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Posted by tennisplanet on April 1, 2008


Married with a 22yr old son.
Live in the UK.
Played tennis a long time ago after watching Bjorn Borg, but come from a sporting family gymnastics, cricket [hobby] professional boxing [grandfather].
Fav colour green.
Fav films – Continental, mostly French. Ha.Ha also The Third Man!
Fav music – Classical and the power ballads. I love Springsteen’s The Streets of Philadelphia.
Current favourite boys – Federer, Ferrer, Gonzalez, Nalbandian.
Love to watch – Nadal, Ferrero, Moya, Verdasco, Ancic, Mahut, Hewitt, Santoro, Blake.
Ladies: Henin, Mauresmo.
Previous favs – Borg, McEnroe, Edberg, Kuerten, Coria, [still love Coria, I’m hoping he will get better].
btw Claire, my late favourite uncle and godfather was born in Buffalo and went on to live in Ohio.

Sorry I forgot Pete Sampras!


299 Responses to “Jenny.”

  1. Dee said

    Hi Jenny,
    Just to say hello. Enjoy the snow.

  2. Dee said

    My neighbours moved to England and staying in an appartment, sent me this email ‘we can see snow falling through our window—-‘. We don’t get snow in Melbourne. We have to go to the mountains to enjoy it. My hubby’s relatives live in England, actually he studied in England too. He went to University of Surrey.(hope the spelling’s correct)

  3. louise said

    hiya jenny, where bouts in the UK do u live?
    im from manchester. so do u think fed is going to do well in estirol?

  4. Brooke said


    (Nalbandian = The blond bombshell, right?)

    Yup, my brother got the autograph. Normally players look taller and better looking in person, but he looked reaaaally tiny, had this gross acne all over (my mom was convinced he has a skin disease) and he was pretty heavy. So he’s pretty much the best looking guy ever.

  5. Louise said

    no you wasnt to far from manchester. yeah its being broadcasted on eurosport on tues 😀
    i didnt think it was untill i looked, glad though hope rogi goes far im so rooting for him.
    just hope he shows everyone what he is made of and shut the media up hehe

  6. Jill said

    Hi Jenny,

    No, I’m still in Dublin but hope to move around July. Turns out it’s 50/50 as to whether we go back to London or on to New York. Just waiting to hear. I feel the US Open coming on!

  7. Louise said

    ahh rite, well i got sky so i get them all. the only trouble with all the tennis its on sky apart from wimby and our davis cup. make us spend money hehe

  8. Adrian said

    Hey Jenny!

    I am not exclusively a clay court fan… I looove clay, but I also like hard courts and grass a lot. I’m just not a big fan of indoor tennis basically… although sometimes the quality of matches indoors can be absolutely fantastic given that players don’t have to deal with wind, etc.

    Anyway, I think Chucho does have a chance against Johansson but not against Soderling. I think he beat Johansson in 2006 when Argentina crushed Sweden 5-0 and that was a great win. Soderling has been playing good, though, and although he’s not a clay court specialist like Chucho, his game has gotten slightly better — and I don’t think I can make that same statement about Acasuso’s unfortunately! But I think these matches will be the most interesting ones amongst all the DC matches… I liked the US-France quarter, but now with the Frenchies out, I think Roddick and co. are just going to have a picnic in the park…

  9. Dee said

    Hey Jenny,
    haven’t you read ‘Quest for perfection’-The Roger Federer Story from Stauffer???? If not Give your son a hint, so you’ll have it for ‘Mothers Day’. I got it for Christmas from my daughter. Till then I didn’t even know that there was a book.

  10. Claire said


    What are your thoughts on the match today? How do you think Federer played? Do you think Federer would have won if Davy didn’t retire?

  11. Jenny said

    Hi Claire,

    Would you believe, Eurosport didn’t televise it, despite broadcasting all week which I couldn’t see see live, just a few miserable highlights. They decided to cover the second set of the final, just when Kolya decided to retire!! All we got today was live scores from Estoril and Valencia. It was a good day for me though, Roger and David’s victories.

  12. Jill said

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks so much for the Ferrer piccies. Don’t know what it is about him but I always want to give him a good old cuddle, especially when he’s getting down on himself during a match. Really looking forward to today, Sky are actually going to show his match (can’t rememeber the last time I saw him play!) and then we have Federer followed by Nadal. Don’t think there will be much housework going on. You never know we might even get to see Nalbandian this week too!

    Good on you complaining to Sky. I feel bad about the way I think about Murray because it’s not his fault,I just don’t ever remember things being this bad with Tim Henman. Maybe I’m just looking back with rose coloured spectacles being a bigger fan of Henman than Murray.

  13. Jill said

    Jenny, can you help me out here as I know you’re a big clay fan and I readily admit to knowing next to nothing about it. Everyone on Sky is talking as though Djokovic is the only likely candidate to get through to the final from his side of the draw but surely Nalbandian, if he’s in the zone, can take Djokovic out? Or am I reading it all wrong? They just don’t seem to mention Nalby at all.

  14. bigfish said

    Hi Jenny,

    Did not see your comment in my mailbox until today. Thank you. Federer holds a very special place in me, but I also love to watch many other players like you. So, I love reading your comments which are always well-balanced, and thoughtful. But I am not big at writing myself, so I am reluctant to comment more often than not.

  15. bigfish said

    Many of my “like-to-watch” players are one hander because I have a thing for one hander. From Barcelona lineup; I would like to watch F. Lo, Almagro, and Wawrinka. I would still try to catch Moya’s, Nalbandian’s, Ferrer’s and Nadal’s matches if available. Nalby’game and Ferrer’s and Nadal’s fighting spirit are never a bore to watch.

    If Nalby plays Ferrer, that will be a match to watch. Isn’t it? What about you? Besides Nalby and Ferrer.

  16. bigfish said

    Forget to greet.. Sorry !!! Hi Jenny!!

  17. bigfish said

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for your response. Did Almagro say that? Not very nice. And yes, top three are always under microscopic scrutiny. I don’t know much a bout all the historic incidents because I started watching tennis intensely not that long ago. Even the famous Rafa banana incident, I saw the video only recently.

    Even though I love tennis since I was a kid, before I only occasionally watch GS Semis and finals when they are aired on TV. But after I found TP site, gradually I am more and more into every tournament, even the MM ones. I felt like I found people I could talk to about tennis matches. My friends think I am nuts because I stayed in the hotel room to watch tennis during my vacation. Go figure. And they don’t even know I watch scoreboard also. 😛

    Clay is definitely a different type of tennis. I use to not like it much because too much grinding and long rallies. Now I like the sliding. Back to Barcelona, so Nalby has never beaten Ferrer on clay, right? I thought people always say Nalbandian is a clay-courter also. Moya and Nadal QF would be nice to watch also. And I did not get to see Rafa and Ferrer at MC so it would be good me if they play again so that I could watch. May be Ferrer would get his revenge? But I would have to wait until weekend to catch live stream.

  18. Jill said

    Oh dear Jenny, I have just had to give myself a good talking to. I felt far too delighted just now to see that Ancic had put Murray out. Write out 1000 times” I must not think bad thoughts about Andy Murray and try to support British tennis more…….”

  19. Bigfish said

    Thank you Jenny. I recorded a few TMC matches. But this Rafa and David one I missed.

  20. Bigfish said

    Hi Jenny,

    It seems some people were able to watch live stream today and they posted the link at tennis forum. May be you could check them out tomorrow. I would be off to work and watch scoreboard. 😦

    Who is your pick to play Nadal at the final? And what happened to Nalby today? I am happy for Wawa though!

  21. bigfish said

    Sorry Jenny (and to all) if the links don’t work. But please keep checking the forum during matches, people would post new links there if there are any.

    Yes!!!!!!! “Stan the man” would play your man Ferru. I like Wawa (I also like to watch Ferru, especially his forehand), but he I don’t think Stan has much chance though. May be we are heading towards Rafa & Ferru final? Hopefully we could find a live stream to watch it. Hope, hope…

  22. bigfish said

    And Yes. Gonzalez, glad he is back in form. Hope he does well.

  23. Jill said

    My talking to the other day clearly didn’t work. I laughed out loud when I looked at the Rome draw and saw that Murray would be toast by the third round at the latest. 1000 more lines methinks!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Jill said

    Infuriating having to just watch the scoreline. Thought we were going to have a repeat of Monte Carlo but Ferrer pulled it off. Way to go David. Keep it up. And a win for Gonzalez, things are just getting better and better.And so to Rome……

  25. Jill said

    Ooh Jenny, how close was that for Gonzalez! Pity for Tipsarevic, I rather like him too. Fed was brilliant, poor Canas just looked confused at various points but I do love his never give up attitude, especially as the poor man looked tired by around the 3rd game!

    Feel I should shut up about Murray now but having watched his exchange with Del Potro last night at the end of the 2nd set (which I didn’t catch last night) am even more disgusted with him. He’s like a petulant child. I really don’t see him ever being a top 5 player in the long run, he just doesn’t have the right attitude IMO. I may not like Djokovic’s game or personality but he clearly has the heart of a champion, something I think Murray will never have.

  26. Jill said

    Jenny, can you help? Got back from France to find Wimbledon tickets had arrived. Am in Row A of West Open Stand. Do you know if that is front, middle or back section? I can’t remember as the last time I was on Centre Court was back in the Dark Ages and I know you’ve been at least as recentely as 2001!

  27. Jill said

    Thanks so much Jenny. (Why didn’t I think of going to the Wimbledon site – what a twit I am). The seats are better than I could ever have imagined, I really can’t wait.

  28. Jill said

    Jenny, absolutely -I love listening to Virginia Wade. I just wish Greg would butt out now and again and let her speak. He never seems to agree with anyone. I felt quite sorry for Navotna, she didn’t say a hell of a lot of interest but he constantly shouted her down or laughed at what she said.

    BTW, agree re Game, Set and Mats. Excruciating, but not so much because of Mat but the guy introducing it. He’s hopeless, can’t get through a sentence without fluffing it.

    Who do you think will come out as the winner at the end of the Fed/Gonzo match?

  29. Dee said

    Hi, Jenny, I visited the site you gave. I found the full interview but couldn’t find any gossip. Pl, help! Nothing’s wrong having a bit of spice in our tennis life, right????

  30. Jill said

    Sorry Jenny, got confused with the mail box thing and posted my last message to you in my own box!

    Lordy, how long could that Safina match go on – I was absolutely champing at the bit to get to the Fed/Gonzalez match. It was infuriating watching the scores on the internet. It really looked in that first set as though Gonzalez had carried on where he left off at the TMC. There were some very odd games going on at times. It was hilarious when they showed Jose in the crowd with his heads in his hands.

    Didn’t quite understand Greg’s theory that Federer would be in the final but couldn’t beat Nadal or Djokovic. Yes I think it unlikely he can beat Nadal but there is no reason he can’t beat Djokovic, it could go either way IMO.

    What’s your view on the Murray biography? Can’t for the life of me understand why he would write it now when he’s only 21 and hasn’t even won a slam yet. Equally startled by the slew of books out there on Lewis Hamilton. All seems slightly bonkers to me.

  31. Jill said

    Hi Jenny,

    I was also gutted by David’s loss, had just taken it for granted he would come through. Didn’t realise the extent of the black taping he had on though. It was such a great chance to get into another semi, I hope he doesn’t beat himself up too much.

    Go Roger, Go Rafa!

  32. Jill said

    Hi Jenny,

    Nalby is looking so good, I do hope he does well at Wimbledon.

    Don’t know if you are watching today but I’d love to get your report on Murray/Gulbis and Djokovic/Tipsarevic matches. I was looking forward to them but can’t see them as I’m going to a wedding.

    Don’t know about you but Greg and Andrew are driving me nuts. And why can’t anyone speak to any of the players without constantly asking about Murray. Nadal was beyond sweet in his interview with Sue Barker.

  33. Jill said

    Thanks so much for your report Jenny. Sad to see Gasquet go out today, he could do with a confidence boost but happy Nalbandian is through. Keep it up Nalby (and Roger!).

    Even I feel a bit sorry for Murray at the moment, he really doesn’t get much luck on the injury front, does he?

