atuff.

    Thanks for the welcome Louise and Jenny.

    Jenny, I do like Gonzalez, and also I forgot to mention Coria. Was a massive fan of his back in the day, and still hope that he’ll somehow manage to pull himself together. Really awesome game that guy had.

  68. Jenny said

    Tanya, D’accord re Coria!! What a clay artist he was, I’m still hoping too, I don’t know, he seems so fragile. Btw I like Youzhny. I dont like Murray either, but what do you think of his tennis?

  69. Jenny said

    PS Tanya, do you think Gonzo should go it alone now? I think Stefanki has been great with the consistency, but is he being reined in too much? Would be interested in your thoughts, thanks.

  70. Katie said

    Hi Xargon and Tanya! I’m a huge fan of Russian literature, and love reading about Russia. My favorite sounding word is “Vladivostok” (is it as beautiful as it sounds?) and I love the names and patronymics. What a great country – they say even the taxi drivers can recite poetry. True? Love Pushkin, too.
    I’ve never been to Chicago Xargon, but would love to go to the Chicago Institute of Art someday.

  71. Claire said

    Hi, glad to hear from you. We are on spring break also, I substitute teach so my schedule is flexible also. I’m an accountant but gave that up for a schedule that coincides with my son’s schedule.
    Tanya, great to hear from you, such interesting people post here. What does you hubby say about your son being your fav person in the world? I remember my hubby eating breakfast with a picture of our 2 month old son in front of him; I said did you do that when we were 1st married? 🙂 We had a hard time getting pregnant so my hubby and I hold out 2 sons on a pretty high pedistal (sp).
    I’m starting to write down all your fav books and movies for future reference (for when I’m not watching tennis). 🙂

  72. Tanya said

    Jenny, I can’t stand Murray’s tennis, that’s my problem with him. He plays (usually) like a cowardly chickenshit pusher, and i think his talent is greatly exaggerated by the press. He irks me. Re: Gonzalez, I honestly think hiring or firing Stefanki or anyone else won’t help or hinder him, he operates on his own terms. His run in 2006-early 2007 wasn’t due to Stefanki, he just caught a wind. He’s like Safin in that regard.

    Jenny, I can honestly say that not one taxi driver has ever recited poetry to me. I think it’s just a myth. I’ve never been to Vladivostok, but it’s a very beautiful city. My сhildhood friend lives there and it’s like half the world away. The name means literally “Hold the East”.

    Claire, hubby doesnt’t mind. He’s eactly like that. The Lil’one’s our treasure.

  73. Jenny said

    Thanks for the response Tanya. You see, I thought it was just me and my bias, because I don’t like Murray’s tennis either and think his talent is exaggerated too. Good to hear your opinion. Let’s hope Gonzo gets the wind beneath his wings again!

  74. Brooke said

    Aw, all this talk of kids makes me want a baby.

  75. Lucy said

    Hello there, my name is Lucy, and I’m from Brisbane, Australia, at uni. I support my favourite tennis players quite fanatically…Safin, Federer and Baghdatis…and I think watching them play on TV and digging my nails nervously into my skin swaying back and forth will somehow make them play better.
    British TV is really bloody fantastic and always good for a laugh: One Foot in the Grave, Father Ted,Dad’s Army, Black adder, Keeping Up Appereances…Midsomer Murders, Miss Marple, Doctor Who. Also love Cat Stevens (yusuf islam)…ha!
    Well, all you guys on this forum seem pretty darn cosy! May I say Australia is producing some absolutely terrible tennis ‘talents’ at the moment…Lleyton Hewitt is just the pits, really, and that’s not being unpatriotic.
    Hmmm… Nadal makes me laugh, he is a tad is Uncle Toni…and Djokovic is just too much, can’t stand him (but that is pretty much the consensus)…Ivanovic is gorgeous…and Serena is pretty hilarious.
    Jim Courier who does commentary for the AO is the worst! GO FEDERER…

  76. Jenny said

    Thanks Lucy, just great.

    “British TV is really bloody fantastic and always good for a laugh: One Foot in the Grave, Father Ted,Dad’s Army, Black adder, Keeping Up Appereances…Midsomer Murders, Miss Marple, Doctor Who. Also love Cat Stevens (yusuf islam)…ha!”

    Oh! Cat Stevens, love the guy! Actually we played his version of Morning has Broken at my mother’s funeral. Those wonderful old British comedies. Some of my colleagues call me ‘Hyacinth’, I promise I’m not really like that and she’s older than me, but sometimes I can do a good impersonation when I’m in the mood! Dad’s Army – hilarious, and Miss Marple HAS to be Joan Hickson for me. I don’t mind Jim Courier, but then he doesn’t do commentary here.

  77. Claire said

    Hi Lucy,

    Welcome to “about you” 🙂
    I think I’ll post a summary of all your posts. Sounds like I have too much time on my hand but maybe not and the above may take some time but would be neat to have everyone’s info in one spot. It’s fun to read your posts and then read what you wrote about youself here!
    I think Federer will come around by the next GS. Hope he doesn’t end up playing Isner (Miami), that scares me! Any other thoughts on the 2 guys Federer will potentially play?

  78. Brooke said

    Aw too bad you’re not a Courier fan, Lucy. He’s a sweet guy. Sorry that that’s the only thing I commented on, but I don’t know much about British TV. Thanks for posting!

  79. Lucy said

    Thanks, you guys are very welcoming… have read many of your posts on tennis and you all seem quite objective when dicussing each player’s abilities. Jenny, Morning Has Broken is a very beautiful song, it is sad though that the Cat Stevens ‘era’ is over. Love Fed no matter what, but I said if he lost to Djok in the semi-final of the AO he will win Roland Garros…(that was when he was already 2-0 sets down in that game – but hey!)

  80. Adrian said

    jaja, OK, sorry!! I hadn’t written about myself because I had been lazy and because I had written about myself in one or two posts here and there… but I guess people won’t go looking after my posts here and there to find out about me, right? So I’d better write a little bit right here…

    I’m a 29 year old guy from Mexico… have been living in the U.S. for the past 10 years, studying and working, mainly in economics research. I have always looooved tennis although, weirdly enough, I only started playing LAST SUMMER (yes, you read that right)… I’d say that all of my friends who are tennis fans are either very good players themselves or they at least have played and are able to hit the ball around… but before last summer I had only grabbed a racquet once before when I was like 14 and I went to my friend’s club in Mexico, and we swam, and played basketball, and played football… and yes, played “tennis” also.

