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Posted by tennisplanet on April 1, 2008

Born and raised in Scotland to English parents. Moved to London at 10 and have been there ever since (except for the last 3 years living in Dublin). Hope to return home this year.
Married (recently), no children
Fav players of old: Nastase, McEnroe, Becker, Agassi, Sampras
Fav currents players: Federer, Nadal, Nalbandian, Ferrer, Baghdatis, Gonzalez, Moya
All I used to know of tennis really was Wimbledon. Used to work nearby so Wimbledon fortnight would leave off work at 4pm and go straight to the courts each day. Love being able to see so much more these days with all the television coverage.
Am currently delirious with happiness as after years of trying have finally got tickets for Centre Court in the public ballot for the first Friday of Wimbledon (dare I hiope that I might finally see Federer live).
Fave films: The Apartment, It’s a wonderful life, The Way we Were, LA Confidential, Withnail and I. Odd mixture, I know.
Fave ever telly programmes: Mash and North and South (that’s the Elizabeth Gaskell victorian england one not the American Civil War)
Fave current telly: Doctor Who!!!!!
Fave song: One by U2
Interests: Watching tennis, big film fan, reading, walking, travelling.

Yikes, I sound boring.


22 Responses to “Jill”

  1. Dee said

    Hi Jill,
    Just saying Hello to every one.Have a great day.

  2. Jenny said

    Hi Jill

    Good to hear you. Are you back in the UK?

  3. Jenny said

    Hi Jill,
    I know you’re a Ferrer fan, so this is for you. Not too sure about that bag though!!! Roger can carry it off somehow.

    Click on English and all the buttons.

  4. Jenny said

    Hi Jill,
    You’re welcome. Sky did us proud today, 4 great matches, although Roger got me right on the edge of my seat, I couldn’t believe that 2nd set, but thank God he came through. I don’t know, he still doesn’t look well to me. Poor Marat, driven absolutely bonkers by David. Seems Sam Smith is another one who has a soft spot for our little friend, did you hear her? LOL, that boy’s got it down to an art form!! Let’s hope we get to see Nalby too.

  5. Jenny said

    Just my opinion. I think Sky are being low key about Nalby because of his inconsistency.

    Nalby was brought up on a hard court and prefers a faster surface, clay is slow. Having said that he has scored great results on clay over the years and he’s never lost in Davis Cup on clay. Infact he almost single-handedly won it for Argentina.

    Djokovic – is becoming a great clay court player,and posted good results last year. In Monte, he beat Ljubicic who I wouldn’t consider a clay court player. Next up was Murray, I didn’t see it but I gather there was little resistance. I expect him to beat Querrey.

    The answer to your question, and IMO an in the zone Nalby can beat Djokovic on clay. I’m really looking forward to 2 matches tomorrow. The 2 R’s and the 2 D’s.

  6. Jenny said

    Ha..Ha Jill, Ditto!! I just wish someone would tell us why we don’t warm to him. Is it the tennis – which actually doesn’t excite me anyway. Is it the tantrums, I admit I dislike Murray’s bad language, but little David has his share of tantrums far worse than Murray, but he never goes over the top with the language, although he has been known to give the court clock a swift kick or two in the past, and the racquet smashes, all in all with him it’s a bit like a comic opera!! Totally irrational really that you want to cuddle one and admonish another!

    Btw our friend big David came through today.

  7. Jenny said

    Didn’t see the Barca final. Livestream didn’t work. Congrats Rafa! Poor Ferru, but my husband and I were so proud of him taking that second set.

  8. Jenny said

    Wonderful result for our Fena!

  9. Jenny said

    Hi Jill,
    Unfortunately, I had to work so missed Roger’s match. Got in on the second set of Fernando’s match to see Tipsy had taken the first set. Heard Peter Fleming say he’d lost his box office glow! Worried about those hamstrings, lets hope he can get through this – was a finalist last year, so lots of points to defend. Tipsy i rather nice. I agree about Djokovic, he does have the heart of a champ. I never disliked Canas either.

    Oops, posted the first back to me duh! Please delete from my box TP. many thanks, sorry about that.

  10. Jenny said

    Jill, Here you go you lucky thing!!! When we went we were near the back, I can’t even remember the seat No’s. Yes, it was 2001 Pete/Roger and that seems like the Dark Ages to me! Hope this helps.

  11. Jenny said

    Hi Jill,

    Must admit I’m enjoying ‘Ginny’ Wade’s post match analysis. I hope we get to hear more of her sensible impartial thoughts. I’ve noticed she talks up the players strengths, rather than concentrating on their weaknesses, I like that, what do you think?

