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Posted by tennisplanet on April 1, 2008

I am an old lady with 2 kids 10&16. I was too busy having fun so I had my eggs and my husband spream frozen and there you are, I’m an old lady with 2 young kids. It’s not too bad being retired, driving my kids here and there in my cadallac!
My 16 year old is on the tennis team at his school. MY 10 year old is probably the most talanted tennis player in the family. He’s a hand full, he tells us we will be either dead or he won’t let us alone with his children (guess fear we will be too shakey and may drop those babies). We really feel guily that we won’t be able to watch those grand kids so my son and wife can escape for a week-end together, not!I play a bit of tennis but I’m really not good, maybe cuz I don’t move too fast. I could relate to how Federer must have felt at the AO.
I didn’t start really watching tennis til a few years ago. I was sick and stuck to the couch when my husband was watching Federer. My husband said watch how good this guy is. I really,really enjoyed watching the tournament and have been a fan ever since. My husband saw Federer years ago when he was playing in Houston. There was a long rain delay so Federer didn’t play til early in the morning, like 3a.m. I rolled over and said give my ticket to someone else! My hubby came home and said you have made one of the biggest mistakes in your life! MY husband and I agree the really big one was waiting a bit too long to have those kiddo’s; but it’s hard to regret thinking back on how much fun we had!
I’ve always gotten a kick out of Nadal! At the AO tournament in an interview he said some thing to the effect, I don’t know what it is about Australia but I take alot of afternoon naps here, if I lay down I’m out for a couple of hours. His facal expressions are great. I sometimes wish Nadal was my son, life would be easier just going to tournaments and just sitting and jelling.
Well have to go, another one of those dank doctor’s appointments!
Would love to hear from you all.
Not to hurt any of your feelings but would really like to hear Jenny’s story; she really knows her tennis – I’ve learned alot from her. Plus it sounds like Jenny lives in the U.K.; maybe the hubby and I can visit sometime!

One more thing about me – My real name is Danette, my Mom’s maiden name is Claire, love that name so thought I’d use it (don’t really like Danette)!
Also to figure out where we all are in life, my age is 49!
I’m obsessed (sp) with working on crocheting an afgan for my son but some how can stop a moment and look at this site )

My Fav Movie – Sound of Music
Fav color – yellow
One of Fav thing to do -have my husband all to myself for a week-end
Fav to do as a family – play doubles
Fav music – Frank Sinatra (grow up with hearing his voice, nice memories plus Frank and I share the same birthday) and Maroon 5 (my son and I sing to their music in the car)
Fav TV show _ LOST – do any of you watch that?
Fav thing ever – enjoy each and every day,laugh alot. I had a life threatening disease and realize how precious life is. I did have children later in life due to infertility problems so those boys are so precious to my husband and I.
Sorry if you guys thought my first post was so goofy.
Jenny, so you must have heard great things about the weather in Buffalo, like the blizzard of 1976! I spent some time in my basement – to get away from my family and ride my exercise bike.
People didn’t go out of their houses for days!

PS alot of the above is true, just added some stuff to make it more interesting ) 🙂 i.e do have 2 boys, did get pregnant later in life (not as old as I lead you to believe), did miss seeing Federer in Houston ,do play some tennis, did grow up in Buffalo,N.Y., second thought would rather be Federer’s mom; wouldn’t act like Djerko’s mom – heck I’d take some money and go on a great vacation – forget about taking time to say stupid things. Now, I won’t take up more space, you turn! ) 🙂


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  1. Dee said

    Hi, Claire! Just checking how this works.

  2. Adrian said

    Hey Claire!! I just wrote a little bit about myself in the About You section… sorry for not writing earlier!! i was just lazy!! 🙂

  3. TP,
    Am I asking too much for you to replace the bio you put in my mailbox with my more serious one?? Please, please.

    TP, you are making this blog better and better (not that it needed improvement. I look so forward to reading your stuff.
    Is that enough “sucking up” to get my other bio in my mailbox? But I really do enjoy this blog. I don’t have friends that are crazy as me about tennis; I come here to get my fix.


    Please resend the one you want posted.