    And I should also say that TODAY was a beautiful day here in New Haven, where I live right now, and it was the first day we hit the tennis courts!! 🙂

    Other than that, I started playing squash about 3 years ago and I love it too!! I like to run, and watch movies, play the piano, and just hang out with friends. Traveling is one of my huge passions, I just went to Finland, Estonia, and India in December-January… then Chiapas, Mexico for spring break… and now I’ll be teaching in Tokyo this coming summer and then working in Mexico City… so I’m pretty excited about that…

    what else??? Can’t wait for the clay season to start… I’m applying for tickets for the RG mens’ semis and final, and if I get them, I don’t know how I’ll afford to go to France, but I’ll somehow get there to see Roger win his 13th slam!!!!!!!! jaja

    Aaaaand, as I told TP recently, I loove this site and this community and I love it that we write and read about tennis all the time!!! jajaja that’s great!! and it’s really cool to read each others’ responses and start recognizing each others’ names after a while…

    Anyway, ’nuff said!! Buenas noches, amigos! jaja

    • bunnee said

      have u read “confessions of an economic hitman”? his followup book “secret history…” is outstanding too…

      you’ve some good interests…

  81. avidtennisfan73 said

    Hi Everybody,
    I guess it’s time to introduce myself. I’ve been coming to this site since January, and I’m addicted!! It really does feel like a family in here. Of course I’m an insanely-obsessed Federer fan, that’s why I like it here. I also enjoy Nadal, Ferrer, Youzny, Blake, and Marat (hope he gets back into form), but Fed is my #1 boy. Anyway, about me, I’m 34, single, and live in NYC. I went to my first tennis tourney during the US Open 07, can’t wait to go this year. I played tennis in high school and a little in college. Surprisingly, I haven’t played much since then, but really looking to get back into it again.

    Anyways, I like coming here and reading everyone’s comments. For the most part, the comments are very eloquent and thoughtfully written.

    I’m not much for words, but if anyone has any questions, I would be happy to answer them..

  82. Jenny said

    Welcome to the family Avidtennisfan73! Nice to have you on board. Question – boy or girl?

  83. Adrian said

    Avidtennisfan73 — hearing that you are in NY made me think that we should all plan to go to the US Open together this year (I’m in New Haven and go there every year)… that would be weird, I think, but lots of fun… don’t know who else is in the area tho…

  84. Brooke said

    I welcome all y’all too!

  85. avidtennisfan73 said

    Thanks Jenny, Adrian, Dee and Brooke for the warm welcome! Jenny, to answer your question, I’m a girl 🙂 Adrian, I think arranging to meet each other at tennis tourneys is a great idea, all the more as we all share the same passion. Good luck with the RG tickets, hope you get them.

  86. Dalia said

    Well hey everyone! i recently ran into this great website by accident when i was searching for something and i got pretty addited to it!
    well my name is Dalia and i’m form Cairo, Egypt. I am 17 years old, freshman student at Misr international University attentding Oral and dental medicine (which some of you know it as dentistry school)
    Anyways i got iinterested in playing tennis when i was in middle school but i had to stop since i was in the swimming team but after i quit swimming i went back to playing tennis in highschool but it didnt last for long (you know school work can sometimes be exhausting!) However i started watching tennis from exactly one year ago after my dad explained to me how the pionts and rules work, it was Roland Garros 2007 and i imidiately loved Rafael Nadal and i an a fan till now. I am so glad to be part of this website and i think its a great effort done by Tp and i hope it lasts forever.

    My favorite players are Rafael Nadal and Ana Ivanovic but i also fully respect and admire Federer’s game and manners, he is a great player but i am a Rafa fan! lol

    I love alot of movies so its kind of difficult for me to choose a favorite one but i love Lord of the rings, troy, white chicks, the departed, step up, lucky number slevin, titanic along with a whole bunch of movies from many genres.

    My favorite music is Rock, Pop,, and all the things that falls into this category, i also love some classic music like Kenny Rogers and Frank Sinatra (what a variet!!)

    Favorite Sports are Tennis, Swimming and Basktball. Well us Egyptians fell in love with footbal(soccer) and its a natural thing even if u dont reaaly love the game u still watch some games, cheer for a team and we are known of our increadible sense of humor and we put the vibe in any match (by this mean cheering in any match)

    Favorite TV shows: Heroes, The O.C., CSI, Gilmore girls, that 70’s show, friends, still standing, 8 simple rules, the simpsons and many many other. as i said before i am a huge tv addict.

    so i guess thats it you are probably bored by now hehe…all is left is,
    “Vamos Rafa, King of Clay”

  87. Jenny said

    Welcome to the family Dalia!! We all respect each other no matter who we support, and Rafael has a great deal of respect and following here. Always ask if you have any questions, we’re all here to help if we can.

  88. Dee said

    Hi Dalia, Thanks for taking the time. I love Gilmore girls, How do you like the ending of it?
    Try to keep up with your sports. study well. I have a daughter and she stopped most of her sports and I wish she didn’t but she couldn’t fit them in with her studies. I am sure you’d like Gulbis too. Have you watched any of his matches?

  89. Claire said

    Hi Dalia,

    Great to hear from you. I love to read everyone’s life story. After becoming more informed and seeing how Nadal presents himself, I have come to really like him. So, I’m there with you about being a Nadal fan (of course Federer will always be my #1 favorite).
    I also am a big Frank Sinatra fan. 🙂

  90. Brooke said

    Hey Dalia! Yay someone close to my age : )

  91. Dalia said

    thanks everyone for the welcome 🙂
    and Dee i watched Gulbis’ match yesterday against Djoko and yes i liked him alot..about gilmore girls they are airing now season 5 so i didnt get to the ending yet so dont spoil it lol
    and i will go back to play tennis after i am done with my final exams which will end on the 15th of this month so wish me luck..again thanks alot

  92. Dalia said

    Hey Brooke i’m glad you are here too

  93. Dalia said

    just a small question…what is “your comment is awaiting moderation” thingy ????

  94. Brooke said


    All of our comments are screened by TP before they can be posted, so it says that it’s “awaiting moderation” until he reads them. I heard they may make a Gilmore Girls movie.

  95. Dalia said

    Thanks alot Brooke…Gilmore Girls movie!! that’s interesting

  96. jaylee said

    Hello Just stumbled to this site when looking for wimbledon converage. Very entertaining.

    I love tennis! Have attempted to play for 30 years but have a disabiltiy. My face, knees, elbows seem to connect with the racket before the ball. Oh well, I live on the canadian border and we have about 3 weeks of court time before the snow flies, so I don’t beat myself up too much. Looking forward to reading comments during the 2008 Wimbledon season. Go NADEL!!!!


  97. Brooke said

    Hi Jaylee!

  98. Dalia said

    Hey Jaylee! hope you like it here…yup Vamos Rafa

  99. Jenny said

    Welcome Jaylee!

  100. Dee said

    Hi Jaylee, Perfect timing.Wimbledon!!! (One of my sisters lives in Canada.) So, Please browse through and you’ll see where the restrooms, the kitchen, tea and coffee are. What I meant was just feel at home.

  101. Claire said


    Let’s get together and play tennis – I think we would be evenly matched! 🙂 🙂 Must admit I actually feel on the court looking at the ball I threw in the air to serve – I threw the ball behind me and there you go I looked up and bent my head back to look at the ball and oops i go down!!

    Welcome – what a great time to join the gang here 🙂

  102. jaylee said


    Is your insurance premium paid up? I was shagging balls for my son and husband and twisted my ankle. I don’t even need to be playing to blow the game. My son (20) is pretty decent player but gets to play at his college which has indoor courts. When I play with him, that is, when I give him something to laugh at, i do a little better becuz he makes allowances for me.

