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Ladies that are having / had sex with ATP players.

Posted by tennisplanet on March 25, 2008


Agassi. Way beyond his league.

Roddick. Even I can do better than that. Oh, wait, I did. It’s called a freaking goat!!!!!

Paradon Srichaphan. Way, way and way out of his league. Not even in the same planet.



Nadal. Not getting much?


Time for a new model?


14 Responses to “Ladies that are having / had sex with ATP players.”

  1. Brooke said

    You forgot Fish’s fiancee and Querrey’s girlfriend. Haha Roddick’s new girlfriend is even uglier.

  2. Sarah said

    Steffi and Andre are the perfect tennis couple. I think Rafael and Novak girlfriends are really cute too. I wonder when they will be getting married. What have you got against Mandy? I thought she was good for Andy.

  3. Sarah said

    TP, see someone you like? I promise not to tell Roger!

  4. Sarah said

    TP, you really have a fat phobia. Don’t you? Jimmy and Patti have been married for 28 years. She used to be a playboy centerfold. I guess time and two kids have added a few pounds; but she still looks nice. So, please lay off. It is so rare to see a couple take their wedding vows to heart – till death due us part. Jimmy doesn’t need a new model. The one he has is just fine.

    Brooke, I don’t think Brooke is ugly. Fish’s fiancee is lovely. Haven’t seen Sam’s gf.

  5. Brooke said

    Sarah, I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder. Querrey’s girlfriend is pretty. Her name’s Whitney I think.

  6. Chicago fan said


    You’re a tough man to please.

    I sometimes view your site at work. A favor: can you put some kind of icon or other indicator next to posts, such as this one, that are not work friendly? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Otherwise, I’m actually going to have to start doing some work at work. 😉

  7. Brooke said

    I see where TP is coming from; I’ve got a little bit of the fat phobia going on too.

  8. Jenny said

    I agree Sarah. What’s wrong with Nadal’s girlfriend TP?

  9. srikandi said

    thanks for including the lovey-dovey Nadal & Ljubicic. I’ve been looking for that pic to add to my collection. Yes, I do collect certain players’ pics. Don’t you?

  10. Dee said

    Are you trying to trick us???? Isn’t that Nadal and Ivan????? I always thought Coria’s wife was beautiful.

  11. Claire said

    Other than during tennis matches, Mirka seems to have a cell phone in her hand quite often, like the picture above. After wins she seems to be clicking away taking those pictures with cell phone.
    What a great smile Mirka has in her first picture picture above. I think I like it second, Nadal’s is the first! 🙂
    Whose wedding pictures are those??
    I agree with “Chicago fan”, my son (16)walked in one time when similar pictures were showing on your site. He must have thought, I need to get on that site and learn about tennis and ?? !

  12. Jenny said

    Isn’t that Nikolay and his wife, the two pics above Ivan and Aida?? Agree Dee, Carla Coria is beautiful.

  13. Somebody Else said

    Is the Baghdaddy still together with Camille(?) –is that her name?

  14. Dory said

    Why are some images not loading?

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