  4. Claire said

    You don’t need to fix my bio,didn’t realize that you combined my 2 posts on “About You”.

    You seem like such a nice guy. Why don’t you have a personal mailbox so we can ask personal stuff about you! 🙂

  5. Adrian said

    Hi Claire!

    I really don’t know how I got mono! Not too many people seem to know about it… although I think that here in the States is very popular, especially amongst college students… but I never heard about it in Mexico, before coming to the States… and even when I got it, my parents and friends in Mexico seemed totally clueless about it. It’s called mononucleosis and it’s better know as “the kissing disease.” I don’t think I got it from kissing because at the time I was single and I’m not the kind of guy that likes to fool around… but you can basically get it from sharing things with people, when you have a bite of food from your friend’s plate, when you take a sip out of your friend’s glass, etc… or simply from being in crowded places (which is what happens in colleges in the U.S., students catch that in their dorms). I guess for tennis players, like Federer or Ancic, that may be common too given that they all share lockers, showers, etc. And the thing is that you won’t necessarily know who you got it from because my doctor told me that some people have the virus but it remains latent in their system forever, and it never manifests itself… so you never know!!

    Why did Federer play when he knew he could’ve ruptured his spleen? Well, I am not an expert… but they said he got it in December… so by late January, this danger may have already passed… I’m sure he had his doctors’ approval before deciding to participate in the AO — Federer is very careful when it comes to his health, so I was never worried about that. But I’m sure that the match vs. Tipsy had a strong effect in him. Doctors told me that the best remedy against mono is rest rest rest. Obviously when you are competing in a grand slam, there’s no way you will get all the rest you need… so the two matches before the game with Djoko must have drawn all of the juice out of Roger. Let’s hope we don’t see any more bouts of this nastiness and that he performs at his best during the clay season…

    Adrian, how did you get mono? Can it be from havng your immune system compromised? I don’t understand how Federer can have mono and still play tournaments when he could rupture his spleen? Are there different extremes of mono? With all this talk about really low energy, how can Federer be doing what he’s doing?

  6. Dee said

    Hi Claire, Have a good time. If you are getting a live coverage, don’t forget to run a tape. you might see your self on TV.It’s going to be awesome.

  7. Dee said

    Thanks for your wishes. But it’s still 15th here. 17th is actually Thursday but it would be your Friday(18) I guess.

  8. Dee said

    Thanks for your wishes. But it’s still 15th here. 17th is actually Thursday but it would be your Friday(18) I guess. No, No It would be your 16th (wednesday) not Friday. OHHHH! I am confused now. The main thing is that you wished me !!! So,I’ll have a beautiful day. Thanks.

  9. Jenny said


    Sorry I posted this to myself!! Two wins in one day, it’s all too much!!

    Hi Claire,

    Would you believe, Eurosport didn’t televise it, despite broadcasting all week which I couldn’t see see live, just a few miserable highlights. They decided to cover the second set of the final, just when Kolya decided to retire!! All we got today was live scores from Estoril and Valencia. It was a good day for me though, Roger and David’s victories.

  10. avidtennisfan73 said

    Hi Claire,
    I was really sad about Blake losing the finals in Houston, he looked miserable during the trophy ceremony. Did you have courtside seats? Was wondering if Blake is as handsome in person as he is on tv 🙂


  11. Dee said

    Claire, Iam sure this is Eva. If you go to this web site
    there is an Eva posting some comments from march. I posted one on everyone as well.

  12. Dee said

    Nadal was beaten by Coria in 3rd round Montecarlo 2004, because of an injury and went on to win the cup. Took me ages to find the answer. I like it.

  13. Dee said

    Hi Claire, Tell me a bit about the school system there. We are looking for high schools for my son because primary is only till grade 6. It still different in individual states. It’s a bit hard to see that our baby is getting all independent.

  14. Dee said

    Thanks for taking the time. You guys are really good parents. School system looks alot like ours. There is a good public school closer to us and people rent there just to get in. But now they ask for every thing as, bills, title of the house —– That area is so expensive too because of that. They have an acceleration programme ,it means they have to finish year 7- 12 in 5 years. We don’t like to rush him. We were thinking of registering him at the local Secondary and give some time for all the hustle to stop and reach that school and ask. We live in the next suburb. Hope every thing goes well for Joseph!