  34. Dee said

    Thanks Jenny! Would you believe this!? I’ve never heard of her till I received you mail. Then I googled her name. So, Yes She is Australian , Parents are Irish. Oh! what a voice! gave me goose bumps. Even though we are citizens, We actually came to Australia about 20 years ago. So, English is not my first language. It took me a while to get used to the aussie accent. I enjoy any music but love the songs that I could understand the meaning.

  35. Dee said

    I forgot to ask you Jenny, I left you an idea on
    I would love to know whether you are game?

  36. Dee said

    There are some songs on you tube, If you want to listen.
    Now I know how you fell for your Hubby!!!!!
    BTW, This is my email in case.
    I have two. one for blogging and one for friends. I’ll give you my real one personally.

  37. Jill said

    Ooh Jenny, at least we know Murray will be well behaved in his 1st match – he has too much respect for Santoro to make a twit of himself in front of him!

  38. Dee said

    Hey Jenny, Congratulations!!!!Your man was on the Centre court. Yeay!!!
    You think it’s a coincident because of Murray or they actually listen to our plea?

  39. Claire said

    Hi Jenny,

    Need your support! I’m doing my 2nd afgan -one for older son and I can’t get the stitch count correct. It’s driving me crazy and am now ignoring the afgan! I am so frustrated!!! Can you relate?

  40. claire said

    Hi Jenny,

    I’m doing regular crocheting; not afgan stitch. Yes, my count is off. Everything was going great, but now I can’t get the stitch count right! I don’t know if I’m starting the row on the right stitch. I will once again start the row over. One row is 209 stitches, so it’s a pain to rip out a roll and start over!
    I’m going to try to get it right today! Thanks for your help 🙂

  41. Deep South Girl said

    Good Grief, Claire! What you are doing sounds too difficult–I’m terrible with numbers anyway.

    I wish I could knit or something. It seems that all the girls at school knitted and played bridge and I NEVER caught on to either one.
    I’m tempted to take lessons–it looks like such a peaceful thing to do.

    Good luck!

  42. Claire said


    I got my counting back in sync. Tomorrow’s match seems so important to me – please beat Murray in 2 easy sets! I plan of crocheting during the match – have to do something. It will be worth getting my count off again. Guess I should just take some yarn and just crochet away – whatever stitch moves me!

  43. Claire said

    Jenny, I did get it figured out and was crocheting away during a Federer match. Many rows later I realized that I totally forgot to do 2 rows in the pattern! i.e. I skipped row no. 3 and 4 in instructions! So there goes about 8 rows of work!
    I should have done what I said and just cast on some stitches with yarn and just keep single crocheting during the match! Live and learn!!

  44. Stella said

    Jenny. I was just reading some of the mailbox posts ( can’t believe I’ve been on this site so long without finding the mailboxes) and you mentioned a Wimbledon commentary by Ginnie Wade. On our Canadian TV we get all tournaments via US TV stations so we have dreadful commentary by people who don’t know how to shut up and let us watch the players that we tuned in for. Well, we’d decided that if we were to ever get decent wimby commentary again we’d have to fly to the UK and check into a hotel and watch BBC. And then we found on the Wimby website a company caled Mediazone. Well’ for the last 2 seasons we’ve had streaming video from up to 8 courts, with British commentary — and my favourite is Wade. She knows when to talk and when to be quiet and she tries to find positive things to say. (The US commentators tear down everyone who isn’t American). I also enjoyed Martina and a couple of the men commentators ( one called David?)
    Interestingly enough, when I was in grammar school and playing on the school tennis 6 our arch rival was the high school in the neighbouring town and their star player was Ginnie Wade who was at that time already playing junior Wimbledon. The horriblest game I ever played was when I had to play her and she was so snooty.Beat me 6-0

  45. Stella said

    yup, played THE Virginia Wade.
    Saw her a few years ago playing in a seniors event at the US Open and thought that she looked so old and slow that surely I’d beat her now —- but there’s not a chance I’d do any better now than then.
    Yes, it probably was Mercer. I’ll listen out for Mc Millan this year. The BBC always have such good commentators. It’s so interesting to listen to McEnroe and crew doing BBC — they talk in between points and shut up during play and then they go over to NBC and do the American TV where they spend an hour chatting among themselves about their greatest matches etc till someone has to remind them that the underdog has match point or something.

  46. Jill said

    Dare we secretly hope (but not say it too loudly) that Nalbandian might go deep this year? I do so hope so. What are your thoughts?

    And I really hope Gasquet can get some form back, I love watching him play.

  47. Stella said

    I remember Sam Smith. She commentated well.
    On one of my first trips to Wimbledon i saw a lot of Hewitt and Mc Millan — really liked Hewitt — he was unpredictable in temperament.
    Maybe Petchey has been listening to American baseball commentators. even though a team may be down by a load of runs and out of it they’ll make a comment like ” the winning run is now on deck’ Of course there was the famous baseball guy who said “it’s not over till it’s over’ While I agree that R Fed in full flight aint going to fold one of the joys of tennis is that you don’t know for sure till it truly is game, set and match. There is always a window of opportunity, however small. I watched , I think, Mary Joe come back from 0-6, 0-5 and win against Sabatini.

  48. Jill said

    Oh dear Jenny, I should have kept my thoughts about Nalbandian to myself, shouldn’t I? What a bummer.

  49. M said

    Congratulations, Jenny. The great tennis last night romanced my Inner Insomniac and wouldn’t let go! I’m not sure if you caught any of the match or any highlights, but Nando played out of his mind the whole time.

  50. Stella said

    Do you think Verdasco has a chance against Rafa? I sure hope he does

  51. Stella said

    Jenny, I don’t know.
    I watched the match but unfortunately dozed off a few times. Also our commentary cut off at ad breaks so didn’t see any treatment on the leg. I assume cramps — certainly at 4 all, 30 all, 2 sets all he was still as fit as Rafa.
    I wonder if this is really good for tennis and building fans. It seems to make it a feat of endurance rather than tennis skills. Who ( other than retired folk or rabid tennis fans) has 5.14 to set aside to watch a match. I’d rather watch Fed hit 2 hrs of inspired winners or 2 hrs of Santoro magic. Maybe if they’re making it a test of fitness more than tennis skills it would get a better audience if it was made best of 3 sets or these guys did ultramarathons instead. Our coverage started at 3.30am so I taped it.since we lost our little cat in Dec we’re a bit freer to travel so we’re on an extended trip to the sun so I have time to watch but here’s what happened.
    Got up , had breakfast, rewound the tape .
    Watched the first set ( about an hour)
    went out to get a paper and watch dolphins.
    Came back and watched another set.
    Had lunch.
    Watched some of the third set .
    Went out to bike the beach for a few hours
    Sat down to watch a bit more – think I dozed a bit at this stage.
    Went out to get groceries.
    Watched another half set or so.
    Made and ate dinner
    Watched a bit more.
    Watched some streaming video of the mens doubles.
    Came back to watch to the end of the 5th set.
    Made coffee.
    By this time it was 2.30am and I’ve got an hour to kill before Serena’s final comes on
    To heck with it, I’m tired . i’m going to bed.
    How are people with a life expected to watch all this stuff?

  52. Deep South Girl said

    Thank you, dear Jenny for the great article on Ferrer and the animals.
    If a man has compassion for animals, I sort of fall in love with them!

    This damned economy is causing people to abandon their pets—even horses. What must those trusting creatures think? It keeps me sad.

  53. Claire said


    How are you holding up with all the snow? Isn’t it the most snow you’ve had in years and years? Something like 40 years? Stay warm, do you have an afghan to cuddle up in? 🙂

  54. Stella said

    Hi Jenny in snowy England.
    It makes me laugh when england comes to a halt with a little snow and yet we are regularly up to our ears in it in Ottawa (it was minus 20C when we left to go on vacation)
    I remember that when I lived in Kent the town had no equipment to plow the stuff or salt or grit the roads. My sister lives in the IOW and drives a really expensive Audi but she got stuck on this really tiny hill beside her house that had a smattering of snow, like talcum powder,on the road.
    I’m in S Carolina at the moment and its been 2C for the last few days and I feel colder here than I ever do in Ottawa where it can be minus 20 because the house here is uninsulated yet my Canada house is sealed and well insulated. England is not equipped for snow so I hope you have furry slippers and lots of warm blankets.

  55. M said

    An article on your man’s latest championship!

  56. M said

    Jenny, you’re absolutely right that he’s Bulgarian. (Obvs. I’m blanking.)

    And I knew you’d like that backhand.

  57. M said

    Did see your other response – I answered over here in case the discussion got long; I didn’t want TP to kick us out of the thread.

    I’ve read a lot about Roger’s early temperament issues — throwing racquets, his dad dumping him in the snow, etc. I guess I wondered how much his and Peter’s acrimonious parting had to do with Peter’s just throwing that comparison so casually out there in the press, especially since he must know Roger’s going through some stuff right now in terms of figuring out who to work with, advancing career issues, etc.

    I don’t care what people think, and certainly one is entitled to say what one likes, but could he have, yk, timed it better maybe?

  58. Stella said

    well done in the last contest. you were the quickest off the draw

  59. Stella said

    Jenny, are you thinking of trying to get tickets for that “under the new roof” event at Wimbledon. Should be interesting. I wish I was over there then, I’d certainly try for tickets

  60. Stella said

    I think I’m going to try.
    After all it’s only a transatlantic flight, followed by a bus ride, followed by a tube ride followed by a long queue. What else do I have to do that afternoon anyway?
    Of course I don’t have a chance of getting 2 tkts but I’ll try.

  61. Stella said

    I’m thinking of the exhibition in May. I queued up for wimbledon a few years ago and got a grounds pass. The crowds were so thick that I could see virtually nothing. my husband had no problem ( I’m 5ft he’s 5ft 11in) I do better staying home and watching on Mediazone. I usually come over to the UK in May when the charter flights start up between Ottawa and Gatwick and I visit my Mum in Kent so I’d try to fit it in that trip.
    The year end at O2 (was that the Millenium dome or is it somewhere else) sounds great but I’m not sure who I’d see or how many matches I’d get for my ticket. I do have the site for it bookmarked though just in case I’m in the UK then.

  62. Jill said

    Oh joy, just how good was David looking today. If he comes out swinging like that tomorrow and Djokovic doesn’t improve I see him holding the trophy. Yippee!

    Not quite sure what happened to Gasquet there but goodness me I could still sit and watch his backhand all day long.

  63. Stella said

    you mentioned being interested in going to the year end Masters at o2— well I got an e mail today from the AELTC that they are offering tickets before the sale to the general public — no tickets at the weekend and only a few on the Friday. Otherwise, my sister sent me a note that ticketmaster are selling them. I think you look on the Ticketmaster site for the event and click on “presale tickets” and use the code MAHW66DE. That password is apparently to be used for the presale tickets up to Apr 7th

  64. Jill said

    Hi Jenny, I’m off on holiday today and will miss the rest of Madrid. I’ve been enjoying listening to everyones top 5’s so if you happen to catch the results at the weekend would you mind putting them in my mailbox?

  65. Sarah said

    from Eurosport:
    For his final French Open, Fabrice Santoro has been careful not to set the bar too high.

    “The goal, ideally, is to move past the first round and lose after having played a great match,” he said. “The absolute nightmare would be to play a bad match.”

    Once out of the tournament, he will follow the progress of the others and, as a man who rates elegance over power, hope that Roger Federer will win his battle with Rafael Nadal to triumph in Paris at last.

    “If he (Federer) does it, I’ll be at least as happy as he will be,” Santoro said.

  66. Sarah said

    May 27, 2009 from Roland Garros:

    Q. You competed against many generations, Edberg, Agassi, Sampras, and Federer. How do you look back at these matchups against many champions, generations?

    FABRICE SANTORO: Well, you’re talking about all the greatest champions we had in tennis, so it’s tough to compare Agassi, Sampras, Federeror Nadal. They are all the best we ever had. But for me, we played like seven times Sampras, six times Agassi, and eleven times Federer.

    Federer is different, because when he’s playing at his best, everything is just perfect on the court, what he can do with the racquet and the ball.

    I remember a few matches I played against him, and I was looking at him when I was playing, saying, Wow, how is it possible to play so well? But also, playing against Agassi in the past six times was always something special, becausethe way he was playing was something I really enjoy.

    Q. Many people said you were the last guy having such a variety in his game. Would you say that tennis became standardized and you’re one of the last having such a great variety of shots?

