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Nadal gives Ivanovic a ‘lift’ on a ‘private’ plane.

Posted by tennisplanet on March 27, 2008


Nadal arrived in Miami in the wee hours Monday on a private plane from Indian Wells, Calif. Among the passengers on the plane was Ana Ivanovic, the Serbian world No. 2, who won the Indian Wells final on Saturday. Nadal lost in the semis to Novak Djokovic and decided to fly private. He had an extra seat on the plane and offered to let Ivanovic hitch a ride.

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12 Responses to “Nadal gives Ivanovic a ‘lift’ on a ‘private’ plane.”

  1. Dee said

    So, What would be the latest? Serena and Nadal? Ivanovic and Nadal? Djokovic and Ivanovic?

  2. saras said

    Nadal & Anna,quite a pair.
    Better than Anna & DJoker any day.
    Nadal,hope you still have your girl-friend when you go home!
    Or may be Nadal wants to know some pointers from Anna to beat DJOKER…Who knows!
    Now ,in the present sheme of things,sportsmanship is not that important,winning the Championship is whatever it takes.
    NADAL…work on your knees…plead kneeling down ,get some tips…
    Keep trying….get better of DJoker..HaHaHaHa…

  3. Sarah said

    What a nice guy. When I watching the final they show pictures of Ana’a mom & coach, I wonder did Rafael offer them a ride on his private jet too? Or did they fly commercial?

  4. Jenny said

    He’s a sweetie, what a nice gesture.

  5. SPCMunk said

    That was nice of him.

  6. nadalfan said

    VAMOS RAFA score i hope he and ivanovic get together his girlfirned isnt as pretty as her and these 2 are both very humble nice ppl

  7. Adam said

    I think Nadal and Ivanovic make an excellent couple. They are both good looking and excellent tennis players. if they had children imagine how good looking and how excellent at tennis they would be.

  8. Jenny said

    Hi Adam,

    I think Nadal’s girlfriend might have something to say about that lol!

  9. gribou0 said

    Ivanovic is too tall for Rafa.

  10. Jessica said

    i am so jealus of that Ana person righ tnow.

  11. ives said

    who is nadal and djokovic girlfriend?

  12. MamCie said

    i think they make a perfect couple & they should be together! Did you see Nadal’s girlfriend! She is ugly!

    p.s. hopefully she isnt going to read this!

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