  15. zihwye said

    hey i just saw your message in my inbox. sorry.

    do you think you could help me get a copy of today’s match (Rafa vs djokovic)? pretty please?

    Thanks 🙂

  16. zihwye said

    Hi there,

    is it possible for me to get a copy of the hamburg finals match between fed and nadal, then? =) thanks!

  17. Dee said

    Hey Claire,
    I didn’t watch the match. But my friend said it was finished before it started. So, That explains no bathroom visits. All this time he was asked to get a coach. Now he got one and ???? he is worser. (It’s the new word from TP)I think He should have hired him way earlier without sitting on it. Hope he would settle soon. I mean He is a such a good player, I don’t know what happened. I’ve never seen a such a low score line for Federer #1.

  18. Dee said

    Hi Claire I would love to have your email address. Please send it to TP’s address If you don’t mind.

  19. Claire said

    TP, call you send my e-mail address to Dee? Thanks 🙂

  20. Dee said

    Hi Claire,
    Thanks for the Email. I was so busy past few days. I realized how we get the creepy creatures. People who post email addresses get different ones and no email- green bats.

  21. Dee said

    Hi, I haven’t check my mail for a long time. For some reason I felt like checking.
    We are just busy with his high school stuff. new uniforms, books and whole heap of things. They are pretty busy with their graduation. They have their end of primary school (grade 6)graduation followed by a disco.We are helping with dinner. Then My Brother is getting married, my mum’s coming to Australia and Christmas! it’s very adventures these days. I went dress shopping with My daughter this afternoon. Still can’t stay away from this site.

  22. bluechyll said

    Hi Claire!

    Thanks for your message in my brand new mail box! 🙂

  23. Deep South Girl said

    Hey Claire! I think I can’t do anything that involves two steps! I’m glad you got my mesage about “A Year in Provence.” I hope you liked it as much as I did. I just started a new book last night: Phillipa Gregory’s “The Other Queen.” I really enjoy all of her books.

    BTW, I LOVED “Into Thin Air” about the tragic Everest expedition of (was it) 1997 (?). After that I read every book I could find on that expedition: One by a Russian man (who later was killed in an avalanche), David Brashears (who was photographing for IMAX andhelped in the rescue), Beck Weathers (the Texas physician who lost some toes- and I think part of his nose-to frostbite. There were probably others but it’s been a while and I can’t remember more.

  24. Deep South Girl said

    Hey Claire–I don’t remember to check my mailbox so I just now found your letter! Yrs, I did attend R.C.I.A. classes for a year, then repeated it the following year as I enjoyed it so much.

  25. Deep South Girl said

    Hi Claire-

    I think you’ll really get a lot out of R.C.I.A.–pls let me know if you do it.

    I REALLY hope you’re wrong about Federer and the first round. I get so nervous watching the matches when a player I really like is playing—and playing badly. Gosh! It’s nerve wracking!

    Can’t WAIT to see the AO, tho.

    I’m reading a wonderful book called “Wesley the Owl.” It’s about a owl research scientist at California Institute of Technology (which I thought was only engineering, but apparently not) who takes a four day old Barn Owlet home with her to raise. I’m always fascinated about learning how animals develop socially–and owls are QUITE different from mammals or other birds except nightjars (which I’ve never seen). They are not at all social like wolves, dogs, birds, dolphins, etc. They have one mate for life and if the mate dies, the remaining owl will sit on a limb, turn his face to the tree, and stay this way until he wills himself to die. Rarely do they seek a second mate. (Reminds me of geese: When flying in formation and one goose is shot from the sky, another goose goes down to stay ith the bird until either it dies or recovers).

    Well, I did get off the subject of tennis for a bit, didn’t I?

  26. Jenny said

    Hi Claire,

    Just picked up your message, sorry about that. I don’t always think to go to mailbox. Are you using Afghan crochet? I can do it, but I’ve never made anything using that style, I tend to crochet the usual way.. Tell me again what’s happenning and I’ll try to help, could it be you’re not going into the last stitch or going into the second stitch on the next row, does that make sense.