    FABRICE SANTORO: Well, yes. When I look at the top players today, I think that, yes, none of them play like me. On the other side, if I could play like Federer, I’d love that, so…

    Then the way the game has evolved has led to players being stronger. When you’ve grown more muscles, when you’re taller, when you’re stronger, you want to use it with your racquet.

    And once again, I use what I have. That means not a lot. Many players are 15 kilograms heavier than me, 15 centimeters taller than me, and when they hit the ball, they want to hit it strong. And I can understand that.

    My game style was out of date when I arrived on the tour. I got on the tour in the ’90s, and my style dated back to the ’70s. So when I arrived, I was, you know, 20 years late already. So managing to get good performances for 20 years when you’re 20 years late, that’s difficult enough. But that was my challenge. And that’s the beauty of my career, if I may say so.

    I always tried to find solutions to,you know, to be a problem to these guys, to be performing, to be able to continue playing. There was one thing important to me for my career. I wanted to live my passion. Even before thinking I want to be in the top 10, top 20, I wanted to enjoy and have fun as long as possible, so I had to find solutions, but there is always a solution.

  67. Dee said

    Hey Jenny, I thought Sontoro’s last Wimbledon was last year. He is still playing. You must be thrilled.

    • Jenny said

      LOL Dee, I guess Fabrice will carry on for as long as he feels able, not half bad and he’s taken out Kiefer of all people!

  68. Dee said

    have you been to wimbledon yet or still watching on screen?

  69. Bettyjane said

    So very interested to hear that you showed dogs!! I just love going to the shows. Although my 2 friends who show complain about the politics involved. (Wining and dining the judges to get BIS!)
    And kudos for your rescue efforts. Just wonderful work to be doing.
    Enjoy these matches and get some sleep!!!!

  70. M said

    Jenny, I’m currently wrangling some technical problems with them, but gods willing, I should end up with some lovely digital photos of both Titans Feña and Rafa from the QF (what pieces of it we ended up with).

    If you want to give me an outside email address like yahoo or hotmail or gmail or something, I’d be happy to mail you copies when they’re uploaded and properly edited.

  71. Bettyjane said

    Hi again Jenny,
    I just tried answering Monique’s question to me and my responses (I posted twice) aren’t showing up. I didn’t put a link in there and yet it’s still in limo. I noticed that you’re able to communicate with her. Would you direct her to my mailbox. I’d like to be able to help her and maybe we’ll be able to communicate that way.
    (Sorry to put you in the middle here!!)

  72. Stella said

    Thanks so much for thinking of me ( and Fluffs too). I think of her every day — i have my favourite photo of her as my wallpaper on my laptop. i’m still at the stage that, although I’d love something furry, I want her and not a different cat. so, we are trying plan B for a few years and then will decide. Plan B is to do the travelling that we couldn’t do while we didn’t want to leave her for too long. At the end of Sept we’re coming to England for 5 weeks to visit 8 different lots of family and friends —- all those different spare beds to sleep in and far too much food !! In the middle of that time we’re taking an Easyjet flight from Bristol to Madeira for 11 days. Never been to Madeira before as it’s really awkward, and pricey, to get there from here. In early Jan we’re driving to Hilton head, S Carolina to stay in a condo for 3 months. That should mean winter will be over by the time we get back to Ottawa just after Easter and in H Head we can be outdoors a lot with tennis, biking and lots of wonderful wildlife. We’ll see how it all goes ( but I still check out the website of our cat shelter once a week!)

  73. Anonymous said

    Jenny, which player went to his opponent’s side of the court, to wipe a mark left by a ball when he was not allowed to do that ? Very easy until I find one more difficult lol

  74. Stella said

    maybe it’s different depending at what stage of your life it happens. When we lost our first cat in 1990 we still had her sister Dawn. We got Fluffs a few months later. they lived happily together till Dawn died at age 20 in 1998. As Fluffs was getting older and as our friends were retiring and travelling and doing the Canadian thing of going away for the winter we’d say to ourselves ” one day we’ll be in that position, no work, able to travel” and we’d say ‘ after Fluffs we can go’ but of course we really didn’t want there to be a time ” after Fluffs” and we hoped she’d go on a lot longer as she seemeed healthy was was always a tough little cat . Now we see friends who are mid 70’s who don’t want the bother of travelling any more or who have health issues so we say to ourselves that we have a window of a few years to go places and then we sit down and decide. If we still want to be away 3 months in the coldest part of the year it’s a long time to expect a cat to be in kennels but maybe its better to be in a loving home for 9 months and kennels for 3 rather that life in a shelter.


  75. Stella said

    pity we can’t meet for a coffee in the next month. We’re in Tunbridge Wells, Swanage, Bristol , and S Wales, Sheffield, Isle of Wight, Southampton.
    I assume you don’t live in any of those?

  76. Bettyjane said

    A belated but sincere CONGRATS for your Wall of Fame victory. TP never made the official winner announcement. This site is becoming more and more self-monitoring!!!

  77. Stella said

    It had better not be too wet— all I’ve got room for is one very small umbrella.

    Fluffs was semi feral — got her from a friend who had a farm and Fluffs was part of a litter born in their barn. Although she was fine with us and lounged round our house and garden as if she owned the place she never allowed us to pick her up, never sat on us, and used to take off and hide under the bed as soon as anyone came to the front door. Yet she’d wander along the path that runs behind our house and walk up to, and rub around, anyone walking along the path.

  78. Stella said

    oh yes, definite similarities. Although you couldn’t pick her up she loved being on her back on the floor with her paws curled a bit. but try to rub the tummy — claws and hissing. And as for grooming. she washed a lot but in winter that ruff around her neck got so long that when she washed it her neck and tongue weren’t long enough to get to the end of it. she prefered being on one side when sitting and that rear quarter got really lumpy and she couldn’t lick it out. combing was out of the question so we’d get both of us to hold her tight and take the scissors to the lumps. Yet she adored being combed up the side of her face , under her chin, and over her head and down her back …..
    How many pets do you have at the moment and what do you do with them when it is holiday time

  79. Bettyjane said

    Good afternoon Jenny,
    First of all, hope Rob and your family is well! My husband asked me if you were a fan of the show “Bottom” with Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall?? We’ve just discovered it on Netflix (a DVD-rental service here in the States.), even though the show is 20 years old When I’m not being grossed out, I find it utterly hilarious.
    He also is curious as to where in London you reside, and if it’s anywhere near Hammersmith where these two are)

  80. Dee said

    Hey Jenny, want to watch some good old tennis?

  81. Sol said

    Hi Jenny,

    I just watched the vid you posted in my mailbox. Thank you so much!
    Isn’t it great how innocent he looks? He has that macho look and yet he’s so tender when he speaks.
    And how much would YOU pay to go that party? Safin, Moya and Ferrer?? Yum 😉
    The only thing that broke my heart is when he says he’d like to date Sharapova! Of all the female players, Sharapova???? Oh, man.

    Thanks again.

    I actually went on his site again last week, some bloggers (female I suppose,lol) post some incredible pictures of him. And he still answers personaly sometimes!! I thought about writing something but felt too stupid to expect he’ll answer back himself. lol.

  82. Sol said

    Lol, Jenny. I REALLY REALLY want to crash that party. I didn’t get the Tursunov thing though. Are they not friends?
    I know Ferrer was having a hard time last year because he broke up with his girlfriend. I wonder what she looks like, but I’ll be surprised if she looks anything remotely like Sharapova.
    Can you tell me what’s the name of that vid his fans posted on Youtube? I typed in “Ferrer fans” but got a list of more than 20 vids. Thank you!

  83. monique said

    About Agassi’s father……

  84. Sol said

    Thanks for the report Jenny. They say Ferru doesn’t have an “explosive game”. Have they seen him play?
    Aynway, a great bunch of guys, and to quote the report, tennis fans owe them alot! The only one I don’t warm up to is Feliciano. He’s just too metrosexual for me.

  85. Sol said

    Ah, yes, part-time. That’s the real life 😉
    That was me last week. This week, different issue. It’s almost 1am here and I gotta get up in 6 hours to go to work.
    Oh, well.
    Have a great day tomorrow Jenny, hope you get to see some of your boys play!

  86. Sol said

    Thank you so much Jenny. I actually watched it yesterday after you told me about it, it wasn’t that vid but it was one where they’re both singing Barcelona too. It’s a shame they’re not really singing live but in playback. Still beautiful though. Freddie Mercury was so posessed when he was on stage.

  87. Sol said

    Hi Jenny!

    Thank you, it was a blast. First Djok-Stepanek’s match was really fun. The crowd was really supporting Djoko and he was really sweet at the end. He spoke german during his on-court interview and we were impressed. He knows how to be a crowd-pleaser that’s for sure. Then the all-swiss match. Was a little weird cause we wanted Roger to win but didn’t want Chiudinelli to lose since it’s his first ATP semi and in his hometown. So we were cheering on Roger but discretely. I know many have said it in the past but it’s the third time I see Roger in person and there really is something different about this man. His tennis and charisma are very special. All in all, a great day.

    Sorry about Verdasco. Are you rooting for Youzhny today or are you going patriotic this time?

  88. Sol said

    Thanks Jenny, I didn’t notice you posted that vid. I see Ferru loves animals and animals love him. I also love the part with the drums where you can see Verdasco cracking up in the back. But I especially love the part where the boys are watching football on tv, (the fact that he’s shirtless also did not go unnoticed). It makes him look so mortal, just another guy watching football. Thank you.

  89. M said

    Jenny – I’m on my way to Thanksgiving family potluck and had just finished a “slaving in the kitchen” stint. I have to tell you that was *just* the pick-me-up I needed to make the extra effort to clean up the image.

    That kind of panorama is the real reason Thanksgiving was invented, I think.

    Vamos!!! ❤

    P.S. Is is just wrong that there was maybe a handful of images out of all of them that I hadn't seen before?? 😀

  90. Sol said

    Thanks for the vid, Jenny. I watched both, the first one didn’t freeze.
    Again, Tommy and Ferru, they’re just classy. The others are a little too “precious” for my taste, especially Feliciano, lol.

  91. Sol said

    Hi Jenny. I went on his site but couldn’t find the pic. I did see on the forum (the thread about Stepanek) that Ferru not only opens the discussions but he chats with his fans. I still can’t get over that. There is this girl Gem@ who asks him pretty personnal stuff and he answers her. Who else does that??

  92. Sol said

    Ok, thank you, Jenny. Found it. Nice hug.

    Btw, he already wrote. Didn’t read the whole thread but he wrote in his “diario” about this being the best day of his life and how he wants to share it with those who always supported him, meaning his fans. Very sweet.

    You know, there’s something dangerous about him being such a sweet guy. Women can get addicted and obsessed because it looks so easy to approach him.

  93. Sol said

    I did read Ferru’s last message Jenny. He actually reads EVERYTHING. It’s amazing cause as a fan, you know that he’ll read your message and that you’re not writing for nothing. I’m sure Roger doesn’t read all, if any, messages he gets.

  94. Sol said

    Thanks Jenny for the info regarding Ferru. I don’t really get it though. It’s a medal from the Communidad? Is that it? It’s sweet that Ferrero was there. Is he from valencia too?

  95. Sol said

    Jenny, I think I just found the vid that might make me mad at Ferru… but only for a few seconds… 😉

  96. Sol said

    Hi Jenny. No, I didn’t see Ferru vs. Nishikori. From what they were saying in the vid, the match ended at 2 am so now I know why I didn’t watch it. I actually thought what he said was hilarious. I know he was having some girlfriend problems back then so I forgive him for being such a sexist there 😉 I think that’s what he means when he says “mi cabeza esta hecha una mierda”.. I think he means he can’t concentrate he’s so messed up. Who was this crazy woman who dumped him anyway?
    And I do agree with him about the warning. What is she giving him a warning for? He’s talking to himself it’s not directed to his opponent.
    What did he say when he apologised to his fans Jenny?

  97. Sol said

    Hi Jenny! I was wondering what you thought of Susan Boyle? If anything? I know that it’s not because you’re a brit that you have any opinion about this, but it’s just that she was on swiss tv friday and we were having this debate with some friends about whether or not she was a product of marketing or was she really “discovered” on the show and did she really lead such a lonely life before that?

