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Individual mail boxes.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 6, 2008

If you want your own mail box, just leave a request here and it will be added.

For freaks still scratching their head for what this is, you can correspond directly to a certain individual if they have a box instead of leaving general messages elsewhere. Geeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

Link is in the left side bar. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!







bess from Alabama.





Carolee Pastorius.


Chicago fan.





















Roddick’s Girl (aka Fatma).






Somebody Else.







75 Responses to “Individual mail boxes.”

  1. Katie said

    Way cool, TP. Thanks! Not afraid of a coup?

  2. Jenny said

    Brilliant idea. Thanks TP. Saves scrambling around.

  3. Dee said

    Cool! Great! Thanks.

  4. Louise said

    woo cheers tp

  5. sceral said

    TP! You are spoiling us! Thanks.

  6. saras said

    Great Idea…
    But…Left side bar , where ?
    Help me…

  7. saras said

    Ok Got it

  8. zihwye said

    where’s TP’s mailbox??

  9. saras said

    I just put in few words whatever as you see in the posting above.Then hit “submit”
    The mail box appeared & I saw my name lited .Try it. Good luck

  10. Dee said

    Hello Tp, I just wanted to say hello.I love this box. Did you ever realize that you have so many –mmmm ???Do you have a name for us?

  11. zihwye said

    NO WAIT.
    i wasn’t asking for a mailbox for myself.
    i meant, TP’s mailbox.
    THE PERSON WHO WRITES ALL THESE BLOG ENTRIES and calls us freaking idiots.

  12. Louise said

    haha i was suprised he didnt put as freaks 1- how many there is of us.
    long i aint freak no1 😛

  13. Claire said

    WOW, Thank you for putting our bio’s in our mailboxes; you are being way to nice to us TP!

  14. Shaider said

    great TP.
    Lotta thanks

  15. Gracie said

    Just getting into this mailbox thing. Hey, not enough of you have put your info in these, considering TP’s whining about how many came back and asked for their own boxes… Arbit? Anand? Brooke?? K7, OrangetteC, NadalFan, and the rest (you know who you are) – you’ve been out there for a while…

  16. Brooke said

    Some of my info is already there, Gracie.

  17. Dee said

    What are these ‘possibly related posts’? Where are they coming from? I don’t get it. Tp, Please don’t make it too complicated. Some of us are still coming out of the cave.

  18. Dalia said

    Thats a nice idea

  19. Bonny said

    Roger Federer is the most complete, most fun to watch tennis player who ever lived.

  20. Anand_101 said

    So how does this mailbox thing work? Typically only you should be able to read mails to you. This looks like a freaking public thing?? Geeezzz TP what are you doing to us???

  21. Dee said

    Oh, This is silly TP, I would love to have whoever’s email address if they are willing. I can’t pick and choose.

  22. banti said

    May I have a box?

  23. Deep South Girl said

    I see lots of new names lately on the blog. Welcome to all!

    TP thanks so much for this gift of a site

  24. m said

    I just watched an online community explode. I think I need a box here. Whoever had this idea was brilliant.

    Pretty please, TP?

  25. Deep South Girl said

    Alas! You have no mailbox for my Swiss Friend, Sol.

    Also missing are Mordecai, and Aey. Where they be, TP??

  26. Mordecai said

    A mailbox for me please TP!

    Also…I’m trying to post another improvement tip at the Improve section but all I’m getting after I click submit is the top of the page, no “awaiting moderation” showing. The post isn’t that long, although it does have about 7 URLs listed, but apparently I can post a short text-only message there. What’s up with that?

  27. Mordecai,

    Try breaking up the URLs.Long ones create problems.

  28. swaps said

    After years I found my long lost friend here…commenting on your blog. Now only you can reunite us. Will ya help, please??

  29. Sol said

    Thanks DSG!


  30. claire said

    Just read Aey’s post about himself. TP, I’m also wondering where Aey’s mailbox is!

  31. bluechyll said

    Could I please have a mailbox TP??

  32. Deep South Girl said

    Stroopwaffle still doesn’t have a mailbox.

    I adore this website!

  33. matt said

    Is it possible to post my own tennis articles somewhere on this site? I’ve written one about the career of Bill Tilden and his controversial ways.

  34. Jenny said

    TP, Bettyjane doesn’t have a mailbox, neither does Ch.

    Many thanks, TP.

  35. Bettyjane said

    May I belatedly ask for a mailbox TP?? Thanks for this!