    Best wishes.

  27. Deep South Girl said

    Hey Claire! I just checked my mailbox and was thrilled to find a letter from you. A friend told me that one of the little shops nearby (knitting shop) teaches knitting. I hope to take some lessons so I can knit little blankets for my dogs. If I can conquer that I’ll branch out and do some good with my knitting–but I’m getting ‘way ahead of myself!
    You asked about my shop–it’s a very small antiques shop and I really enjoy it. I must say though, it is not for the faint of heart!
    I was so upset about Federer’s losing to Murray today but I must remember that these exos are mostly fun things. He is too amazing to be beaten very often. He’s the reason I became interested in tennis again—I saw him just by accident on t.v. one day and couldn’t believe my eyes!He’s such an elegant player. My dream is to see a match (in person) between Nadal and Federer. I love the game of both.

  28. Jenny said

    Hi Claire,

    That’s great, was it going into the wrong stitch?

  29. Jenny said

    I was thinking Claire, I know so many people who can knit or crochet and watch TV at the same time, I could never do it myself.

    Best wishes.

  30. Stella said

    Hi Claire.
    I saw the first Mr Bean movie and thought it OK. Maybe because much of the humour in it had already been covered in the half hour TV programmes. so far I haven’t seen the second one. I’ve watched some “stand up” from Rowan Atkinson in the USA and was surprised how vulgar it was when Mr Bean was so suitable for all ages.

  31. Deep South Girl said

    Oh, Claire! Me too! I thought when I read it that it added another depth of character to him.

    And I love that when Juan Martin del Potro finishs a match he honors his Creator with the sign of the cross. To me, it shows humility and that is a rare and godd thing to see in a young man .

    I am sooooo excited about Sunday’s match—wish I could be there!

  32. Deep South Girl said

    Claire–I am quite depressed today. It would be o.k. ,I think, if TP wouldn’t be so horribly negative. If I were Federer I would remember all these things at the wrong moments. I believe it’s unrealistic for comments such as Federer has been getting–relentlesly– not to have a profound effect on a sensitive 27 year old.

    I WAS happy for Nadal but it was bittersweet.

  33. Jenny said

    Hi there Claire,

    Thank you for asking. I haven’t been able to get to work for 2 days [lol boo hoo!]. GB finds it difficult to cope. The last time it was this bad it was 1976. We had no buses yesterday and as I live on top of a long steep hill, there was no way I was walking down in the snow and ice. We couldn’t drive the car, so we both stayed in. We haven’t seen one vehicle pass down our hill today either. Snow stopped today [Tuesday], but more expected. lol two jumpers, long skirt, tights, socks and a dressing gown, – not a pretty sight. I had to nip to the local shop for milk, half a minute away, it took a lot longer getting there. I borrowed my husband’s green Wellies with a grip like a truck tyre – couldn’t wear my trusty Birkenstocks or wooden clogs – lol I did take the dressing gown off though, and put on a fleece and a woolly hat!! My friend who lives south had it worse, snow up to her dogs’ shoulders and they’re Shepherds.


  34. Dee said

    Hi, How is every thing? Is Texas bad as Mexico? Hope you guys are ok.Do you wear masks too? Keep us posted.
    Love, Dee

  35. Sarah said

    Claire, I just ran across this today. Roger’s Facebook

  36. Dee said

    Hi, Claire,My son got in to trouble writing a joke about a teacher. He had to write a sorry note. I ban him from tv for a week and got him to clean his bathroom.So, it worked out well for me. We really don’t have to pay for education much here at all.My daughter has final exams tomorrow. She can pay for her studies after she gets a job.But text books are really expensive. Car parking is not a problem. Most take public transport and others park on normal parking spaces. I think Australia is a pretty good country to live in.

  37. Dee said

    Have a safe trip.Hope Fed will make it more happier. Doing some assignments and took 3 days off. I didn’t plan it well. Now I can’t watch much tonight.Tomorrow I have to go to work. Yesterday I watched till about 2.30 am.My son wants to watch Hewitt/ Roddick match with me.They’ve got school holidays.