  12. Jenny said

    Winner tomorrow? That’s a hard one. I’ve been following Fena for about 5 years now. I’ve always believed he could challenge the best, he’s very talented imo. Trouble is, he’s instinctive, streaky, never had a game plan, just blasted away with abandon, and I don’t think he really believed he could beat Roger, he’s a bit of a softee. I have criticised Stefanki for reigning him in too much, his results last year were dreadful, reducing me to tears! I might have to admit now I could be wrong, Fena’s started to think, is more disciplined in his shotmaking, so I guess this is due to Stefanki’s influence sinking in. If Fena is in the mood and Roger isn’t, it could spell difficulty for Roger. He blasted a fit Roger off the court in Shanghai, I believe Roger said Fena’s backhand killed him – Fena was plugged into some kind of electrical current! If they’re both in the mood, it could be very exciting, Fena knows he can beat him now, albeit only once, a bit like Andy. I’ll sit on the fence realistically, I just don’t know!

  13. Jill said

    Thanks Jenny,

    Like you, I really don’t have a clue who will be the eventual winner tomorrow, but I hope it will be a great match.

    Look forward to post match discussions.

  14. Jenny said

    Hi Jill,

    Gutted for David who had black tape down his back as well as his stomach and leg, I thought he looked pale too, he needs to take good care of himself before Wimbledon. Fena couldn’t keep it going, at least he played a great first set, and he had a great tourney. Both the boys did. Allez Roger!

    Don’t even go there about Murray. What an arrogant young man he is. Virginia and Greg weren’t impressed with the book idea either. Oh well, he’s making himself more famous for not playing tennis. I’d heard about the book last year and thought it had died a death. I’ve already ordered a dozen copies – what say you!!! Now if it were Fabrice, I certainly want to read his story, a legend who has something to say.

  15. Jenny said

    Hi Jill,

    El Rey David is looking great. I was sorry he took out Mahut, didn’t see the match, but I love Nico’s game too. Hey, did you see David creating his deadly angle web the other day, the clean hits, just wonderful. My type of grass tennis. Fena was taken out by Karlovic, didn’t see it, but I gather Fena was losing it, he abused two balls and a racquet and got a point penalty, I guess that’s what Ivo does to you. I know Ivo has improved, but Fena has so much more. Ridiculous when you consider the smaller, less powerful Ferru can take out Ivo on more than one occasion, he manages to stop him serving those aces. Ivo meets Rafa next so that should be fun!! As I saw it, and looking at the stats, Fena couldn’t return. I hope he and Fena are kept far apart at Wimby.

    Murray was pretty good today, in all honesty, and said with gritted teeth, he was the better player today, serve and all. Murray went down, bit of whiplash, inside thigh muscle strain, will he be able to play the other Andy tomorrow? He needs to be fit to take Andy on. Well they were all going down and eating grass.

    Tipsy was like a roaring lion in the first set, he outplayed Novak, and one would wonder who the world No 3 was, Tipsy won the first set 6-2. Novak then woke up and took the next two sets.

    Hope you enjoyed your wedding.

  16. Jenny said

    You’re welcome, Jill.

    Richard played really well, it was sad to see him go, but I could hardly root against D-Nal, could I?!! Yes, shame about Murray, bad luck.

  17. Jenny said

    Good point Jill. I was thinking as Roger opens on Centre Court and bearing in mind Fabrice’s wish, Andy being a Brit and all that, could Fabrice get his Centre Court wish??! I think Andy will beat him, so it could be his last chance sadly.

    Hey! Ferru through to his first ever grass final in Holland, who would have believed it, I’m delighted, and he beat Mario, a grass court specialist in the semis. We’ve got Karlovic/Verdasco in the Nottingham final, could be a slug fest, I’ve got to root for Fernando here, a talented player, but he’ll need to stay calm and return Ivo’s serve when he can. My only problem with Verdasco is his movement and netplay.

  18. Jenny said

    lol Jill, sssh! Not looking bad!

  19. Jenny said

    What a damn shame Jill. Just proves yet again you need more than sublime talent to win and it’s what irritates me about him the most, it can’t be much fun for him either knowing he should have won at least one slam. What’s the bet a lesser talent than Nalbandian will take out Lu as good as he was that day? Let’s crawl back under our stone and hope he doesn’t get too discouraged. I would hate to see him out of the mix.

    Little David is playing with confidence again, so good to see. If only the other David had his fighting qualities and sheer guts and I’m sorry to say it. Despite losing to Cilic who has a better serve, he had his opportunites to win that match if he could have got it to 5. I very much doubt Cilic will beat him on clay.

  20. Jenny said

    Hi Jill,

    Joy indeed! we’ve been waiting months for David to be this! Mind you, he’s always had poor old Richard’s number, he just seems to collapse when playing him. He once said he’d rather play Roger or Nadal.

  21. M said

    Jill, you have to check and make sure the username you associate with the email address you registered on the site with is in the “Name” box, above the comment, before you post.

    Then check to make sure your email address you registered with is in the “Email” box.
    (I’m pretty sure it is, because your I.D. monster is coming up, but do check.)

    That should help.

  22. Jenny said

    Hi Jill

    Here a nice vid for your delectation. You may not be interested in racquet technology, but I do know you like Ferrero and Ferrer. What a pair of sophisticates, eh!

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