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Best form of exercise.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 12, 2008

It’s walking. You see, it’s not how great a certain workout is, or even how effective it is. What matters is whether you can keep it up on a regular basis, even if your later years.

You can develop a ripped body within a year, but if you cannot keep it up for the rest of your life, what good is it. It may even be harmful.

I can’t believe how easily people fall for these new gadgets and fads, that fade within a few years if not months.

Walking is the best option. Of course, you can add other forms of exercise depending on your situation, but walking has got to be the foundation.

You can do it anywhere, you don’t need any specialised equipment for it, it can be done even in your golden years, your travel schedule cannot affect it, and it is a complete workout. Just about 30-40 minutes daily will do it.

I think walking outside in fresh morning air, amongst nature is more rewarding than the treadmill BS with air from vents.


6 Responses to “Best form of exercise.”

  1. Sarah said

    I know this is true; but it’s so cold outside right now. Weak excuse, I know!

  2. dee said

    So get you bum off that seat and have a walk.

  3. Sarah said

    I was just noticing it’s a lot lighter outside in the mornings and it’s warming up. So I will. And you? You are currently walking five miles or more EVERY DAY, I take it?

  4. Jenny said

    Nothing like being a dog owner to get you out walking even in the snow, ice and rain – wet, cold and definately not happy!!!

  5. Claire said

    Was traing to ride a 180 mile from one city to next for MS. Well,
    fell off my bike, 15 stitches,sprained wrist and several black and blues showing up. My advise, choice exercise that will keep you close to ground! That $500 bike is up for sale.
    I went out, bought new running shoes and will stay with running or walking!
    Oh, hit my head, bike helmet that was fitted to my head saved my life. You may wear a helmet but are you sure it’s fitted to your head?

  6. dee said

    Sarah, I was telling TP.Not you.

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