  38. monique said

    I found this for you, Claire.

  39. Dee said

    Hey, Are you really interested in coming for AO? Because tickets go on sale in October. You can visit AO web site. It’s pretty easy going. We have endless ground passes too. only rush is for Rod Laver and Hisense.

  40. M said

    Just a silly New Yorker brainstorming here.
    I was talking with someone about people therapy when your comment came through my email.
    It occurred to me reading it that there probably are good therapists for dogs as well but I wouldn’t know the first thing about finding one.

    However, as I Googled the phrase “comfort the dog” and therapist, the Westminster Kennel Club dog show came up in my search — and as you know, our city hosts their show every year, and Madison Square Garden is overrun with dog experts of every kind …

    which made me think that even if *we* don’t know anything about comforting our pets, one of the experts you might be able to find through that magnificent organization just might.

    They’re at www westminsterkennelclub (dot) org, and I bet if you emailed them they’d be able to at least offer some follow-up suggestions to aid your search.

    Hope that helps.

  41. Jenny said

    Hi Claire,

    Just to say again how very sorry I am at your loss. It sounds like M has given you some constructive advice which would certainly be worth a try. Generally animals are very sensible and resilient and will find their own way naturally to acceptance, actually rather quicker than us. Imo, you don’t want to pass your own grief onto them, easier said than done of course, eg physically comforting a dog in a thunderstorm or fireworks, I’ve found it makes them worse, they are best left alone, provided they can’t damage themselves, not the same thing, but you get my drift. May I ask how old your other little dog is? Is she eating? Some tasty snacks, other than their usual food goes down well. From our own experiences with cats and dogs over many years, it is clear to me that they do mourn the loss of a companion, both human and animal. I can understand you aren’t ready to introduce another well chosen companion, but it can help. LOL There’s nothing like a bit of animal competition to buck them up. In that respect a soft neutered adult male may well offer security for her, right now she’s feeling lonely and possibly insecure, dogs and bitches are the best mix. I would not suggest another bitch, or you might have fights on your hands, the last thing you need are scraps in your lounge! A nice male will be protective and respect a female, try talking to your rescue centres [also breed rescue] who may also be able to offer help and advice in other ways too..

    I hope this is of help to you. Take Care.

  42. Chieko said

    Hi Claire san, it was so nice that Dee san reminded me that I have a mailbox. And now I visit you and apologise for not responding to your visit for soooo long. Please forgive me, and please post a lot and I do love to read your comments. Love Chieko

  43. M said

    Hi, Claire – your response to my comment made me realize I hadn’t checked in with you lately about your animals. Was the Kennel Club able to give you any helpful assistance and/or suggestions?

  44. DK said

    Hi Claire,

    A respectful request here to refrain from communicating with M, if that’s okay with you. If you both cool it for a coupla weeks, hopefully the dust will settle.

    I, just like others, appreciate your posts, but some combos just don’t work – yours’ and M’s discussions of late are in that category IMO.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    • Claire said

      Hi DK,
      Would have responded to you mail box – why don’t you have one?

      Yes, I got carried away with M!

      Thank you for taking the time to write in my mailbox. Thanks for the advice – I will do as you say! 🙂

  45. chieko said

    Hi Claire, I just want to tell you how I have enjoyed you as a fellow here at Tennis Planet. And thank you for visiting me before also. I have been busy doing school work and rehearsals. Being in music there are a lot of rehearsals. I hope I do fine this year.

    I have a dog. He is a very good good. He is afraid of lightning and thunders. He is especially afraid of fireworks. TO the point I have to take him somewhere else and I missed most of the firework shows myself! But I guess being a “mother ” to “him” I have to sacrifise!! 😳 🙂

    please post a lot. I love to hear from you.

    Love Chieko

  46. Sol said

    Hi Claire, just saw your message in my mailbox too.
    Like I said before, don’t worry about it. We have enough real and serious problems to deal with in “real” life, we don’t need to add cyber drama to our lives. So take it easy.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t watch the Rafa v. Gulbis match, but I did see the score, so I assume it was a good match. I’ll try to read the live chat to get an idea of what it was like and hopefully find some highlights.
    Enjoy Estoril, if you can get some coverage that is!

