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Santoro toys with Nalbandian. From Jenny. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 11, 2008


I found this hilarious vid on Nalby/Santoro. What really got to me was the state of Nalbandian after this amazing point. I thought he looked about ready to lie down. Enjoy!


8 Responses to “Santoro toys with Nalbandian. From Jenny. Thanks.”

  1. Jill said

    Lovely Jenny. Thanks.

  2. grendel said

    excellent, Jenny. Unfortunately, Nalbie got wise after that, didn’t he…

  3. eva said

    Thanks, Jenny. It is funny, but maybe not quite as funny to Nalbandian. Santoro reminds me a bit of a Groucho brother playing tennis:he does not look very threatening, but when you observe his body language, as though he is skulking through the court, and how at times he seems to barely to reach the ball yet comes up with a winner. It must be frustrating to play him, unless you learn how to shut the point down firmly early–literally, quite early.
    Otherwise he will gladly run everybody around on the court and get them into positions where he will have the upper hand. And all this without that much power!
    The only way to play him is to refuse to be drawn into prolonged exchanges, and to stop the rally firmly and decisively, and quickly.
    But he is a winning personality, and has entertained many fans to the woe of some of his opponents at times.
    He is a good type of player to have around for variety, and also for other jplayers to have respect for his skill and guile.
    Hope he stays healthy and young for a long time! (I think Stepanek tried to imitate Santoro in part, but Stepanek had something unpleasant about the way he did it, like rulb it in your face style.)

  4. Arbit said

    thanks jenny and tp for putting this marvellous and enjoying vid

  5. Jenny said

    You’re all very welcome, glad you enjoyed it – made me laugh too and I’m a Nalby fan!!

  6. Katie said

    Thanks Jenny!

  7. chieko said

    Thank you very much Jenny san. I really understand why he is so admired.

  8. Dee said

    That is cool!Hope we could see him on centre court.

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