    Right now I am watching the “talking heads” on ESPN2. It’s 8a.m. I wish they would stop talking and start showing some tennis. I think Venus is getting ready to go on centre court so gotta watch. Then get some housework done and go to work. Thanks for the welcome all…what fun to have someone to discuss the games with…it is a great time to join the gang…jaylee

  103. Tiltil said

    I dont know how to start!
    TP, can you please delete the previous post?
    1. I didnt post it.
    2. It’s mostly trash except for a few things such as
    my name and that I am a huge tennis fan.

    Actually, Ive been visiting your site for quite a long time now!
    But never really spoke…You see Im more of a listener type.

    Anyways, I have a wicked cousin bro, just a year younger to me. And it is him who saw this site a few days back and thats because I showed him! Today I was browsing through the site and he was disturbing me. When I was about to close, he requested to check the mails!
    He went home after that and told me what he actually did!

    Now you might as well ignore any other posts from Tiltil, coz this is the first time I am writing something here!

    One more thing, TP, can you tell me if that person has given my email id or not?
    He told me he didnt but I just dont believe him!

    PS: Funny I am also using this as he did, did you notice the way the joker spelled ‘peak’?

  104. Deep South Girl said

    Brooke (#5): I hope you got in to the college you wanted.

    BTW, where do you go?

  105. Deep South Girl said

    I see I need to expand a bit on my life” Hmmmmm…..
    Favorite movies: Y tu Mama Tambien;Long Way Around;Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola’s version);Brassed Off; Little Me;The Queen;In the Name of the Father;Tsotsi;The Chorus;The History Boys;Hotel Rwanda;The Last King of Scotland; Motorcycle Diaries. Evil under the Sun; and Death on the Nile.I adore movies.
    Favorite season: Fall and Winter.
    Favorite jewels: Pearls
    Favorite Cities or places: Santiago; Paris (actually, all of France);The Cotswolds; Barcelona; Mallorca; Montserrat;San Sebastian; (actually, all of Spain); Tuscany; Patagonia; Maui; Middleburg, Virginia; New York; and Saint John and Virgin Gorda. I can’t pick a favorite.Travel and reading are my favorite things to do.
    Where I would love to go: Antarctica and Nepal
    Favorite books: Many, many (some standouts throughout my life have been: That Quail Robert;Half-Magic; The Moffatt books by Eleanor Estes; Treasure Island; Charlotte’s Web; Robin Hood; Then later: Scaramouche; any Princess Diana
    book;In the Hills of God; Serpentine; David Baldaci books; Peter
    Mayle books;
    Favorite T.V.: Midsomer Murders; Foyle’s War; All Things Bright and Beautiful series (that also belongs in my favorite books); Project Runway; Hell’s Kitchen; Cash Cab;The Dog Whisperer.
    I’m tired now–I’ll continue later.

  106. Claire said

    Deep South Girl,

    Haven’t checked here in a long time. Thanks so much for telling us about yourself. 🙂

    I have been in a mood for reading so I’ll pick up some of the one’s you mentioned.

    I love reading your posts! 🙂

  107. Deep South Girl said

    Thanks, Claire. You know, my nose is always in a book and I have a hard time remembering the names, but I get a list up of my very favorites amd post them either here or in your mailbox!!

    I’ll continue with some favorite things: Music: Celtic,almost any baroque,choral music is a passion,the folk music of different countries.No rap, no hip-hop, no soul music. I love good jazz and my fave players are Herbie Mann, Horace Silver Quintet (Song for My Father)any samba or bossa nova. Yum.

    More later.

  108. Claire said

    Deep South Girl,

    I looked for Peter Mayle books; would you suggest any of these over the other:
    Anything Considered
    A Good Year
    Hotel Pastes : A Novel of Provence

    They all looked good to me. 🙂

  109. Deep South Girl said

    Hi Claire–
    AS THE FIRST BOOK i WOULD RECOMMEND “A Year in Provence,” then “A Good Year,” then there is another one -I don’t recall the name but it’s something like “Eating Your Way across France,” The n there is one (again I don’t remember the title but it was a dog’s life in France (life as seen from a dog’s perspective.
    Now the other two are a different kind of read. And I loved them both.In both of them the protagonist has adventures.
    There is another book entitled something like ‘The best of Everything”–he probably had a contract commitment so to satisfy the publisher he wrote a book on the best name brands, finest cigars, the best cashmere, etc.

    (Even if you’ve seen the movie version of “A Year in Provence” go ahead and read the book as it is (as always) so much better than the book)

  110. Claire said

    Deep South Girl,

    I’ve started to read “A Year in Provence” and really like it.
    Thanks for the recomendations. 🙂 :).
    I’m so happy to wake up and know I have a great book to fill my time til TMC starts!! 🙂

    PS I’ll leave messages in your mailbox from now on.

  111. aey said


    Nice to know that Charlotte’s web is your favorite, I love the book, movies, and travel as well. One more thing – FOOD 🙂

    Cities are always favorite : Tokyo, Seattle, SF , Hongkong, NewYork, Barcelona
    Whistler, Edinburgh, Maldives (oh, it’s my heaven)

    place will never forget : Zion (walking up the river), don’t know what to explain

  112. aey said

    Hi, all

    would like to introduce more about myself, after years visiting the site, and smiling while reading all TP and your guys’ post.

    My name is aey , Living in Bangkok, Thailand. practising Architect and then decorators been tennis fan from william sister, off course Paradorn srichaphan , and my fovorite is Federer, murray, Simon, ivanovic ( she’s cute)

    As mention eatlier post, love movies (Gattaka, truth about cats and dogs, almost all Pixar-dreamwork animations, tom hanks kind of movies too), looking for any movies that make me cry , any recommend ?

    books -harry potter’s ( first 3 book kept me in the couch 3 days and nights), Dan brown, Some of Grisham’s.

    House MD., almost all sitcom, Gangs series ie sex& the city, entourage , British TV would be Hustle, and Coupling (LOVE IT)

    didn’t play any sport continously, but fan of Tennis , Golf ,basketball ( jordan’s Era), plan to many tennis tournament , but not yet success. (Thai people are all about english soccer, none of my friend really a tennis fan (so sad)

    So glad that I found this site. it’s so relaxing reading all the post. Hope TP keep the site for good.

  113. Jenny said

    Hi there, Aey – welcome!

  114. bigfish said

    Hello Aey!! Welcome. I am too originally from S.E. Asia. I have loved tennis before I knew anything about tennis. Hope you continue posting.

  115. Deep South Girl said

    Hi Aey—I’m so glad you wrote about yourself. When I read the posts, in my mind’s eye I visualize the writer. I don’t do it deliberately but it’s the first thing thast pops into my mind.

    I’ll have to check out Gattaka and The Truth about Cats and Dogs.

    The post you wrote about Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic is still my favorite post.

  116. aey said

    Hi jenny, Bigfish, and Deep south girl

    Thanks for your warm welcome.

    Bigfish – Nice to know that you’re also from S.E.Asia. and love the same sport.

