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Posted by tennisplanet on April 1, 2008


4 Responses to “ricke.”

  1. Dee said


  2. ricke said

    Hi, right back at ya! Didn’t know I had a mailbox Yohoo!

  3. Brooke said

    Lol you’re right, I do know. I just answered you in another post, but in case you don’t see that: Brooklyn filled out her bracket for college basketball better than he did, so he had to get that weird haircut. I guess it’s a step up from last year when he lost a bet to the Bryans and had to do his interview like Borat!

  4. Claire said

    Hi Ricke,

    Have been surfing this site and saw you mention Lake Winnebago.
    Yes, that is where my mother-in-law has her lake house.

    I was very upset about the way Farve was treated by the Packers. I have become a Jets fan. It gives me some satisfaction that the Jets are doing better than the Packers!
    It would be awesome if the Jets go all the way!

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