  98. Sol said

    Lol, ok Jenny, I’ll wait for your report then

  99. Sol said

    Thanks Jenny, about Su-Bo.
    Sounds like a regular fairytale. The american dream.

    She does have a great voice. I hope she doesn’t get sucked into this marketing world and loses herself.

    About Ferru, how much sweeter can he get? I’ll check his diario later.

  100. Sol said

    Jenny, this guy is great! I’m not usually a sucker for cheesy stuff and I hated the Aerosmith tune at the end, but this guy is really good. And this youtube vid was watched over 60 million times!!!!
    I also watched little Connie who sang over the rainbow (what’s the title of that song?), how cute was that? did she win? That vid was watched over 61 million times. I hope her mom protects her from the crazy world of marketing.

    Thanks for the vid!

  101. Sol said

    Thanks for the info Jenny. You know I dreamt of Ferru a few nights ago. Can’t remember what it was about, I just remember seeing Ferru and U2 was playing in the Gotta stop listening to U2 in my car all day and stop day-dreaming of Ferru!
    I just watched Extras, best stuff I’ve seen in a long time. Can’t wait for next week. I laughed my a@@ off.

  102. Bettyjane said

    Hey Jen,
    I haven’t posted in a mailbox for a while, so I think I answered the wrong way (in my own box) so now tis MY turn to double post! Help! I need remedial mailbox classes

    Oh cripes Jenny, that’s awful! And it usually happens just after doing a major food shopping as well. This happened one year to my family on Christmas—-the oven went and we had to get the dinner transferred over to my grandmother’s house. I guess the one good thing IS that it’s cold out, or you’d have lost some groceries.
    (hey—speaking of appliances, you don’t happen to have an AGA do you, lol. I’m rather obsessed with them, although most Americans have no clue what they are.)

  103. Sol said

    Thanks for the vid Jenny. I just love Ferru’s smile. Nadal biting the trophy is a picture we haven’t seen in a while.

    I read about the meal you prepared for Christmas, Yum. Maybe you can teach me how to cook a real meal sometime. I’ll take care of desert 😉

  104. Sol said

    Hi Jenny! we don’t have a thread for Abu Dhabi yet, but are you watching Ferru vs Davy? I didn’t know the matches were starting now, I just switched to eurosport and they’re airing it! Too early to tell but Ferru is looking good.

  105. Sol said

    Ugh. He just got broken. Maybe we should shut up so we don’t jinx it 😉

  106. Sol said

    I didn’t Jenny. Unfortunately I can’t watch tennis all day, I have to do basic things like eat and shower, lol.
    But I saw the entire last set and couldn’t believe how he came back. Was a good match. Happy for him.

  107. Sol said

    Geez, Jenny, I’m watching the news and it seems like white hell in the UK right now. My friend was supposed to go back to Bristol today but her flight was cancelled due to snow. How are you surviving this? 😉

  108. Sol said

    Second try.

    How are you doing today Jenny? Still unable to go to work? I heard this snow storm cost the UK a few billions (!) cause of all the people who missed work yesterday. lol. Mother nature put things straight again, didn’t she?
    I wish I were in the UK, maybe I’d be able to watch some tennis right now, under a cover with some hot chocolate 😉

  109. M said

    Dear Jenny –

    On an update to Sol’s post ^^, could you give us a weather update on your side of the world? I have a girlfriend who’s supposed to be traveling from Northern Ireland to London for some special medical treatment, and she was concerned about the weather, and as of course I don’t want to intrude on her concentration before her appointment, I find myself wondering about the likelihood that she got there okay.

    (And of course, hoping that you aren’t freezing while the boys play in the sweltering MidEast. 🙂 )


  110. M said

    Thank you, Jenny, so much! Checking right now.

    (I’m beginning to think every kid should be an early tennis fan. We’d learn our geography and time zone math a lot more quickly, I think. 🙂 )

  111. Somebody Else said

    Were you ever able to find those player/match statistics you were looking for?

    I had found a PDF file on the ATP website, called “top 200 matchfacts”, but it only covers performance since the beginning of this year. 2009 lists such as ace leaders ‘09, break-point leaders ‘09, first serve pctg. leaders ‘09, etc. are nowhere to be found on the site. I used their search bar, even looking up Greg Sharko statistics, and found nothing. Other means are in order.

    Anything on this yet?

  112. Somebody Else said

    Jenny, I received your post in my mailbox.
    What do you mean 3rd time trying to reply? Your comments won’t post either?
    I had a lot of trouble trying as well. Five times I tried posting my comment on match-stats inquiry, in several threads.
    You’re mailbox finally took one.

    What’s up?

    • Jenny said

      Goodness only knows. It’s happening quite a lot to many of us recently, but some posts do reappear, keep checking your box SE.

  113. Somebody Else said

    I’m just now receiving your other posts, Jenny. Thanks.

  114. Sol said

    Jenny, is Ferru wearing that navy blue outfit that we see on the front page of his website? Do you know?

  115. Sol said

    Oops, yeah, not navy blue, sorry.

    Don’t know how I’m going to survive this AO, Jenny. I work part-time (90%), which means I get half a day off a week. I usually take tuesday mornings off so I can do my laundry. Since I’m hoping Fed will play the night session on tuesday, I’ll be able to watch it tuesday morning before going to work. Don’t know about the rest of the AO though, probably won’t be able to watch anything else. Unfortunately I don’t decide when my trials take place, I can try to bribe the judges into fixing court proceedings late in the afternoon but I don’t think that’ll work. I’m really bummed, don’t know what to do. Maybe call in sick? Any ideas?

    • monique said

      Why don’t you tape it????? I do when I go and play tennis and I watch it in the evening because TV is dull sometimes.

      • monique said


        For Fed’s fans. Thought you’d like it.

      • Sol said

        I never thought about doing that, but you’re right, that’s a good idea. I’ll just have to resist the temptation of checking out the results before I watch the match, which is going to be tough 🙂

        Thanks for the Roger pic. Never get enough of those. He looks so tanned while we’re freezing here in Switzerland.

        What’s the weather like in Canada where you are Monique?

        Sorry for misusing your personal space here Jenny 😉

      • M said

        I am really sorry to barge in here, but that Roger picture is hot like fire

      • monique said

        We are having a very mild winter, for a change, not too much snow, no rain, no wind, unbelievable. Not used to that. Thanks for asking.

  116. Sol said

    What about you Jenny?

    Did you manage to work your schedule around the AO?
    Ready for some sleepless nights or no such sacrifice this year?

  117. Jenny said

    No probs about the space, Sol. Enjoy!

  118. M said

    A lovely article on Feña for you, Jenny!

  119. M said

    It’s in moderation right now, but there’s a link to a Deuce magazine article for you on Feña, the People’s Hero. It’s really nice.

  120. M said

    Omg, Jenny – I really appreciate it! This schedule is killing me too; I don’t remember feeling this tired this early last year, lol!

    If you read through the main chat thread, you know I was kind of flipping out in Rafa’s first set. Sol sat with me, LOL. It wasn’t just that Peter was playing well (Aussie homeboy, playing his heart out – remember Rafa’s first round with Phau in USO 08? He was playing like that), but Rafa was just all over the place. UEs !!! Even in the 2nd set, I’m sure Uncle Toni is going to have something to say about that 57% 1st serve percentage.

    Did you see the link to the nice Deuce article about Feña I left in your inbox? Did TP let that through moderation yet?

    • Jenny said

      M, I did read the comments in the chat thread this morning and I could see you were going through a few dodgy times, we all know the feeling so well, even a hardened campaigner like me. Honestly, I didn’t expect Rafa to lose, but it seems Peter was playing well. I would expect him to play himself into form, he doesn’t want to peak too early though. Fena’s different, he’s more instinctive, mercurial, so he needs to keep the momentum going.

      I heard about the Fena article from a friend, but never managed to find it, so many thanks, I’ll go check my box. Hear you on the thread later.

      • M said

        Jenny, I am so happy that came through. When I read it, I was like, “Did they write the article for Jenny?”

        I absolutely think he will get his Slam. I mean, look how long it took Fer to come through for his title. But he did it!

  121. Stella said

    Jenny, there iis a C Fleming playing doubles, listed from the UK. Any relation to Peter Fleming who seems to live in UK a lot

  122. Stella said

    sounds like the Scots are taking over British tennis

  123. M said

    (copying myself)

    Oh, Jenny, I saw the links, thank you! I know the language and geography don’t currently correspond.
    (I’ve ordered some books about the migration; I want to know how that’s so.)

    But I figured I wouldn’t disagree with what the ladies from Palma told me (I want to stay in good with them, I think 😉 ), and I’ve seen Rafa do some interviews in Catalán, and I was kind of mad because I didn’t understand nearly as much as I understood of his Spanish interviews.

  124. M said

    Darn it, Jenny, I don’t want to see the front page of the ATP site if it’s going to bring me news like that. I thought he and Gisela were still dating, and that’s one reason she was doing so well in the tournament, LOL!

    Why can’t I catch them in that window when they’re single and available? I read Neil Gaiman just got engaged to Amanda Palmer. I need to do something about my timing. 🙂

  125. M said

    “Gisela and Fena split in 2008?”
    Oh, ugh. That makes it worse – that I had two years and didn’t capitalize? I thought it was a rumor! 🙂

  126. jett09 said

    Wow Jenny what sexy eyes David’s got!!! 3 colours??? that woke me up LOL Have you seen the Matadors in the flesh???

  127. Somebody Else said



  128. M said

    Thank you, Jenny! I was kind of trying to *not* know because I thought the tournament was next week – you know, the week leading up to Valentine’s, so appropriate 🙂 – and I have family coming to town who are basically going to overrun my calendar and will not understand at all my wanting to sit still for the matches. *sigh*

    I may have to see if RojaDirecta will have some downloads, or if ESPN2 will carry any of it and I can set my DVR ahead of time. *sighing moar*

  129. Somebody Else said


    Buenos Aires.

    in 2 weeks


  130. M said

    Squee! Jenny, I don’t know if I should be grateful or embarrassed (or both!) to tell you that little clip is already in my YouTube favorites file! *blushes*

  131. Joolz said

    Jenny, just wanted to tell you that David and Ferru will play a show match on the beach ahead of the Copa Telmex on February 13. Apparently, it was David’s idea.
    And I’m sure they’ll have a lot of fun. I just hope that David won’t find a way of injuring himself again… (Getting a little paranoid about this.)

    • Jenny said

      Thank you Joolz!! My two Davids, that’s just great. Is David N looking for a tough work out here? Interesting, little Ferru leads their H2H 6-4, both have mutual respect, I know that, and both are fair in battle. No injuries, boys, please, I can’t bear the thought, just have fun. I understand the paranoia, Joolz, in my case with both of them. Ferru is used to playing on beach sand, he’s a born ‘beach boy’. Any chance of us seeing it do you think??

      • Joolz said

        You’re welcome. I knew you’d love it. 🙂 And I guess it’s really just about having a bit of fun among friends.
        I don’t think it’ll be shown, though with the Argentine TV stations you never know. But maybe there’ll be something on YouTube, later.
        I just have all these images in my head, of David, stumbling and twisting his ankle in the sand or doing something to his knees… Paranoia, indeed…
        But maybe not a surprise after almost nine months now of waiting.

      • Jenny said

        I’m sure David will be fine and sensible, and hopefully not thrash around needlessly. In that respect only, Ferru can’t be the best choice to go easy! It’s good, David must be feeling confident physically, even if it is a bit of fun among friends. Sand must be heavy going, but it has to be softer to land than on concrete. You know Ferru had a tendinitis flare up too, had periods of discomfort since Wimby. Like Nalby, he kept that quiet until it got bad, and had to withdraw from New Haven after his great match with Roger at Cincy.

        Are you watching Santiago??

      • Joolz said

        Yeah, they’ll both be fine. I know they will. And I’m sure Ferru will be nice to David and not make him run around in the sand too much.
        Sorry to hear about Ferru’s tendinitis flare-up. Is it still a problem right now? I remember how he retired at Montréal…
        I’m a little busy at the moment and can’t watch as much tennis as I’d want to. (Only saw about 5 or 6 matches during the AO.) So my plan basically just is to see a bit of Cilic at Zagreb and make sure I get to watch at least one of Feña’s matches at Santiago.