    DSG- I love your post as well, and really enjoy the last one about the court recording. LOL

  117. claire said

    Hi Aey,

    Glad you told us about yourself. 🙂
    I LOVE House MD!!! There is a House marathon on Thanksgiving Day.

  118. bluechyll said

    Hey TP and fellow tennis fans!

    My name’s Lucy, I’m 16 and I live in Australia.

    I am a big big big tennis fan and I think that it’s the best sport ever invented.

    My favourite hobbies are playing the piano and, of course, watching tennis. My all time favourite player is Roger Federer and I believe he truly is the GOAT in the tennis world, not to mention the fact that he also happens to possess one of the hottest physiques known to man 🙂 My least favourite player is Djokovic, what a pain is the a** , if you don’t mind my saying 😛
    Favourite female player is Maria Sharapova 🙂

    I mostly enjoy watching men’s tennis although I do watch the occasional women’s match if it’s playing. Unfortunately, the only time I can watch live matches is during the Australian Open in January as that’s the only tournament that plays on TV besides the occasional Wimby or US open match, although to watch those means hauling myself out of bed at 3.00am in the morning, not a joyful experience I must say 🙂

    I do play some tennis myself, although I have only been learning for a year and a half. I wish I’d started earlier because I love it so much!
    Apart from tennis and the piano I enjoy watching movies, my favourite movie would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean. I also love listening to music, my favourite artists are James Blunt, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and so many others that it would take me forever to list them all 🙂 My favourite TV shows are 24, Heroes, House, Black Books and Green Wing. My favourite book is Harry Potter.

    Okay, that’s about it!

    Sorry in advance for all the tears of boredom I may have caused 😀

  119. Claire said

    Hi Bluechyll (Lucie),

    Thanks for telling us about yourself. I believe Dee lives in Australia. Maybe you are neighbors? 🙂

    I have recently got hooked on “House”. I really like Hugh Laurie (isn’t that the guy who plays House?)

    Looking forward to more of your posts regarding tennis,etc.

  120. Deep South Girl said

    Loved reading about you, Bluechyll. I too don’t enjoy womens tennis but Sharapova is my favorite. I LOVE the commercials she does with Dolce, her Pomeranian.

    It seems I am the only poster who dislikes—and I mean REALLY dislikes–House, M.D.

    To update my info a bit:
    I loved all of Phillipa Gregory’s books. And for chick-lit I adore Sophie Kinsella. Helen McInnes books, all books by Trevanian. I love to get lost in dictionaries and “Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations.”

    Oops! My must-see-t.v. is coming on: “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Can you BELIEVE those women?????

  121. Jenny said

    Hi Bluechyll [Lucy]. Welcome to the family! So nice to hear about you, not boring at all.

  122. Deep South Girl said

    Please tell me about your name—it seems to mean “Lucy” but I don’t know how.

    BTW I guess you all know that Hugh Laurie was one of the main characters in “Black Adder” and I loved him in that.

  123. Stella said

    Hello All.
    I’ve been fascinated by this site since I discovered it by accident a few months ago. It seems that there is quite a family here.
    I’m Stella, born in N Ireland. moved to Kent , England when I was 12. i’ve alwaysbeen a tennis fan — learnt to play by hitting against the garage door. volleys were too dangerous so I am a baseliner mostly. I’ve adored the fortnight of wimbledon for as long as I can remember. As a kid I always rooted for Billie jean.
    After university my husband and I decided to live in Canada for a few years, and do a bit of travelling. Well, 33 years later we are still here, and now are canadian citizens.
    i play tennis every chance i get, social stuff, leagues, tournaments — am thinking that I should play seniors stuff soon but am not ready really to admit it yet.
    I love playing and watching tennis and reading about it. i go to tournaments whenever I can, Wimbledon, Eastbourne, US Open, Family circle, Indian Wells, montreal.
    My fav of all time was Edberg — sad day in our household when he hung up the racquet. Also love Fed, Gonzales, Simon, Jankovic, Ivanovic, lindsay, Tipsy, Mauresmo, Justine, Kim,

  124. Stella said

    got cut off before I finished —- hate to watch either williams, Shriekopova, roddick, Agassi and am really not too fond of Nadal.
    Fav hobbies other than tennis are gardening, crafts, reading.
    love English TV that we sometimes get in Canada eg Mr Bean, Blackadder, Porridge, Two Ronnies, old stuff like Morecambe and Wise, . I like quizzes such as Eggheads.
    Was a travel agent but have just retired so am enjoying planning trips for myself at last.
    Favourite places are S Carolina (Hilton Head and Charleston) Cook Islands, Switzerland, Greece and Canada.
    thats about it. i’ll keep enjoying this site and will like it even more if there are ever any Edberg photos

  125. Claire said

    I love gardening 🙂 I live in Houston,Texas and it’s a challenge to get things to grow in summer months.

  126. Stella said

    Claire , I’d love to trade .
    I have no trouble with the summer months. Its the winter that I have problems with. Last winter we had a total of 14 feet of snow fall. Its only day one of winter so far and we’ve got a couple of feet of white stuff on the ground and its been minus 15C.

  127. Cf said


    I’ve been reading this blog since… i found it somewhere..on google

    i have posted/commented on this site for sometime…you may remember that i asked tp for hot and cute federer pics for my birthday but I’ve never done this before…

    I love watching tennis..Actually I love watching federer- that’s how i started. tennis was the only sport i bothered to make sure i didnt miss. really, federer used to be almost the only person in sports i watched. Sure, i watched other ppl too… His opponents. (=..anyway, that was last time…Now i watch anyone good..not women though,only men..

    ok, about Me..hobbies-I love reading , wasting time,eating , playing the piano, watching TV,sleeping ,using the computer, going to movies…
    I love shows like- House MD,Heroes,Grey’s Anatomy, The O.C,Chuck,CSI,Friends, Spongebob, Madagascar,the Simpsons,certain cartoons,Iron man, Pirates of the Caribbean, E! News when I’m bored- i usually like it when they show celebrities in their normal its not like they are any different then us..they are ppl too…
    I read Michael Crichton, Sidney Sheldon, I love the inheritance cycle,some chick-lit books, twilight, and many many many many many more…
    Music-too many to list.
    Places-I love going on holidays – who doesn’t? ,I love going to cold places like in the autumn or winter…sounds impossible to some ppl rite??-loving the cold..

    so sorry for wasting a few minutes of your life reading this…or if u read fast, half a minute =)

  128. Jenny said

    Welcome Cf – thank you for sharing a little bit about you. lol I don’t know so much about the cold weather, we’re minus degrees here in the UK, no snow and not nice.

  129. Deep South Girl said

    Rick–I looked for your mailbox but the address was “Ricke” and I didn’t want to mis-send it. Thank you so much for your very kind response. I have to leave now, but I wanted to tell you I appreciated what you said. So I’ll write more later.

  130. Claire said

    nice to hear from you. What’s your age?

  131. Anonymous said

    Can anybody tell me which pair of players has played the most head to head major finals in the open era?

    Fed v. Nadal have done 7 tangos thus far. It seems like a lot…


  132. monique said

    I just introduced myself for the 2nd time and it is not showing.