  47. chieko said

    Dear Claire san, I understand you know Gracie san also. Her beloved sister is very sick. ( Please refer to her answer to me on Question). I believe in prayer. Would you also pray for her also!! Thank you so much from Chieko

  48. Gracie said

    Hi Claire. Thank you for your genuine concern. My sister is being treated at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover NH where she lives. They have a pretty big cancer facility there and the doctors do work in teams. She’s extremely proactive also, so she keeps her doctors on their toes. She’s definitely not the type to take everything at face value, and does her own research about everything they’re doing. I don’t think she’d be interested in more opinions. They did enough testing to be sure what’s going on. Plus we live in a country which allows insurance companies to tell us where we can and can’t be treated, so luckily she’s in a place with a fairly prestigious hospital and a state-of-the-art cancer facility already. But thank you for your generous offer. You are very kind.

    It is astounding that after ten-plus years her breast cancer has come back. She had an excellent prognosis after her original surgery – no cancer at the margins, NO lymph node involvement. She went through all the chemo, etc. and after about 6 or 7 years they gave her a clean bill of health. Then late last year she went to a few doctors because she was having a lot of back and hip pain. She already has a bit of osteoporosis, compounded by the first round of chemo, so she thought the pain might be related to bone loss. Instead they found cancer markers on her spine, hips and ribs. Plus a tumor in her liver. It tested positive for breast cancer… I don’t know if it’s true that the longer you are cancer free, if the cancer comes back it doesn’t spread as fast. I hope it is though.

    She’s on some pretty strong chemo drugs right now and is having much worse side effects than she did the first time around. Her doctor is trying to get her into a trial where she’d get the same drugs, but one of them would be administered in a different suspension. Apparently it’s the suspension agent that is causing the particular side effects she is having. She’s into about her 5th month of this now. They took new scans after the first three months and the tumor was shrinking and some of the markers on her ribs are disappearing. I don’t know exactly what that means, but her doctor said it was the best possible result after the first 3-month round. So I’m going with that, and hoping she’ll be one of the lucky ones. She looks like hell right now… I do have one cousin who came back from stage 4 Hodgkins when he was in his late 20s. He’s in his late 40s now, and has never had a recurrance. There’s always hope. I have to keep reminding myself.
    Thanks again Claire, for taking the time to write me, and for your support.

  49. chieko said

    Hi Clarie san, thank you for your lovely message in my mailbox. Thank you so liking me 😳 !! It makes me feel very good. I shall save this good feeling and send it mentally to Nina san today!!

    You wrote such good things for our Gracie san. Your experience will be so helpful. Thank you so very much.

    We are so lucky to have so many good friends.

    Let us all keep good feelings. Let us all collectively send all these good feelings to our dearest Gracie san’s family. 😀

  50. Gracie said

    Hi Claire.
    This month has been good so far, relatively speaking. My sister’s doc had her skip one week of chemo, to try to diminish some of the neuropathy in her hands and feet. Actually I think it’s the distribution agent that’s causing it. The docs are trying to get her into a clinical trial in which a different distribution agent is used. (Mostly trying to work out insurance BS.)

    Anyway, a week ‘off’ seemed to be enough to give her some energy back – enough to do a bit of gardening. Her ‘husband’ bought her a used golf cart, so she can drive around her land and tend to things as she usually does at this time of year. So a bit of normal has been good. She will have another set of scans done (6 months on chemo) in about 9 days. Then we’ll see what the markers look like…

    Me, I’m doing a little better now. Some bad days, but there’s only so much I can do before the worry sets in for a while. It’s worse after I see her, because she looks worse than she feels. In between, when we talk on the phone is better because it’s normal sister stuff again, and I can look at her pictures here and remind myself that’s still who she is. I think you probably know what I mean.

    This weekend I am home. Ready to start some laundry and look for a stream of Federer’s Halle match. Then out to mulch my vegetable garden, a phone call to Nina, and later, dinner here with a friend. A normal Saturday. It helps to keep things in simple, daily perspective. The funny thing is, my sister is the person who taught me to be better able to do that.