  132. Jenny said

    Ferru seems fine now, Joolz. By the time Montreal happened, it had clearly got to the acute painful stage and risky to play on so he was forced to stop forthwith and I’m very glad he did or he could have built up fluid. He also sustained a hamstring injury during practice in Valencia of all places, he tried so hard to recover in time for the next match, in the end he just had to listen to the docs, his team and withdraw, he was very disappointed.

    Cilic, I like him a lot, I’ll try to link into one of his matches. You should have seen Fena last night, you would have loved it! He plays Ramirez Hidalgo tonight.

    • Jenny said

      Btw Joolz, we know Ferru has a kind heart, and the last thing he would want is for David to injure himself at his hand. Having said that, there’s no guarantee he will make life easy for David in the exo, and vice versa, maybe that’s why he chose him, a wise choice on David’s part imo. David needs to get match fit, I think we’ve both waited long enough.

      • Joolz said

        Yeah, Ferru surely wouldn’t want that. And I mean, it’s not even a proper exho match. On the beach, in the sand… Who knows what the “court” will look like. And I guess David simply chose Ferru because they’re friends, or what passes for that on the tour. (Not feeling quite as paranoid about this anymore with the good news in about David’s recovery.)

        Cilic – I’ve been keeping an eye on him ever since I first saw him play at the Queen’s Club in 2007 (when he beat Henman). And I was really happy to see him doing so well at the AO. Feña – I’m sure it was a huge spectacle… Yeah, I love watching him play at that tournament. I hope I can watch his match tonight.

      • Jenny said

        Snap! I’ve had my eye on Cilic since the DC match UK vs Croatia, on grass at Wimbledon 2007? Lubes and Ancic couldn’t play and at around 18, he really took it to Murray, no fear whatsover.

      • Joolz said

        Yeah, Cilic has a good head on his shoulders. Sometimes maybe a bit too stoical… Or at least for my taste. But he’s a fellow David fan, so no wonder I like him.

  133. Sol said

    Thanks for letting me read your conversation with Joolz, Jenny.

    I agree with Joolz, though. Isn’t this a little dangerous for Nalby?
    And how do you play tennis on sand anyway?
    If either one of you find a vid of this on youtube later, would you let me know? I’ll do the same.

    Btw, Jenny, did you know Ferru also donated a part of his AO prize money to help Haiti?

  134. jett09 said

    Oh I posted this message somewhere……….it’s meant to be sent to your mailbox Jenny…sorry

    Jenny, Dee and I managed to catch up last Friday. It was so funny I had to describe what I was wearing, where to meet, exact location. We had lots of fun. We are going out for dinner again tonight. It should be fun. She sends her “hello” to you and “Chieko San”.

  135. Sol said

    Jenny, I went on Ferru’s site but couldn’t find the Argentina pics with Nalby. You said they were under “Materials” but I didn’t find that either… HELP…

  136. Sol said

    Ok, thanks. Guess I was too lazy to search for it. Also, when I go on Mi Diario I’m always so impressed to read his responses to his fans’ messages, that I start reading them and an hour later I realize I’m spending way too much time on the net. lol.

  137. jett09 said

    Jenny, not sure where to post this. This is a sad news.

  138. jett09 said

    Jenny, here is another link.

  139. jett09 said

    Jenny, I posted the link under Federer Tracker 2010 – “Federer withdraws from Dubai with lung infection”. I think that’s where it can go?

  140. Sol said

    Jenny, I saw the score. Well done Ferru.
    6 am?? Lol, You’re the ultimate fan Jenny. Doesn’t your hubby complain that you’re not sleeping by his side enough during tennis season?

  141. Sol said

    Oh, Jenny, I just read your post and I understood that you were agreeing with me, don’t worry about it. I don’t get offended that easily 😉
    About the penalty point, Stan did get a warning before for hiting a ball into the stands, except noone heard it, including Stan, Luthi and Costa (the comms and I didn’t hear it either btw). But Ferru did, so when he went back to his seat for changeovers, Costa asked him why he insisted that Stan get a warning for the racquet smashing and he told him that it was because he already received a first warning. Costa didn’t know that. Which is why I feel it was unworthy of a player like Ferru, he doesn’t need free points like that, especially when the opponent did nothing which is disrespectful to him. It wasn’t a time violation or anything which might disturb the player, Stan was just blowing off some steam and who could blame him? Surely not a player like Ferru who has smashed some racquets himself in his career. Plus, a few minutes before the penalty point, Stan gave Ferru a point which was called out by the line judge, so I felt like he was more than fair-play.

  142. M said

    A message for you from Argentina — a friend whose father lives there and is on the inner circle of the tennis circuit says pretty much most of the country is currently referring to Copa Davis as “Copa David”.

  143. M said

    Hey, Jenny (I’m sending this note to Sol too; I wanted advice from both you refined ladies) —

    I wanted to know if you thought this was a good idea or whether you thought it might be a little too ostentatious (even for tennis fans) to be so.

    As some of the principal wine-making regions in Chile have sustained significant trauma in the wake of the earthquake, it turns out the online seller has partnered with selected Chilean winemakers in a fundraising attempt to allay some of the damage.

    For every case of Chilean wine from a specific group that’s purchased, they’ll donate $100 to two national Chilean charities doing earthquake relief work till March 31st.

    I figured if some tennis fans were going to be throwing IW- and Miami- watching parties and ordering cases of wine to entertain friends in any event, they might as well have this as an option as they make their choices.

    (The direct link follows, or you can go to the banner at the top of the page at wine (dot) com. )

    What do you all think?

  144. M said

    JCF v. Juan Monaco tomorrow, Jenny!

  145. jett09 said

    Sorry Jenny my reply was supposed to be here and not in my mailbox! duh

    “I know M likes to see pics of the pretty, hot boys” do I Jenny 😉

    Thanks Jenny, Oh so they also won 2008, okay. Judging by the boys’ long hair (which I miss) that must have been 2008 then coz I have already seen the 2009 that you have posted.

    Thanks again Jenny, you’re a trooper.

  146. M said


    Jenny, thank you so much!

    I’ve never seen that photo. Is his shirt – lavender to complement the purple on the ball?

    And that suit. I think he can wear that when we go to dinner.

    I can’t remember who was teasing me about possibly over-appreciating the lovely men in their elegant daywear, but what’s not to appreciate? That’s sculpture, that is! That’s art!

    (I’m actually glad it went to general mailboxes. I hope TP isn’t mad – everyone should be able to enjoy that.) 😀

  147. Chieko said

    Hi Jenny san, thank you for writing in my mailbox 2 years back. I did not reply for I did not know that I have a mail box. And when Dee san reminded me I did not know how to open it. Now I know and I come here to say hi and apologise. I always admire your postings and learn so much from you. You are and will always be our planet’s best ambassador Jenny san. Love Chieko

  148. M said

    Below and waiting for moderation is a link I thought you should have just because.
    (Maybe, if I *must* come up with a reason, because it matched the court today? :P)

    Also, that last thing that Chieko said.

  149. M said

    David v. Troicki highlights for you, Jenny

    (I figured I’d put it here instead of in ‘Wanna Post’ because I figured you’d want to see it before he and Rafa played, and TP might not be here until after early matches.)

    • jett09 said

      Sorry but I couldn’t help taking a peak at this M and Jenny. Oh Lordy watching Nalby played here made me more nervous about tomorrow’s match. I’m not one to get up in the middle of the night to watch Tennis but this is an exception…3:00am hmmmmm

    • M said

      Oh, Jenny, you’re so welcome! I didn’t know whether you’d seen the match, with the scheduling so wonky, and if you hadn’t, I figured it might be nice to at least see highlights before matches today.

      (Also I figured I’d put it here, instead of Wanna Post, just in case TP didn’t get in for the early matches.)

      I’m so happy to see Feña looking good, and all the support he’s getting for the event (love that TP got you a pic of the press conference).

      I missed the dolphins. I don’t blame them, though. If I were a dolphin and I knew those men were coming, I’d make it a point to get in line for my kiss! 😛

      • jett09 said

        “I don’t blame them, though. If I were a dolphin and I knew those men were coming, I’d make it a point to get in line for my kiss!”

        wahahahaha M you’re a classic! I was just about to turn my PC off I saw your message and I just have to post something, very funny LOL..this time I’m off to bed. 😉

  150. jett09 said

    Oh Jenny it was M that posted that clip in your Mailbox. I couldn’t help taking a peak and I must thank M for this (eventhough it made me more nervous for tomorrow’s match).

    I think Nalby is back to his old form.

  151. jett09 said

    Jenny I did it again. I posted my reply to you in my mailbox, duh! Please kindly just read my reply from there. Cheers 😉

  152. M said

    Rafa gives a nice post-match interview with lovely compliments for David (some excerpts):

    “When you go on court against a player with [Nalbandian’s] talent, you are always a little bit scared,” Nadal said. “I think having a long first set for everything was better for me than for him. [In the second set] I felt he was a little bit more tired than me. He started to have more mistakes, and was a little bit easier for me to play.”

    “I am very happy how I am doing in this American hard court season. Every match right now I want to be really important for me, and every victory gives me confidence.”

    • M said

      Also, Rafa agrees with you about David and his Grand Slam:

      Q. What makes him so good? He’s beaten Roger eight times. Is it the backhand? Just the whole package?
      RAFAEL NADAL: Everything, I think. He’s very complete player.
      Anyway, look, I’m very happy to see him back after important surgery. He’s a close friend of mine. He is talent, no? He can play very easy. He can make very difficult things very easy.
      So, you know, when he’s playing at his best level he makes you feel like you are nothing in the middle of the court, no?
      So I think it’s strange that one player like David don’t have a Grand Slam victory, because he has everything to win.”

  153. M said

    Wanted to wish Feña good luck for Houston. I think he’s seeded first.

  154. M said

    Jenny, thank you so much. Now there’ll be something nice to watch after KP, when all that’s on on every screen in the house is basketball. 🙂

  155. M said

    “As from 5.4.10 Rafa is back to #3, he leads Murray by approx 1100 points.”

    You know, I was just wondering where I was going to get the energy shot to start on the next sinkful of dishes. Thank you, Jenny.

    I feel like Rafa earned both his semi-final spots on this hardcourt swing.
    Am I a terrible person if I feel really really happy about this? 🙂

  156. M said

    Jenny, thank you so much for your thoughts.

    I certainly figured David would defend his points. Anyone attempting to “leapfrog” him might find they’d bitten off a bit more than they could potentially chew. More like LeapTiger than LeapFrog, I think. 🙂

  157. M said

    ” I never felt like that about a player and I still don’t understand why, go figure!”

    Because he played like a genius and you are a sensitive and discerning fan.

    What a beautiful video, Jenny. And you are not the only one who feels that way — I went to the YouTube page where the video is featured and one of the commenters said they quit watching tennis after Guillermo stopped playing.

  158. M said

    “Many great artists and composers were that way, no?”

    So often that I think it’s more the rule than the exception.

    • M said

      “…sometimes I think there is a price to pay for being a genius which doesn’t always equate to the real success they deserve, it makes me sad.”

      Jenny, at the risk of getting maudlin when I mean to be philosophical, there are times when I think our culture (Western, and to a point Eastern too) talks a good game about revering genius, but doesn’t appreciate it enough to respect what it demands.

      It’s one of the reasons I love our game so much; the players are free from the insanity of the scrutiny and the brutal expectations and everything accompanying them, at least for the time they are on the court able to immerse themselves in the joy of the game …

  159. M said

    Jenny, if you haven’t already seen them, UM17 has some fabulous pics of Feña showing off his backhand in her latest set. Start on page 3. You can’t miss him in that hot orange. 🙂

  160. M said

    LOL Jenny – this would be the first time I’ve seen this – creation.
    I’m not sure what’s more, um, a departure, shall we say — David doing this or Roger roaring out “We are the Swiss” like he’s leading a drinking song 😛 …
    And I cannot fathom the purpose of Mr. Blonde Wig. AMOF, I’m afraid to guess.

    (Did you see those gorgeous shots of Feña showing off his bh in UM17’s most recent set? IMO they are a must see.)

    • M said

      “I think David should stick to tennis, no!”