  133. Jenny said

    Hi Monique! Still problematic for you, sorry to hear it. Try changing your name, say adding a figure. First posts will go to moderation, but it might resolve the problem, just a guess. Maybe add your info as a comment in your own mailbox and then TP can sort it from there if you ask him.

  134. Joolz said

    After having read this blog for a while and now posted some comments…

    I’m Julia or Joolz.
    I was born in Venezuela but grew up and still live in Germany. I work as a freelance translator and sing in an alternative rock band.
    Colour – black
    Music – from Donizetti to Beethoven and Tchaikovsky to Astor Piazolla to Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails
    Films – the classic screwball comedies (Hepburn/Grant), Gone With The Wind, L.A. Confidential, Memento, Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Y Tu Mama Tambien and I love everything, whether movie or TV, from Monty Python
    TV – Black Adder, Six Feet Under, and all the BBC & ITV literature adaptations/costume dramas my sister, who lives in England, is nice enough to send me
    Books – Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace; Shakespeare, Byron, Shelley & Keats, Emily Bronte, Dorothy Parker, Chuck Palahniuk, Michel Faber, T.C. Boyle, Neil Gaiman
    My love for tennis began back in 1985 with the Wimbledon final and Boris Becker. I lost interest in the late 90s, I’d only watch the odd match now and then if I happened to come across it on TV. Got hooked again in 2005.
    Former favourites: Becker and Ivanisevic
    Favourite: Nalbandian… I guess it’s more than a current preference if you keep a blog about a certain player, and that’s what I do, it’s called “Vamos David”
    Other players I like to watch: Nadal, Djokovic, Gonzalez, Ferrer, Tsonga, Cilic, Berdych, Zverev and many more… (but I don’t watch WTA)
    I’ve never watched tennis live but that’ll change next month when I’ll go to Vienna. (Of course I bought those tickets the day David committed to play the tournament… But still, I’m really looking forward to it.)

    • Jenny said

      Welcome to the Planet, Joolz! I Enjoyed reading your profile, and it’s good to have another Nalbandian fan on board. You have two of my favourites in your ‘watchable’ list too. Like you, I enjoy watching other players as well.

      • Joolz said

        Thanks Jenny. Am I right in thinking that those two favourites of yours on my list might be Spaniards? But yeah, I like watching all kinds of players. I’ll basically watch whatever match I can find the time and a stream for. 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Apologies for not responding sooner, Joolz. It gets so busy on this site, I forget to go back and check, so I hope you find my response. My faves are Fed, Nalby, Ferrer and Gonzalez, so I tend go the extra mile for them. Other than that I enjoy a good competitive match without an overwhelming number of aces which drives me potty.

      • Jenny said

        Btw, You’ll need to ask TP if you want a mailbox, it is useful. Maybe we might not miss each other.

    • Sergeant said

      If I remember correctly, talking about you is another way of receiving a mailbox automatically. In these cases, TP gives you a mailbox and includes your info on it.

      I like some of Astor Piazolla’s tangos very much! … but I llllllove the music from your country of origin! El Diablo Suelto – Guitar Music of Venezuela, performed by John Williams is one of my favorite albums of all time.

      • Sergeant said

        Oh, and welcome to the Planet, Joolz!

      • Jenny said

        Hi, Sergeant, At one time, mailboxes used to be somewhat automatic, but I think TP now prefers a poster to request one themselves. I believe possibly because many posters on the original mailbox list do not post to our site anymore. This was a point I believe Dee made, and I backed her, on another thread.

      • Sergeant said

        Good idea, Jenny. With such a large floating population on this Tennis Planet, that was a smart move.

      • Joolz said

        Thanks, Sergeant.
        Though I have to admit that I’m no expert when it comes to Venezuelan music. To put it nicely… But it’s good to hear that you also like Piazolla. 🙂

        Jenny, I guess having a mailbox would be useful. Though I don’t post here all that often and therefore, I’m not really sure whether I “deserve” one. I mean, you’ve seen that you can contact me via my blog, right? Or post there, if you like.

  135. UM17 said

    So I’ve decided that I’ve given enough of my life to this site that I deserve a little recognition, and figured I should give TP enough time to get my birthday pics in order:

    It’s December 4th (same as Marisa Tomei & Tyra Banks), and I want some really funny ones. I’m a fan of the top guys (you can leave Murray out) and want to see them looking truly goofy. Thanks TP! 🙂

    So about me:
    – Currently live in Miami – just got here a few months ago and am really looking forward to the Sony Ericsson!
    – I’m a graduate student in it for the long haul…
    – Just picked up a racket about 3 years ago, but am clearly obsessed with tennis. When I was a kid my parents made me go to tennis camp about twice but I was horrible at it and hated every minute – having better luck this time around! 🙂
    – Apart from the obvious (Roger, Rafa) I’m a fan of most players who show grit when up against a big dog. I like Simon cuz he’s short and nimble, JMDP because I can’t believe he can actually run, and used to despise Djokovic but like his new, mature direction. Also love Safina when she’s not going to pieces.
    – Love to cook and read cookbooks.
    – Was always a big skier, but I’ll have to find something else to do with my “winter” down here…
    – Love to travel and to learn new languages and perfect the ones I know!

    That’s probably enough. Toodles!

    • Jenny said

      Hi UM17. I must admit when I played tennis as a teen, I didn’t enjoy it, probably because I was useless at it. I like gritty players too. LOL You think Simon is short?! What is your special cookery dish? What are you studying? Thank you for sharing ‘about you’ with us.

      • UM17 said

        Simon’s not short in the real world, of course, but he always seems that way out on the court or in photos w/other guys. I can’t say I have one specialty dish – stuff I make usually ranges from something passed down from family or my ventures into Southeast Asian cookbooks, or some other random thing I hear about. 🙂 I’m in a combined MD/PhD program, which hopefully will take 8 years or less…

    • Claire said

      UM17, are you male or female – with all these different “names” I often wonder what sex you all are!!

      • UM17 said

        Ah well, I’ll tell you, but I’ve been trying to stay androgenous. 🙂 I think a few of my comments may have given away my femininity…

  136. Bonnie said

    I’m not really good at talking about myself, but I’ll give it a try:

    I’m in my mid 50’s, married, have three kids, 32, 30, and 27. I have 5 grandchildren and I love being a grandmother. My name is Nana by the way, not Grandma.

    I’ve loved tennis since I was young, my oldest sister, who is 16 years older than me, got me into watching it. I never played, can’t play now because of rotator cuff tears (alas, I don’t have personal trainers to help me rehabilitate my shoulder).

    I’ve liked all the oldies, Connors, and his era, Everett & Navratalova and their era, on to Sampras, Agassi, and their era, then on to Fed, Nadal, Gonzo, Nalbandian, Verdasco, Delpo, Roddick, Blake, etc….way to many to list. I don’t watch the women that much, but I used to like Venus a lot, never liked Serena. I also liked Henin, she was a powerhouse.

    I work full time as an office manager, and I access this website mostly from work. Right now I’m on my lunch break.

