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FREE stream links archive. Please add if you know of any, like ‘aj’ just did. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 29, 2008

aj |

Jenny, mostly betting sites but you don’t have to put any money in an account – even when they sometimes say you do!!

A few links that tell you who is streaming what:-

With livestreaming I can kid myself that I am actually working on the computer with the tennis just in one corner of the screen!!

Schop |

Matches are streamed by Star Sports.

Install TVU Player and select channel 10006 Star Sports

Get TVU Player:

Rein |

You should go to, register. Then you can watch the Indian Wells games for free. Good quality!

Roger looked strong. Once he made a beautiful point and he was screaming: COME ON!!

Go Roger!!

Rein |

You go Tennisplanet!!!


GO ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. go to for live free stream. works perfect.

17 Responses to “FREE stream links archive. Please add if you know of any, like ‘aj’ just did. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Thanks Aj! I knew you had an ulterior motive watching tennis on the computer LOL!

  2. srikandi said

    thanks for the info. Now I have a reason to buy a bigger monitor.

  3. bob said

    All of those websites referred to by AJ are worthless for people in the USA. when i tried to sign up for membership, much info was required including country. The USA was not on the list of choices !! Am i the only one in the USA that spent hours trying to look at this free streaming for Indian Wells instead of living with the patheic coverage of Fox ??

  4. raj said

    You are not alone Bob. I tried every which way and couldn’t sign on. For some reason USA is not on the list!

  5. cms said

    fyi – for the final tomorrow, this stream is working very well for Estoril:

  6. Dee said

    Is it me ? or are u all still getting montecarlo live score board?

  7. Gracie said

    While grumbling this morning about the TV coverage switching OFF of the Fed-Querrey match (who needs to see the 3rd set, hey?), to follow the Canas-WHO?desnick match, I made a discovery… For anyone in the US who does not have access to ESPN2 or the Tennis Channel, you can log onto the Tennis Channel website, click on ‘Watch Now’ for their live streaming and get access for free, just by registering.

  8. PM said

    this site has been excellent for Toronto and Cincy so far. There’s also a chatroom where you can cheer and whine and whatever.

  9. PM said

    ok I am stupid with links so just copy paste

  10. PM said

    or maybe not….please delete superfluous comments lol

  11. Barbara said

    Very good source for free stream links for sport events including tennis at

  12. Serran said

    it’s, I think 😛


  13. Barbara said

    I am also using They provide streams for 6 different AO courts.

  14. Jenny said

    Free livestream for Washington for those in Europe. Good quality and commentary in English.

  15. Brad said

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