      As Jamie Escalante, hero of “Stand and Deliver” said ,”Que no is right — que no.” 😀

      I have no compunctions about David buying into a label, or even promoting it — I know that charisma would sell records — we’re just going to discourage him from doing any actual *recording*.

  161. M said

    Jenny, did you see this? It’s another one of Lindahl’s articles.

    Former Murray Coach to Head British Davis Cup Squad

    Andy Murray appears to have won a war of nerves over Davis Cup, with his childhood coach Leon Smith appointed to try and rescue British fortunes in the worldwide competition.

    The nation faces a do-or-die tie in July against Turkey, with defeat relegating Britain to the bottom tier of Europe.

    Murray did not play in last month’s lost to Lithuania and had said he would not look favourably on having former player Greg Rusedski in the captain’s chair.

    While it’s not suggested that the world NO. 4 pulled any strings, the beleaguered Lawn Tennis Association perhaps made sure to include their star’s wishes in deliberations.

    Smith, 34, has never coached at a senior level, so far working with under-16s and coached Murray from the ages of 11 to 15. He has been informally working as head of men’s tennis for the past two years at the LTA.

    Smith is to replace John Lloyd, who stepped down in the wake of the Lithuania debacle. But there is no clear indication from Murray that he will play against Turkey, with the Scot dedicating 2010 to trying to lift his singles game after losing the Australian Open final.

  162. M said

    Jenny, Zeballos upset Feña in the QFs in Houston, 6-4, 6-4.
    I have to tell you I’m less than thrilled.

  163. M said

    Breathtaking Tennis – el Bombardero y el Matador

    • jett09 said

      Thanks for this M, a couple of Hotties but gee it was painful to watch Rafa getting hammered 😦

      I love Rafa’s outfit…yellow against a well tanned skin 😳

  164. M said

    LOL, Jenny – I thought you knew everything there is to know about this site! 😀
    Maybe I should put a little mini-tutorial in Wanna Post? Would everyone’s comments be overwhelmed with smilies? Would TP want to have me killed?

    Too many questions!!

    Also, today’s recipe was Green Apple-Ginger-Lemon, for those with sore throats. So I’m not sure you’d like it (this woman is a raw foodie; she comes up with some doozies. Some of what she suggests are just delicious, and some are just … *headshake* )

    • M said

      “you need to cook the rhubarb first and don’t eat the leaves.”

      Jenny, I’m beginning to think you and my mom are trading notes or something.
      She doesn’t like raw apples either, and what you said above was one of the very first things she said to me when trying to teach me her superb recipe for strawberry-rhubarb pie (which I have yet to master in the abstract, and which I’m trying to convert with Splenda and a nut crust anyway, because in the main I low-carb. Plus, pie crusts are hard. 😀 )

  165. M said

    Speaking of classic racing green, and Rolex, does it seem at all strange to you for Rolex to be one of Roger’s principal sponsors and have him not be at this tournament?

    (I do understand his scheduling, certainly; and he’s still recuperating from his infection – he admitted during a post-Miami interview, I think, that perhaps he hadn’t recuperated quite as fast as he’d thought – it just feels a little strange to me …)

  166. M said

    NYT profiles the elder King of Clay

  167. M said

    I want to hide in the kitchen for this dinner party

  168. M said

    Jenny – thank you so much for the update. It’s been a busy morning with those – even President Obama had to cancel a planned trip to Poland for their leaders’ funeral from that plane crash.

    I read also that Andy Murray has already planned to travel to Barca by ground.

    • Jenny said

      You’re welcome, M. Andy will be okay, he isn’t playing so no pressure, he can take his time.

    • M said

      Also, I don’t know if they said it on your broadcast, but apparently they’ve chartered a bus to take all the players to Barca in the wake of the travel problems.

  169. M said

    Found a lovely Chilean Syrah (Shiraz) that I thought might go nicely with Feña’s return to the tour, if you haven’t yet found one that you would think suitable.
    I also found it recommended here, one of Alvaro Espinoza’s wines:
    I also found a page that apparently directs one to where you can get it in the UK
    The Elqui valley is about 500 km north of Santiago (which also made me nostalgic).
    I tried the 2006 and 2007; both are good!

  170. M said

    If you didn’t already know, the Journalists Association of Tennis gave JCF an award in Barcelona, to honor his success in the South American sweep, return to Copa Davis participation, and also his management of the academy that he runs with Ferru in Villena.

    The full text is only in Spanish (and the direct translation is a little awkward) but I thought you might like to have the original.

    Ferrero, ‘Jugador 10’ del Godó, según la prensa
    Por Agencia EFE – hace 28 minutos
    Barcelona, 20 abr (EFE).- El español Juan Carlos Ferrero ha recibido hoy de la Asociación de Periodistas de Tenis (APT) el ‘Premio Segura Viudas Jugador 10’ del Godó, que dicha asociación entrega anualmente coincidiendo con la celebración de este torneo.
    La APT ha valorado, a la hora de otorgar el premio, el gran papel de Ferrero en la gira sudamericana de tierra 2010, cuando ha ganado dos torneos (Costa do Sauipe y Buenos Aires) y ha alcanzado la final en otro (Acapulco), lo que le ha alzado hasta la décimo sexta posición del ránking mundial.
    También se ha destacado la contribución al mundo del tenis del ex número uno mundial, que ha vuelto con éxito al equipo español de Copa Davis tras cuatro años de ausencia y, paralelamente a su carrera como deportista, se ha labrado otra como directivo, pues regenta un academia para jóvenes talentos en Villena y es copropietario, junto a David Ferrer, del ATP de Valencia.

    © EFE 2010. Está expresamente prohibida la redistribución y la redifusión de todo o parte de los contenidos de los servicios de Efe, sin previo y expreso consentimiento de la Agencia EFE S.A.

  171. M said

    Have been following your posts on the Casualty boards re: Rafa and his interviews in Marca.

    This is just me speculating. You and I know because tendinitis is chronic, it doesn’t go away.
    (On some other boards, there seem to be a lot of people who really don’t know that much about the nature of the condition.)

    I’m thinking — because he was playing like a house afire in MC — he had some painkillers in him, and he’s since had some twinges. Enough to not want to play his *home tournament* (which also seems to keep slipping people’s minds) for fear the twinges might turn into another AO 2010 or Rotterdam 09 repeat.

    But if you’re as media-savvy as Rafa, and if you’ve just spent a bunch of time shearing up your own mind against injury, which is no mean feat — why are you going to broadcast that to your opponents, at the beginning of your season, if you have enough millions to pay whatever fines are required if you don’t necessarily meet the ATP rules for what constitutes “injury” — but you’re still in pain and don’t want to hurt yourself?

    IDK. I just don’t understand spectators’ remarks sometimes. *sigh*

    • M said

      >>I think Rafa fully intended to play in Barca, why sign up for it in the first place?
      Totally agree. That’s why I think he was feeling the twinges either during MC or after.

      >>Rafa played in Monte Carlo, maybe at the back of his mind, he wasn’t sure he would go as deep and win the tournament, this is also a confidence issue.
      This also.

      I think these two things
      >>I understand him withdrawing as a preventative measure which should imo should have been said in the first place
      >>That article in Marca was very misleading

      are complicated by the fact that the article, which really doesn’t say one thing or the other (which is the part I think is strategically deliberate) can be interpreted more than one way when translated. “My body is telling me it needs rest” is a very wide-open statement.

      (Didn’t want you to think I’d disappeared. Sudden flurry of stuff.)

    • M said

      >>I think we’re both reading from the same page here

      >>Can you imagine Rafa waiting for the last minute just to let his Spanish fans and Albert down without good reason?!

      >>For goodness sake, the draw had already been made. LOL I wonder where Lapentti was when he got the call?!
      Wherever it was, I wouldn’t have wanted to be any of the people he was with …

  172. M said

    I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to see tomorrow, but Ferru and Feña are both playing and I wanted to say

    (Why does these first rounds seem like they’re going on about an ice age longer than Monte Carlo did?)

  173. Liz said

    Hi Jenny,
    Any chance you could help me out with updating the: Most Tennis Hall of Famers by Nationality post?
    My google search tells me Australia only has 25, But TP has listed 26 as at November 2006, I also got 4 for Czech Republic and TP has 7 so I’m worried I’m getting my info all wrong!

    • Jenny said

      I’ll try my best, where do I find the link?? Btw I’ve noticed you don’t have a mailbox, you need to request one from TP. It’s very useful.

      • Liz said

        Oh yeah sorry about the no mailbox yet, link is over on the right hand side under the heading ‘Interesting Tennis Statistics’

  174. M said

    Okay, horrible embarrassment 2. I thought I left that comment for you, and instead I left it in General Mailboxes. Clearly you and my mom are right – there are portions of general “ladyhood” with which I obviously still struggle. 😳

    That photo was included as well, in one of the teases. (No David and no Feli, though, so I wait for the rest to be released from moderation! :-D)

    I loved it — but poor Fer. Somehow, I think he has “try too hard” disease. And I don’t understand it — he’s *so* gorgeous. I mean, IDK, I guess maybe it comes from running around with Feli and Rafa who draw all that attention …

    But I remember seeing him and Feli once off-court — it was one of the “smaller” parties the lady tenistas were hosting (I think Heineken was sponsoring, IIRC). Blue shirt, white collar, tan. He was standing next to Feli — but my eye still went *right* to him.

    Maybe I’m just weird.

  175. M said

    Jenny, did you know Feña had suffered a head injury in Barcelona? I read it on TennisTalk’s Spanish version.

  176. M said

    Ferru takes a well-deserved bow

  177. chieko said

    Hi Jenny san, just want you to know ( M san recommended :smile:) that my dog now continues to sleep while I sing high notes. Good sigh right!!

  178. M said

    Jenny, thank you – I’ve bookmarked that clip as a new favorite. 😛
    Gulbis has definitely showed that he’s working hard.
    And it’s always good for the boys at the top of their game to be challenged, I think — to make sure it *is* in fact the top of their game.

    Un tributo para los chicos españoles indeed! What a tremendous final it will be tomorrow!

    Rafa said at the end of his interview yesterday “So for sure there will be one Spaniard in the final … and maybe two.” 😆

  179. M said

    TP may post just the video interviews, so I thought you might want to see this.
    Talk about somebody who’s comfortable in his skin. 🙂

    From the official site – Internazionali BNL d’Italia:

    Unsung member of Spanish armada through to the final

    When someone comes from 1-5 down to win a Masters semi-final, you would expect a great song and dance after the match

    Not with David Ferrer. Despite the fact that he had just won eight games in a row to defeat a player of the calibre of Fernando Verdasco in straight sets (7-5, 6-3), all eyes were already on his potential adversary on Sunday, and that suited the No.13 seed fine.

    “I think this is normal because in Spain , Nadal is the best player and they talk about him and not about the other players. It’s not important for me, I do my job, I play tennis and I have my fans and I understand this,” said a very calm Ferrer. “I think he is the best player on clay court. I’ll try and do my best and I will need to play very aggressively against him. I have not a very good serve and I don’t have a lot of power and so it is important for me to be physically fit and to run around.”

    Once the obligatory Nadal questions were over, the focus moved to the man of the moment, but Ferrer was in reticent mood. “This match was a bit strange,” he said of a tie which saw Verdasco win five of the first six games before Ferrer roared back to take eight in a row. “The first set was a bit difficult, I had a really bad moment but I came back and then it was easier and I had more confidence. He gave me some opportunities and so in the second set, I played more relaxed and it was easier. I had more feeling with my shots.”

  180. Gracie said

    Hi Jenny,
    I wanted to thank you for your lovely message. I have been lurking, and yes, occassionally rolling my eyes at TP, but have just not been able to muster up too much to contribute about all the tennis. Still, I am grateful for the distraction of this wacky site and all the wonderful people here.

    I know you work in a hospital, and you probably remember I work with elderly and dying patients. I give support to families facing the death of a loved one all the time. But you’re so right that it is never the same as dealing with it when it hits your own family. My sister is strong. Much stronger than I am. She forges ahead as best she can and we try to believe she’ll be lucky and that her treatment will have some miraculous effect. So far so good, but she’s got a long way to go. Her ‘husband’ travels a lot to NY for his work, so I try to spend time with her while he’s gone. She laughs because I take my laptop to watch tennis online and check in on you guys here. I try to go about my life, but it’s hard sometimes – with all this caregiving – to find the right ways to take care of myself. Thanks for the reminder, and for your support.