    I like to read, cook, bake and do cake decorating, walk and jog, photography, and mostly anything creative (like crafts, etc.). I love people and enjoy learning about them and their cultures. Both my daughters are married to black men (well, Ray’s mom was from Jamaica) and all 5 of my grandchildren are mixed, and beautiful.

    I like movies but I’m not into raunchy language or very violent subjects. (I’m a Christian and these these are offensive to me.)

    Well, I guess that’s about enough. Thanks for taking the time to read this and Keep Smiling!

    • Jenny said

      Thank you for sharing with us, Bonnie. My son is 23, he’s footloose and fancy free, marriage or a long term relationship doesn’t appeal to him, he’s looking to work for tiger conservation in India, but it’s very hard to get a foothold.

      • Bonnie said

        At 23, he should be footloose and fancy free so he can enjoy his life a bit before he has to settle down. Good for him.

        Not to sound naive, but what is a tiger conservation and why does he want to work there?

      • Jenny said

        We’re into wildlife conservation in our household. Tigers are an endangered species and India is the home of the Bengal tiger. I can’t see my son getting married until maybe well into middle age and it would probably be to a like minded woman.

      • Bonnie said

        Wow, that’s really intersting. I’d be so afraid! Good for him though and all of you. What kind of wildlife have you encountered?

      • Jenny said

        We’ve told him if he gets killed by a rogue tiger, we understand, it’s the obvious danger, tragic, but ‘acceptable’. Getting shot by a low life poacher is a different ball game. The only big wildlife we get to see here is in the zoo. Hey, I’d love to rear some orphan tiger cubs, a cat litter tray would take on a whole new meaning! We do have British wildlife, foxes, deer, badgers etc, all in the country. Foxes are becoming very urban now, infact one visits our garden at night and we do leave food for him because he deals with any rats or mice, of which there is an abundance caused by dirty folk carelessly disposing of their food waste. I don’t kill animals, but neither do I want to share my home with Ratty or Mickey!

    • Claire said

      “I love to read,cook,bake and do cake decorating, walk and jog” – I love and do all of those! Sad but these days when jogging,I’m happy to pass the walker up ahead; I used to try to catch up to the men who were jogging!
      I’m not much younger than you – I have 18 and 12 year sons! We started pretty late in life!

      Where do you live? I wonder if some of us live just down the street from each other!!! 🙂

  137. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Good. This is all very good. I was hoping some of you would reveal your credit card number / SSN / names of all your exboyfriends / girlfriends / personal secrets , etc…but I guess that will be for another time.

  138. bluechyll said

    Hi TP, I tried to post this a little while ago, but it was swallowed. I was wondering if you could update my Mail Box Bio with the following:

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Lucy and I live in Australia.
    I’m 18 years old, and I have red hair and green eyes.
    I first took an interest in tennis during the Australian Open 2005, 5 years ago, when I saw Roger playing and it was love at first sight!
    Since then I have followed the sport avidly and also learnt to play myself.
    My favourite players are Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Gael Monfils, Jelena Dokic, and Maria Sharapova.
    I will be attending my first ever tennis tournament in January, when me and my family go to the Australian Open in Melbourne, and I’m soooo excited!!
    Besides tennis, my other interests include playing the piano, music, photography, shopping, and browsing Tennis Planet.
    This year is my final year of school, so lots of hard work ahead of me. My subjects include Advanced English, Ancient History, Biology, Music and Maths.
    Movies – Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, Pineapple Express, The Wizard of Oz, and Howl’s Moving Castle.
    Musicians/Composers – James Blunt, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Debussy.
    TV shows – 24, Desperate Housewives, Black Books, Green Wing, Seinfeld, Fawlty Towers, Prison Break, The Thin Blue Line, and Modern Family.
    Books – Harry Potter, Twilight, Little Women, The Tomorrow Series, and anything by Roald Dahl.
    Okay, I think that’s enough about me. Thanks for reading!

  139. Dominic Anderson said

    Hi everyone, I first enter Tennis Planet in August 2009, I don’t even remember where I find it, (but like many, never spoke before), and I didn’t because I was still in high school so I didn’t had much time, I’d been visiting the site at least once a week since this year.

    My name is not Dominic Anderson, but someone already named like me in here me so that’s why my name is Dominic, Finish high school in 2009 (class valedictorian, yeah). I’m 17 (born 10-Novemver). I’m from San Andres Island (Colombia), search for pics from my island, is very beautiful :-).

    I first get interested in tennis when I was a little kid, when I used to play it in a video game with a friend, but I just start to watch it since 2009 Australian Open (the match between Serena and Dementieva-then the two finals) and since that I only saw Grand Slams because I didn’t know they used to air other tournamennt until the Legg Mason Tennis Classic in Washington, since then I watch every ATP Masters 1000 and 500 events, and off course, Grand Slams.

    *My favourite players are: Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Roger Federer, James Blake, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Novak Djokovic, Gael Monfils, & just enter my list, Enerts Gulbis. I can’t mention others from the past, since I just start to watch the sport last year.

    *Favourite TV Shows:Dr. House (House. MD), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Brother & Sisters, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Glee, The Good Wife, Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds.

    *Favourtite Music Artist (R&B Music): Alicia Keys (who I’m in love with), Usher, Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Brandy, Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige, Withney Houston, R. Kelly, Toni Braxton, Destiny’s Child, Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo. (Reggae Music): O’Yabba, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube.

    *Favourite Movies: Forrest Gumb, Titanic, Bad Boys 2, Eternal Sunshine of a Topless Mind, Hancock, The Incredibles, Finding Forrester, Coach Carter and many more…

    Ok. I think that’s enough, maybe too much…

    • Jenny said

      Thanks for telling us about you, Dominic. I watch Criminal Minds too.

    • M said

      Thanks for telling us about you, Dominic!

      Welcome to a fellow Serena and Roger fan! I would love to know what you think of Giraldo, since you two are countrymen and he seems to be making such a splash.

      I will tell my mom about all you Criminal Minds fans. 😆

      Love your movie list!

    • UM17 said

      Hey Dominic, welcome – glad to see House first on that TV show list. I’ve seen every episode, many of them more than once, I am so addicted. Will you continue studying now that you’re out of high school? As the valedictorian, it doesn’t seem like admission would be a problem. 🙂

    • Dominic Anderson said

      Thank you all, I really feel . I can’t stop visiting this site now, is the first site i open everytome I enter the internet.

      *I would love to know what you think of Giraldo, since you two are countrymen and he seems to be making such a splash—— Well, I haven’t seen many matchs of him so I really can’t say if I like him, and in our national t.v they talk about him and show him maybe once per month (they only talk about soccer).

      *glad to see House first on that TV show list. I’ve seen every episode, many of them more than once, I am so addicted—– Me too, I can’t stop watching it, but, sometimes thay show it in spanish and is not the same thing.

      *Will you continue studying now that you’re out of high school? As the valedictorian, it doesn’t seem like admission would be a problem—– Yes I will, I will start studying medicine (medical school) in two months, and been the class valedictorian is huge in our local schools but I don’t know how much it can help me outside——- I did get a scholarship (before I even finish the year and become the class valedictorian), to study in Houston, Texas, USA, but I finally turn it down.