    Thanks for your note, Claire. And for all your prayers and good wishes. …g

  51. Gracie said

    Hi Claire,

    I’m just realizing you responded to my last message. I usually forget to check my mailbox here.

    In answer to your question at the end, I can’t say my sister is a tennis fan the way I am, but she did watch with me a lot in the 70s and 80s. Of course ‘a lot’ then was nothing compared to how much we have to watch today, and she’s not the type to put that much time into any sport, not the way I do. Her ‘husband’ Bob (36 years, but not really married) watches all kinds of sports, though not obsessively. But he does like tennis too, so she still sees some matches, usually the last rounds, more because of him than her seeking them out.

    She did once give me the BEST birthday present EVER, when she bought us tickets to the entire second week of the US Open. That was truly a blast, and a great vacation week we had together. (We both grew up in NY so it’s nice to go back too.) We sat outside the tennis center watching the fountains around the ‘Unisphere’, left there from the 1964 World’s Fair, which we’d attended with our parents. I was 9 and she was 17 at the time. And it was interesting to sit there together, staring at that relic of the Fair and comparing our impressions of it at the time, at those different ages and perspectives. We returned to sit there on many of those mornings, while waiting for the gates to open. It was a fantastic week of wall to wall live tennis, with only one tiny rain delay and lots of late night matches. We had a terrific time, all around. Her generous nature gave us that time together – doing one of my favorite things with my favorite person in the world. It was a special time that I won’t forget. Like I said, best present ever.

  52. Chieko said

    Hi Claire san,

    I want to write and wish you the best. I hope that you enjoy watching tennis and doing all the things your love to do like gardening. I think you are a very wonderful lady. I am glad I got to know you here. Love Chieko

  53. Chieko said

    Dear Claire san,

    I send you the best wishes . I pray that you are healthy and enjoy your tennis.

    Love Chieko

  54. Dee said

    Hi Claire,
    I was visiting Chieko san’s mail box and saw your comment. I am so sorry to hear about your friend.One of my good friends has died. I heard the news this evening. I am in shock. Her younger sister died 11 years ago and she went through a lot.This is the first time I faced something like this, Friend, same age,so sad. Take care. Dee

  55. Bettyjane said

    Hi Claire,
    I went to bed early last night and missed the rest of the thread about the dogs. I LOVE your idea of sharing. Tell me all about Molly. (I prefer pets that have human names. I had a golden named Emma for 14 years.)These mixed breeds are the rage now aren’t they! Mixi-poo? Enlighten me, lol!
    Setters like Henry are pretty crazy, but the English are the least so of the three types. I’ve never posted a photo to this site, but I think if we asked TP to get a section for out pets up and running he’d say the site has gone to the dogs.

  56. Somebody Else said

    Hi Claire! Thanks for dropping by and leaving the hello note.
    I’ve rarely made mailbox appearances myself, since all the craziness occurs in the maelstrom of post threads.

    My sister-in-arms, Defenders of the Fed! 😉

  57. bluechyll said

    Ahaha, thank you Claire! Does your son know you’re trying to play match-maker? 😆

    • Claire said

      Of course not! 🙂

      He has dated one girl since freshman year high school. I would like him to date other girls to decide if she “may” be the one. He (Jack) is off to University of Virginia next month. Virginia is a beautiful state so if you ever go there – let’s talk about having my son show you around. 🙂

      I think you are probably a year older than my son?

  58. bluechyll said

    Haha, if I’m ever in Virginia, I will definitely let you know. I’d love to have someone to show me around!

    I’m not at University yet, but hopefully I will be next year. I’m already 18, turning 19 in January next year. When does your son turn 19?

    ’24’ isn’t quite over for me yet, because I haven’t seen the newest series, I’m still waiting for it to come out on DVD so I don’t have to sit through the advertisements 😆 So don’t go giving anything away now! 🙂 🙂

  59. Blake said

    Hey Claire, cheers for the msg- nice pic btw 😛 hehehe.

    Current TV fav’s would probably be: Hung, 24, Entourage, True Blood, Californication, Family Guy & Mad Men 🙂 can’t wait til the ’24 movie comes out next yr!!

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