  181. Gracie said

    Jenny, thank you for the TV clips which were very funny. It made me think of the way Peter Sellers twisted the language in his Pink Panther films. And for some unknown reason brought to mind an old video set I have on the shelf of Tom Conti in the Norman Conquests trilogy, which I absolutely loved. Whatever happened to Tom? I haven’t seen him much lately, but heard of a film (or is it a play?) called Wife After Death. Is this recent? Do you know anything about it? You may have inspired me to dust off The Norman Conquests off and have another look this weekend.

  182. M said

    Pico and Rafa practicing in Madrid

  183. M said

    Oh, dear.

    • M said

      Well, it certainly wasn’t your fault – she said what she said.
      I know she had to have treatment in the previous match, and I know she gets a little cranky if she has to play a little hurt (I figure *I* certainly would, and wrestling just with the aftermath of my injuries makes me cranky on bad days).

      So I think it might well be that the ladies have a similar point as the men about the state of that grueling schedule, and she just might not have picked the optimal point in time to try to make it, especially in the aftermath of a loss.

    • M said

      LOL, Jenny. That’s a good saying.
      And of course you’re right. The blessing side of the curse of the 21st-century attention span. 😛

      I mean, speaking of that, and the speed of the sport, I’m just really getting my first look at the draw (it’s been a busy few days) — and I realized that if the match had gone a little differently today, Rafa would be playing Giraldo instead of Isner, and before Monte Carlo this year barely anyone (except expert claycourt fans like yourself 🙂 ) had even *heard* of this guy.

      • Jenny said

        I had heard of Giraldo, he played mostly challengers and it was only when I saw him out buzz el mosquito, Juan Carlos, lol I sat up opened my eyes! It was a great exciting performance, but I think Juan Carlos was very sub par and had to withdraw from Rome because of Tendinitis which tells me a lot. I may have seen Giraldo play in Chile, or thought I had, because something sticks in my mind, Santiago playing in Chile, thinks he must be a Chilean, when infact he’s Colombian, Fena playing in Santiago and he’s from Santiago. Then we have Maximo Gonzalez from Argentina, that one caught me out. Linked into a stream very late one night to Movistar, and wondered why I didn’t recognise this Gonzalez, I thought Fena had gone through a complete identity change when infact he wasn’t playing! That Latin combo nearly does my head in! 😆

  184. M said

  185. M said

    I have *got* to stop posting in Individual Mailboxes. I keep getting distracted. 🙄 @ self.

    So strange Columbia would send a different player to qualies but not Giraldo. I really had expected to see him. As you said, shame.

    I did hear something about an exho! I didn’t know who exactly would be participating, or what they’re doing.

  186. M said

    A nice analysis on Ferru from Ricky Dimon’s blog:

    Top 25 French Open Contenders: Part 7

    3. David Ferrer – Pros: Ferrer is in absolutely ridiculous form right now. So far this clay-court season he has reached the semifinals in Monte-Carlo, the semifinals in Barcelona, the final in Rome, and the semifinals in Madrid. He did not get knocked out until running into Nadal, Verdasco, Nadal, and Roger Federer, respectively. So it’s pretty clear what it is going to take to knock Ferrer out of the French Open, where he is a two-time quarterfinalist.

    Cons: There is really nothing bad to say about Ferrer. His only real drawback is that he will not be seeded as high as he deserves (which is definitely Top 8). Instead, he will be the ninth seed and that means he could run into one of the 5-8 seeds in the fourth round and one of the 1-4 seeds in the quarterfinals.

    Bottom line: Ferrer always has been and almost certainly will continue to be lethal on clay. Nobody wants to see him anywhere near them in the draw. Anything less than a quarterfinal appearance would be a huge disappointment and if Ferrer is on the opposite side of the draw from Nadal, he has a real shot at making it all the way to final.

  187. M said

    Jenny, I realized I’d be way off topic if I started babbling about Kendrick on the main board, so since you did me the favor of bringing him up … 🙂

    Did you see his interview on the WTT? I guess I’m all excited about it being an NYCer and all. He still has those great big strokes. But as you say, with Rafa mixing up his tactics, he couldn’t get past him.

  188. M said

    Best of luck to Ferru, our Iron Man, Jenny! I look forward to seeing him victorious over whoever he meets in his next two matches!

  189. Jenny said

    LOL TP, Thank you, love the picture!

  190. Jill said

    Jenny, thanks so much for thinking of me and posting the video of Ferrer/Ferrero. You’re right, no interest in the technology at all but more than happy to gawp at them both!! And yes boys, we would all love to see you back in the top10.

  191. M said

    Jenny, please don’t give it another thought! I’m just so happy I can pick out things you enjoy seeing (though sometimes I’m less successful picking out things you haven’t *already* seen, like Ferru’s interview! 😆 ).

    And I *totally* feel you on it being such a challenge to keep up with things! I feel completely overwhelmed in the aftermath of Wimbledon/WC/DC. Also, I mean, just for an example, when did TP decide he was going to put up little “representation” photos/portraits of us?

    (Though I have to admit I love yours and all it symbolizes — hee hee 😛 — I was more than a little startled when I checked into my mailbox today. My first wild thought was “When did I send in a picture of myself here? I don’t remember doing this privacy omg …” and then I realized it was the much more striking and beautiful Ms. Berry. Though looking at that shot I guess I might have to stop ridiculing people who point out some parts of the resemblance; though she is *so* much more gorgeous and breathtaking — and tinier in person! You should see how tiny the stars are; people wouldn’t believe it; it’s like how much slimmer in person our lovely tennis boys are, just more so; Norah Jones is like a little petite pixie — I think Ms. B and I might even share a few of the same shades of MAC lipstick (her Revlon contracts notwithstanding. Shh. 😛 ) .)

  192. M said

    Jenny, I meant to ask you! Juanquí is playing in Stuttgart with Gilles Simon – seemingly tendinitis-recovered and fresh off being a French national hero. How do you think they’ll do?


  193. M said

    Speaking of our tenistas looking like models …

    http: // cornedbeefhash.files. /2010/07/ feliciano-lopez-farmersclassic10a. jpg

    (as usual, just push the spaces together 😛 )

  194. M said

  195. Bettyjane said

    Oh Oh Jenny,
    My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beloved cat. That’s simply brutal to hear. 8 is obscenely young for a cat. The decision was of course the right one. I hope you can derive some comfort knowing what a great home you provided. I’ve no doubt of that from all I know about you. Is Robbie sensing the loss hard as well? When we had to bring out cat to the emergency all-night clinic to be put down I cried all the way home in the car. By the time I arrived back I was composed but Henry climbed into my lap and started licking me. (not normal)
    Let me send you an electronic hug with my love.

  196. Bettyjane said

    I couldn’t help but smile at the doughnut remark. When we were at an ES quail hunt some years back (to meet an ES breeder), she was feeding the gang jelly doughnuts. They were in crates happily munching on them with jelly all over their white and orange snouts. Bob and I were shocked that a dog show owner would feed them such things, lol. We had alot to learn.

    Poor Robbie—that’s heartwrenching to hear. Henry and our Calypso cat never bonded. Henry so wanted to but Calypso was there first and never accepted him. Of course the fact that Henry treated her like the “house squirrel” may have had something to do with it.

    Getting a 2 year old is the perfect age. How lucky (s)he will be! Sensible decision. I have to admit the cat did more damage around this house than all my dogs ever could. Those claws are killers, yet I’d never dream of declawing.

    Again, my condolences and feel free to share memories whenever the mood strikes. I had a knot in my stomach for weeks.

  197. Bettyjane said

    So it sounds as though the “slob” has the inside edge, lol! Our cat had stomatitis gingivitis.(this wasn’t the reason she was put down) Shockingly this chronic condition never had to happen but the shelter we got her from didn’t vaccinate for this. A simple vaccine!

  198. Bettyjane said

    Great video Jen! Showed it to my husband who had a stupid grin on his face the entire time. He immediately forwarded it off to his sister in Rhode Island (the one with four cats and shredded wingchairs!)

    Thank you!

  199. Bettyjane said

    I like this one even better! I’m at work now so no sound allowed on the PC but it’s unncessary. Their selfishly interesting personalities are a hoot
    Let me know when you have your new addition.
    I have to learn how to send videos off to people. It’s very cool.

  200. Sol said

    Hi Jenny.

    This has nothing to do with tennis, but may I ask you for some cooking tips? 🙂

    I have guests tonight and I was thinking about doing an apple crumble for desert, except last time I did that it turned out a bit dry. Maybe I should take it out of the oven earlier but do you happen to know of something I can do to make it yummier and what to serve it with? Maybe you could help me out. I know you’re a great cook. Thanks!

  201. Sol said

    Thank you so much Jenny. I didn’t think about using a specific brand of apples, ones that are a little juicier. I bought some apples this morning at the market, hopefully they’re juicier than the ones you buy at the supermarket. And good tip about the butter. Just hope it won’t be too greasy.
    My main course is salmon so since it’s a light dish I thought I can afford to do something more substantial for desert.
    Thanks again! 🙂

  202. Sol said

    Hi Jenny.

    It turned out great. I took your advice and used green apples and more butter. I gave you full credit and everyone says thanks! 🙂

  203. Bettyjane said

    This sounds absolutely like the right decision to me and the fact that the cat is being loved and cared for should hopefully make you feel the same. I’m probably uber-sensitive on the age issue. We have our feline and canine companions for such a short time, why make it even shorter. Our Calpyso was HIV positive as well and it really never was an issue as she was the only cat on the premises. Henry is five and I’m already looking over my shoulder. Isn’t that awful?!
    My husband was curious of the charity you mentioned. Is it Blue Cross? I’m so very glad that you are keeping me abreast. I had been wondering where you were in the search. Do you have a physical ideal (tabby vs. longhair?)Does Robby have veto power?? Best regards to all of you as well!!

  204. Bettyjane said

    We used to care for feral cats in my yard growing up as a kid. Greatest success story was the “mother cat” that wouldn’t let us get within 100 yards of her eventually let us pick her and her kittens up. We found homes for quite a few.
    It’s gratifying to hear a home was found already for the other boy!!

    Sounds like you will be kitten shopping intensely for the next few days. My sister-in-law is getting a new pup to replace her beloved black lab next week. It’s an 11 week old Viszla and his father spent the better part of the visit humping poor Henry while the puppy was biting him with those razor sharp teeth.

  205. Sol said

    Jenny, I thought you might find this interesting/weird.

    A friend of mine told me Feli was on twitter. Having never used twitter before, I started reading Feli, Fer, Monfils, Tipsy’s tweets and I was amazed by the amount of info they all share with the public.
    Fer is Fer and he keeps putting up pictures of himself (in a restaurant, on 5th avenue, on the balcony of his hotel suite, etc.) LOL.
    Tipsy complains alot about the USO apparently having a bad organisation and not providing the unseeded players with transport to the courts. He’s funny.
    And the most unbelievable one is Feli. He gets regularly insulted by random people and the worst part is, he answers them. There are some people (all in spanish) telling him stuff like, maybe if he spent less time with the ladies and more on tennis he’d actually be a good player. Later he tweeted about going to practice with Nadal and some guy told him he should give it up since he won’t be able to defeat Nadal even during a practice session. So he spends alot of time defending himself and getting angry over these idiots on twitter.
    For god’s sake, in a day and age where, as a celebrity, you’re constantly being photographed and scrutinized in the mdeia, why would some players voluntarly tell everyone about their every move and expose themselves to the public this way. I would think privacy is a luxury they have to fight to keep. I don’t get it.

  206. M said

    Thank you, Jenny! I didn’t know David had new photos up! That will be a nice treat.

    I have to admit, I’ve been a bit distracted — I was on remote staff for the Emmys, and the same day as Broadcast Sunday, my mom fell and fractured her hand (!!!) so I haven’t been able to pay my usual attention to what’s been happening.

  207. M said

    Jenny, thank you so much — I will pass on your good wishes to mom.
    The doctor gave her hydrocodone for the pain, but she didn’t want to take it until at least halfway through Roger’s match, b/c she knew it would make her sleepy. 🙂

  208. M said

    Sorry about Ferru, Jenny. It would’ve been great if he had won.