    • Blake said

      Hehehe ok I’m totally not picking on you, just wanted you to know you made me laugh out loud when I read: “Forrest Gumb, Eternal Sunshine of a Topless Mind” 😉 (for those who don’t know, it’s Forrest Gum(P) and External Sunshine of a (S)potless Mind) I reckon those other two movies would make for hillarious comedy spoofs of the originals though!!

      Don’t worry, I type fast and make epic typos all the time, those two in particular just tickled my funny bone 🙂

    • Dominic Anderson said

      Thanks BettyJane.

      I understand Blake, thanks for the corrections, I usually write “Forrest Gump”, and the other one, well, I usually hear the tittle in spanish, so I’m not too familiar with it’s original name.

  140. Blake said

    Hmmmm…. ok, so I’ve held off putting up something about myself for a couple of years now.. Mostly because a). being a semi-anonymous ‘lurker’ has it’s advantages and b). i’m lazy when it comes to that sort stuff… Soooo, without further adieu:

    Birthday: Dec 7… sometimes wish it was 3 days earlier, so I could of shared Marisa Tomei’s & Tyra Banks (as someone who posted earlier in this thread does), but unfortunately the biggest event that happened on Dec 7 was the bombing of Pearl Harbour….. Yep…. but i’ll take what I can get 😛
    Age: 27
    Height: 6″5
    Nationality: Half Australian, half African American (mom’s white, dad’s black… think James Blake or Barack Obama) 😛
    Location: Perth, Western Australia (far away from… well, pretty much everything: There are asian countries closes to Perth then other states of Australia – that’s kinda how remote we are. But it’s not a country town but any means- it’s a decent enough city.. Kinda reminded me of Providence, New York when I visited there once.

    Random interests: Enjoy playing basketball, pool, most fantasy novel’s and staying in shape, xbox gaming etc

    Tennis skill/interest: Zero skill, epic interest. Watched it as a kid and thought paint drying was probably more interesting at the time. Felt the same way until around early 20’s, when I saw a couple of Hewitt’s matches on TV at the Aussie open in ’05.. liked his enthusiasm. Then a year or so later I started asking about tennis a little and everyone kept bragging about Federer this and Federer that.. Kinda almost put me off even taking an interest in the sport altogether. Then I heard about this guy who was invincible on 1 particular surface, and even Federer couldn’t beat him on it (at the time – he’d NEVER beaten him on it) and I thought, wow who the hell is this guy? Read up about him, watched a couple of his matches.. Blam: Been a Nadal fan ever since.

    How much of a Nadal fan?: (I feel this deserves it’s own ‘section’) well let’s just say before 2008, i’d never – ever – seen a tennis match live. Not even my local Fed cup, which I kinda thought of as more of a hit-n-giggle then any serious tournament. Then in ’08, a year after I bought my first house, I decided to stick to my annual resolution: travel somewhere new every year. So… I bought myself a plane ticket to Paris, and scored a (very expensive) ticket to the men’s Final from ebay, and my first ever men’s match I got to see was ironically one of the shortest grand slam finals in history: Nadal def Federer 63 61 60. Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny too. Though the mexican/american couple next to me weren’t as happy about it as I was 😉 I gotta admit tho: I’d come to see Nadal win. I got what I’d paid for!

    ….now if I’d only held off 4-5 weeks, I could of seen the longest men’s final in history instead.. Yes, that irony hasn’t escaped me either 🙂 But Paris is Paris! And I have no regrets 🙂

    The next tournament I went to was the Australian Open in ’09 – had friends living in Melbourne at the time so we all got tickets (at a much, MUCH cheaper price then the Paris ones) and saw both Men and Women’s Quarter/Semi-Finals, plus the Men’s final… so after that, you can pretty much assume that I personally thought I was Rafa’s good luck charm 😉 ….guess I shoulda been there for him in Paris last year huh?

    Anyway, I’ve crapped on way too much. Another reason why I never wanted to start this: I realised it would probably never end 😛 If anyone’s actually interested in my fav tv/music/movies etc, lemme know. I’ll spare you the torture for now 🙂

    • DK said

      Cheers from a fellow Nadal fan!

      • Sol said

        Nice to “meet” you Blake.

        I just have to ask, after reading this:
        “Then in ’08, a year after I bought my first house, I decided to stick to my annual resolution: travel somewhere new every year”

        Is it common thing to buy a house at such a young age in Australia? And do you actually manage to travel to a new place every year?

        And you are one committed Nadal fan. But, please, don’t attend the next Fedal finals ever again 😉

        While you’re at it, tell us about your fav music, movies, etc.

      • Blake said

        Hey Solster, sorry for the late reply. I think I’ve been mentally holding my breath until Wimbledon was over, so now that the big exhale is over…

        Not sure on the exact statistics, but I don’t think it’s too common for people to buy a house at too young an age in Australia.. Especially so for those such as myself that didn’t go in with a partner or anything. I’m not essentially encouraging anyone around my age to go out and do so either; not deluded enough to deny that all I technically own is a colossal debt 😉 But it’s an intentional debt, which beats the hell out of the other ones that can sneak up on you!

        And yep, I’ve managed to travel somewhere new each year so far 🙂 To be fair, I started the tradition a couple of years before I bought my house, but I made it an even bigger priority afterward. So far I’ve been to: Singapore, LA, Miami, New Orleans, New York / Providence, Paris, London (ok, it was only Heathrow airport, but I had to do an indiana jones-style roll under a shops closing shutters at the airport in order to buy a 24 pound snow globe, so I’m counting it god dammit!), Bali, Melbourne & Coffs Harbor… plus trips out to Margret River in Perth (think beautiful country valleys and winery’s).

        I think the next stop is going to be Thailand in November, though it hasn’t been 100% confirmed 🙂

        As for the music, movies etc – I think it’s high time you posted some details about yourself on here before you get any more from me! All I’ve gotten so far is you had an embarrassingly public incident with an ex in Spain. Fun, but not nearly enough info! 🙂

      • Sol said

        Ok Blake. Fair is fair.
        I’ll tell you more about me (or just the less boring parts) and you tell me an embarassing story about yourself. Deal? 🙂

        I’m 28, live in Switzerland, grew up in the Middle East, travel alot but don’t see alot (work), talk 7 languages and am a complete control freak (can fly planes but can’t stand being in one, you know). Contrary to popular belief (or swedish belief), have never dated anyone who likes Fed or who cares enough about tennis to have an opinion. I myself got interested in tennis only 3+ years ago. Saw Roddick play and thought he looked goofy. Then saw Fed and I was hooked. Didn’t even know he was Swiss until I heard him speak swiss-german on the news. I have two brothers, called George and Michael (no kidding). Love dogs, hate cats.

        Ok, when you start talking about cats and dogs, that’s when you know you have to stop. So that’s basically it.

        So are you one of those snow globes collectors? You should come to Switzerland, those little things are everywhere.