    • M said

      It’s absolutely true!

      Rafa said after his own match that he was happy for himself but sorry for Feli because he was a great player.
      And I think Feli *did* fight, and played a good match last night. Rafa was just playing better. He reminds me of Roger this tournament, the calibrated way he’s shifting gears.

      And boy was I gutted when they reported the ushers had left and people were flooding down to courtside, lol! Don’t think I didn’t toy with the thought of going out there either, even though it was *ridiculously* late and my people would have called me crazy. Wish I’d thought of it an hour sooner, lol.

      But after their match, I thought of you last night when I saw this

      http :// www .theage .com .au/ news/ tennis/ nadal-buckles-to-fellow-spaniard-ferrer/ 2007/09/05/1188783319964. html

      and thought about how things can change.

      It was just three years ago (even though that’s eternity in tennis time).

      You just never know.

  209. M said

    What a lovely thought, Jenny. Thank you so much. 🙂

    “In the meantime, here’s what’s going on in Marbella.


    That’s it — I’m moving to Valencia.

    Do you think they’ll do it again next year? Because, you know, if we tried to travel there now, we’d be late *and* have jet lag.
    I could give the trip to myself like an early birthday present, right?

  210. M said

    Oh, Jenny — I’m *so* sorry about your cat.

    Those people who say “It’s just like losing a member of the family” — ‘like’? It’s exactly that. You *have* lost a member of your family. 😥

    My very first puppy, when I was eight years old, had an early death from a car accident. I still have her picture.
    Our second family dog, three years later, was a purebred, and she was dognapped.
    I haven’t been able to bring myself to have another dog since.

    So though I can’t say I know how you feel, I very very much empathize — not just with the sorrow after passing, but even if/when you can bring yourself to have another pet, you know you can’t replace the friend that’s gone.

    I have a friend who does a lot of work with the shelters — she’s here in the States with me, but she’s like the Shelter Network Queen. If, whenever you’re ready, there’s any information you think I can get for you, *please* don’t hesitate to let me know.

    • M said

      “Thank goodness, he has found a new home.”

      I’m happy that he found a home, if you were thinking about him but decided you weren’t ready.

      But that’s hard too! It takes a lot of wisdom and “centeredness” to make a decision like that.

  211. Bjornino said

    OMG Jenny thank you so much! What a great show! And so interesting with his background being jewish and loving Wagner. So many great conductors and singers that performed Wagner were/are jewish. He’s indeed the greatest opera composer ever. 🙂

  212. Sol said

    Jenny, thank you for the Ferru vid. I just saw it now. I keep forgetting to check my mailbox.
    He’s such a sweetie. Did he say anything about the USO loss on his blog?

  213. Bettyjane said

    Yes Jenny,
    I assumed as much when I hadn’t heard. This is such a personal thing that varies tremendously with every family doesn’t it. We went eight years between dogs. My vet said some people never replace a pet and other people do it right away. My sister-in-law got another dog within a month. They say that the right pet finds YOU. Perhaps you are dealing with “loyalty” issues right now. Whatever it is, it can’t be forced.
    One of these days the two of us have to figure out these photobucket things and have Rob and Henry in TPs pet corner.

  214. M said

    Jenny, I just wanted to say a special “thank you” for all those gems you found for me today. I enjoyed them so much.

    *sighs over great memories*

    “Imo, the mark of a personally tailored suit on a gent, is how good it looks when on the move and of course the shirt.”

    You know it!

    I had rarely seen Rafa in anything as tailored as that Façonnable suit he wore to the Real Madrid UEFA match after flying back to Europe from here (though of course he has some lovely jackets, and there was that navy blue one he wore for the first part of the Principe de Asturias ceremonies *sigh*) — I can’t help but think he’s been studying Roger and Ferru and JCF and has taken a rather dashing page out of their book! 😛

    • M said

      Jenny, I not only think you are completely correct when you say Roger and Juanquí are much more likely to have an easier time of it than Rafa and Ferru when it comes to just pulling a suit “off the rack” (as we ‘Yanks’ term it) and throwing it on, since they have more challenging physiques to fit as far as “standard” fit goes, with the shoulders and hip ratios and all — though I certainly would *not* mind having that job 😈 —

      but, if you’ve seen the hot-off-the-press issue of Rafa’s photo shoot for your “Hello!” magazine, you know the latter might actually feel more comfortable in their sportswear and jeans (not that I’m complaining, you understand, certainly not), if the poses are any indication.

      Take a really close look! Doesn’t that suit in the shoot look like the exact same suit Rafa went to UEFA in?

  215. M said

    Jenny – I know you’re concerned about Feña’s surgery.
    I thought I’d offer Bryan Kelly’s bio so you’d have some more information — the type of tear Feña has is one of the injuries Dr. Kelly specializes in treating.

    http: // hss. edu/ physicians_kelly-bryan. asp

  216. M said

  217. M said

    Jenny, I’m so glad you enjoyed that promo. My schedule absolutely won’t permit it this year, but I’m *really* starting to think about going next year – for the weekend of the semis and finals, or something. Of course, I’m thinking more than one person from the Planet should go …

    I would imagine Ferru would certainly have been disappointed to have to withdraw first round last year; he was champion in 2008.

    I found this out from Wiki:
    “The tournament was first played in Valencia in 1995 before moving to Marbella, Spain for the 1996 and 1997 editions. From 1998 to 2002, the event was held in Mallorca, and finally, in 2003, moved back to its current location.”

    Considering that it was held in Mallorca, I can’t help but wonder if the surprise is either the former Number One from Mallorca, or the current one … 🙂

  218. Bjornino said


    Hope you are well! Just wanted to let you know that the Metropolitan Opera will be broadcasting “Das Rheingold” on Oct 9 to cinemas across the world. I don’t really know where you live, but you should check it out! Amazing, to be able to watch live opera from the Met in a cinema 🙂
    I will try to catch it, depending on if I am in Germany or in Sweden (or elsewhere).

    Best wishes / B

  219. Bettyjane said

    How exciting. Just googled to see what they look like and was pleased to read that they have the temperament of a dog—such is their loyalty. How can you go wrong! I love the look—sinewy and Siamese-cat-like. Henry has paws crossed and sends you his very best wishes as do I of course. (He is recovering from a swollen area above the eye. Yesterday he was bitten by a tick. Got the bugger off him before it even become attached, but the damage was done. Swollen in the brow area. It’s nearly back to normal today and he didnt’ even seem to notice the difference.)

  220. Bettyjane said

    So what’s the five-year-old’s name??? He sounds full of personality!!

    Henry’s swelling has gone down, but it’s still obvious that it’s swollen. We have tick medication but I really don’t like to use it until it’s a real issue. Hate chemicals!

    We’re having a whole lot of rain here right now after the driest hottest summer in recent memory. Leaves are turning!

  221. Bettyjane said

    Well my husband likes the name Churchill, but he’s always going the Anglo route. Che sounds great. You must go on youtube and key in the phrase below—it’s truly adorable. He sounds like a goat, certainly not a cat!!! Rob will have his paws full! I’m getting excited now!

    Castro oriental shorthair 1 talking

  222. M said

    Viva Italia, Jenny! Thank you so much for the clip!
    Also, bless Zabaleta, Chucho, and Fox Sports. Isn’t this the same crazy series that brought us Rafa with his shirt over his head and Ferru and Rafa watching soccer in, let us say, a dressed-down condition?
    Why did they ever take this off the air?

  223. M said

    Congratulations, Jenny – that’s so wonderful!

    I know it’s been hard to feel like it’s not been quite the right time, and I know how hard it is to find the right new four-legged family member for the home! I’m so happy for you!

    I’ll bet Che is happy too!

    (He can even have his own cheer! “Che – che – che – li li li”)

  224. M said

    Jenny, I cried when I found out they were getting the miners out.
    I figured you’d been following the story, but I didn’t want to say anything to you b/c I wasn’t sure how they were progressing till, like, pretty much yesterday.

  225. M said

    Congratulations on bringing “Teddy” home, Jenny!
    (I guess he thinks that’s his middle name. 😛 )

    Sounds like he’s fitting right in with the rest of the family, both two- and four-legged!

  226. Bettyjane said

    What great news for a Monday morning. I had a sneaking suspicion your outing yesterday may have involved bringing Teddy home. I love this “alliance” Beware is all I can say—beware!!

  227. Bettyjane said

    Wondering how Teddy is doing. Is he staying hidden. When we brought our cat home years ago, she stayed in the hearth for most of the first day (nearly called her Cinders). Hope to hear good news. Henry sends his best to the new house squirrel! (He liked to chase our girl!)

  228. M said

    I see Bettyjane has already beat me to asking, but also wondering how Teddy is settling in. Che che che! 😛

  229. M said

    TThe first night, we awoke at dawn to find him sleeping between us IN the bed!!
    The only thing, he’s a faddy eater, although I was told he wasn’t fussy, he loves French garlic sausage!

    LOL! Sounds like he’s made himself right at home! 😀

  230. M said

    That’s such a touching and gracious gesture by HRH and Mr. Cameron, Jenny.

  231. Bettyjane said

    Teddy has got cheek. In spades! My Henry pulls the I’ll lay across the pillow when they slip into the bathroom.

    Libra is a fixed sign. Robbie will have to get used to the stubbornness of Teddy and I’m sure with his diplomatic nature, it will be a piece of cake.

    How’s Gonzo doing—do we know?

  232. Bettyjane said

    My husband has been happily listening to Robert Elms of BBC London. If there are any brilliant radio stations/programs that we should know about, just pass it along. (he’s into literature, food, travel in particular.)

  233. Bettyjane said

    Thanks for these recommendations Jen! I am sorry I missed the Ray Davies interview as I’m a huge fan. Right now we’re listening to the news that the Jubilee line is dealing with some track issues. My husband looked into living in London some years back and realized quickly it would be impossible. Great city. I think it has it all over Manhattan in many ways.

  234. Bettyjane said

    Actually I’m unaware of Paul. But my last post to you made it sound like we get tv programs and radio. Actually all we get are radio stations. But I will keep an ear open and appreciate the recommendations.

  235. Bettyjane said

    The videos were a hoot! Many thanks. I love his devotion to Buster and read that he has quite a menagerie on his farm. His bio is pretty fascinating actually. I always wonder why the concept of the drag queen never took off here the way it did in the UK. The accent is a kick. For a country your size, you have a whole lot more in the way of regional accents. I dated a Geordie for a while and enjoyed hearing that accent as well.

  236. Bettyjane said

    Kenny is a brilliant storyteller. Love this. The host was really losing it there—his face was actually turning red! lol.
    Recognized Kenny’s face and saw in his credits he was in those “Carry On” comedies. (They haven’t aired these in the States since I was a kid. Wow—his biography has some rather sad aspects to it, particularly regarding his dad.) I’m loving this Jen. Thanks again!

  237. Anonymous said

    Jenny, thank you so much for sending me the roster for Valencia! That’s going to be especially helpful as the front of that week is going to be rather ridiculous with meetings, and I’m not going to be able to really pay much attention to the tournament’s progress before Thursday (which is what, if you remember, I was afraid of) — so it’ll be really helpful to see who we should be looking to progress through the event.
    Rochus *and* Clement? Falla *and* Michael Russell? I don’t think it’ll be dull, for sure.

    I don’t see D-Nal’s name, though I do see three WC spaces. What do you think …? 🙂

  238. M said

    Hmmm – did the site eat my comment?

    *sigh* Well, if it did, Jenny, I guess you’re going to end up with two sets of profuse thanks for forwarding the Valencia roster.

    I do notice three WC spots, and we know D-Nal skipped the Asian swing so he could do well in Europe … what do we think?

  239. M said

    “JC and David are determined to make this another successful year for players [they well understand the players needs] and visitors alike.”

    *sighs, envies visitors*
    I so wish I could be there! The beginning of that whole week is ridiculous for me, so I’m extra-grateful you gave me the roster to follow, so I know at least who might be in the quarters when I come up for air on Thursday. Rochus and Clement? Falla, Igor A. and Michael Russell? It’s going to be so exciting.

    And a 500-level tournament? The province has to be so proud of their star athlete-entrepreneurs. I looked up that building where Court 1 is housed – the Museo Príncipe Felipe. How gorgeous. We have to figure out how to get there one of these years.

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