      • Bjornino said

        WOW, Sol! “Love dogs, hate cats.”
        Maybe there is hope after all. Dogs are divine beings and cats are creatures of HELL! 😛
        We’ll just have to wait until BOTH Federer and Nadal retires, then we can go for a dog-walk perhaps ^^

      • Blake said

        Hehe, jesus Sol! So basically you’re telling me you’re the female equivalent to James Bond? Nice. As for the dating non-Fed lovers, if you’re currently not in a relationship- have you considered that finding such a person come become a long term solution?? 😉

        Can relate to the dog/cat love/hate aspect. My stance was renewed as recently as a 2 months ago when my best mate’s girlfriend bought them a new kitten, which proceeded to claw holes into my new pair of jeans 5 minutes after meeting the ‘little angel’. Hate cats. I’ll upload a picture of my little one (well, Mum’s – but she’s too cute not to claim) in the next post.

        And nope, not one of those ‘globe collectors’ 😉 Bought it for a friend at the time, who was originally from London and feeling very homesick in Australia. But it was virtually the only proof I’d been there so I felt the need to present it as evidence 😛

        I would tell you an embarrassing story, but…. I don’t have one? Laugh, nah I’m sure I do… I don’t get embarrassed easily though! For example, I used to do a lot of radio announcing at a popular local station over here.. and all it takes to find yourself in a tricky situation with thousands of people listening is for the music computer to crash just after you’ve announced a song, and the closest reboot time to be around 10 minutes… during peek hour listening. Eh, it happens!

        Could share some more but some knowledge just shouldn’t be made overly public 😛 If you’d like to continue the conversation sometime, please feel free to reach me at brgarvey at hot mail dot com. Would consider it an honour to hear from the swiss/middle-easterns secret agent 🙂

      • Blake said

        Here’s a pic of ‘Molly’ as promised…

        …and what the hell, here’s one (3?) of me 😛

      • Blake said

        Hmm, looks like it didn’t work? TP can you try to make it so? Cos you just accepted my last comment without actually includin the pics 😛



      • bluechyll said

        If we are posting puppy pics now, I can’t hold back!

        Here is my little one, Nina. She spends most of her day relaxing:


      • Sergeant said

        Hey Blake, I left a comment in your mailbox which is in moderation because of a link. I was asking whether you look like Dustin Brown. Now I see you do not.

      • Blake said

        Haha Sergeant, nah sorry not a Dustin Brown look-a-like by any means 😉 Though I’m a lot darker then I look in those photos- more like the last one on the right.

        I was mistaken by fans to be Jo-Willy Tsonga at the AO in ’09 😉 Even walked past Fernando Verdasco at the casino and he ended up doing a double take!! Lol 😉

        And Bluechyll, Nina’s a cutie!!!

        Any chance of one of yourself? 🙂

      • bluechyll said

        Yeeah, I was thinking of uploading a pic of myself to put in my mail box. Thought it was better than having a celeb who looks nothing like me 🙂

        If you really want to see, maybe I’ll do that now 😛

      • Blake said

        I’d love to 🙂

      • bluechyll said

        Take a look at the ‘I Have Added…’ thread 🙂

    • DK said

      Now we need same height info from Bjornino – let’s see who is taller, have some friendly competition… 🙂

      • Bjornino said

        LOL DK, I didn’t see that comment until now. Very funny ^^ I am taller than Blake, but I don’t think Sol is interested in any man who does not adore Federer, regardless of his height 😉

      • Blake said

        Pfft, c’mon Bjornino, wheres your sense of adventure?!? Having such opposite interests would definitely ignite the chemistry spark in the relationship! Think of the passionate exchanges made during a fed-nadal final, if you will- Then think of the heated fun you could get up to after each match, no matter the winner 😉 Kind of like break-up sex, but without the breaking up.

      • Bjornino said

        If Sol and I watched a Fed/Nadal final together then TP would be right in alerting the TP community to call the Swiss cops, since there would be reports of a Swiss woman beating up a Swedish man with a frying pan 😛

      • Sol said

        Oh come on, Bjornino…who needs frying pans when we have pepper spray? 😉
        Plus, there won’t be any beating up involved, I’ll be in a cheerful mood since it’ll be FED who will beat Nadal the next time they meet! 🙂

      • Bjornino said

        Yeah right 😛

  141. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Believe it or not, this is my real name. I’ve always been a knight in shining armour to my friends and benefactors. Therefore, without a hint of modesty, I went right ahead and awarded myself a knighthood. My bona fide is irrelevant at this stage but it is safe for you to learn that I am a post grad student in Scotland where I live about 50 miles west of Andy Murray – a player I’d like to handover to Tim Gun without further delay.

  142. Claire said

    Hey, TP

    Looks like Blake and Dominic recently put their bio on “About you”. How about giving them a mailbox and transfer their bio in their mailbox like you did for the rest of us?

    • Blake said

      …..Oooer 🙂 But what about my ‘lurker’ status Claire!! I’m not sure how well us ‘swamp’ creatures survive outside our natural habitat 😉 lol.

      Alas, TP- mailbox away…

  143. Jenny said

    Aw Bluechyll – a little Dachs, what’s her name. She’s got it made!

    • bluechyll said

      Her name’s Nina, and yes, she definitely lives a life of luxury! Meaning that she’s not such a ‘little’ dachs any more 😆

  144. xeres said

    TP here’s something to fill up that blank space in my mailbox space.

    Hola 🙂
    I’ll be 26 next month and have been watching tennis since I was 8.
    I love all the investigative stuff on TV : Murder She wrote,CSI,Criminal Minds(I’m a Gubler fan :D),Law&order SVU,Bones….you get the idea.
    I attend church every day.
    Brought up in the Middle East.
    IMO Canadians are the most polite people on this planet.
    I am a foodie and love trying out new cuisines: Japanese and Italian are at top of the list.
    Fav authors include Milan Kundera,Haruki Murakami,Kazuo Ishiguro,Jane Austen,Paulo Coelho,Nabakov,Mario Puzo
    I love dogs and have three at home.
    I support the “Peppy” boys=FC Barcelona and admire Arsene Wenger.
    Favorite chair umpires: Carlos Ramos & Muhammad Lahyani. I am in love with Ulrich’s voice.
    Love watching players with Single handed BH esp Gasquet and Youzhny. I’ll always be in love with Edberg.
    That’s it for now.

    The reason I decided I want a mailbox is that since I observe October as the Holy Month of the Rosary, I’ll be on my knees praying a lot and
    I’d be happy to pray for you,your relatives and pets too 🙂
    Please drop me a line at the mailbox with your prayer requests/petitions/requests. If you don’t want to post publicly you can get my email from TP and mail me.

    • Claire said

      Welcome and thanks for telling us about you! 🙂

      Are you Catholic – must be if you celebrate month of the rosery!

      A prayer request – that my 13 year old son(Joseph) will start liking his parents!! Guess that’s asking a lot from a teen-ager! 🙂

      • xeres said

        Oui I’m Catholic.
        You sound like my mom talking about my teenage brother 🙂
        I didn’t ask for name & age but it’s good that you mentioned those details since it makes a big difference to how I pray for him.

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