  36. Alex said

    I want one mon senior…

  37. monique said

    I would like to have a mailbox, please!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks.Monique

  38. Scott said

    I think I’m addicted to your awesome site now, so can I have a mailbox?? Please? Thanks TP, you’re the best.

  39. Somebody Else said

    Dear TennisPlanet,

    I would very much like to have a mailbox to call my own, one with which to contact our many tennis-loving friends directly and exchange notes.

    p.s.: I’m a Wall-of-Famer! 🙂

  40. Dee said

    Isn’t it funny. I just visited mailbox after a long time. What a list we have!!! were is everybody?

    • Jenny said

      It is a long list, Dee. There are many names listed who don’t even post anymore which is a shame, there were some good posters there, and yet our regular Mike doesn’t have a box as far as I can see, but that’s his choice of course.

  41. Dee said

    Hmmmm! May be we are used to stick around!!!For better and for worse!!
    (My 23rd anniversary is coming up in 3 weeks.)

    • Jenny said

      Wedding anniversary or Birthday? I stick around because imo it’s the best site with so much variety and innovation, that’s down to TP and super posters. We don’t always want serious, we need fun too and I think we get it here.

  42. Bjornino said

    Dear TP,

    May I also have a mailbox?


  43. bluechyll said

    Dearest TP, Scott still doesn’t have a mail box, and he asked so nicely too!

  44. aey said

    hi guys,

    Can I post some thing weird here , not sure if it’s appropiate. TP you can erase if it’s not right.

    I would like to give away 4×2 tickets at the up coming world tour final, 2 ticket each night from the monday 23rd, to Thursday 26th. It’s quite a good seat front row on end court.

    the reason is that my boyfriend cannot go, while I try to mixed london trip with my work trip , But eventaully can not get the proper flight ticket at the proper time, With the available flight I may end up have to fly 12 HR just to see only Thursday match.

    Don’t know how to start this , so anyone live in London , and interested to have my ticket , please send me email at aruni dot mtvv at gmail dot com by this Wednesday, Since i leave for my work this coming thursady.

    otherwise , i may have to throw them away:-(

    • Jenny said

      How kind, thank you Aey. I’m sorry you can’t go. I live in London, but I can’t commit to a whole day away from home these days, [the 02 is an awkward, time consuming journey too] we have an older dog who can’t be left for hours on end, we don’t have a dog flap for security purposes and keeping the cat in purposes! Also, my husband being self employed has to grab work as an when he can get it, so him being available for ‘babysitting’ can be dodgy and I wouldn’t want to waste the tickets. Maybe Jill?


      • aey said

        Hi, Jenny

        The ticket is at night session 19:00 pm , so pls let’s me know if you change your mind.

        I can see how things go with someone that you’d like to taking care of , and she must be very lucky dog 🙂

        Hi Jill , and everyone else

        If you interested , pls email me your address. I will mail out this wednesday , so it’s will be enough time for the ticket to get to London.

        Have a great tennis week.

  45. chipnputt said

    Tp, could I please have a mailbox? Many thanks.

  46. Bjornino said

    Can someone explain to me how these mailboxes actually work? ….I don’t really get it…

    • Jenny said

      Bjornino, say you want to send a message to Sol or any one of us, go to Mailboxes, click on chosen recipient and post in comment the usual way. Check your own mailbox for a response.

      • Bjornino said


        “to Sol or any one of us” LOL 😀

        Well…ty for the advice.. That still means everyone can read everything that is being written ^^ And even if we couldnt, TP still would 😉

  47. jett09 said

    TP would you be kind enough to give me my own Mailbox please..please..please.

  48. M said

    Darn it, Jenny, I don’t want to see the front page of the ATP site if it’s going to bring me news like that. I thought he and Gisela were still dating, and that’s one reason she was doing so well in the tournament, LOL!

    Why can’t I catch them in that window when they’re single and available? I read Neil Gaiman just got engaged to Amanda Palmer. I need to do something about my timing. 🙂

    • M said

      *blushes* TP, please ignore this. I’m still bleary from sitting up watching Jo Wil and Tommy and Jenny was supposed to get this message.

      • Jenny said

        LOL I know the feeling! I only had 2hrs sleep myself last night, most yesterday’s matches were a damp squib and I should have hit my bed long before! Gisela and Fena split in 2008?

  49. Somebody Else said

    Sampras loses exhibition to Verdasco:


  50. jett09 said

    Jenny, Dee and I managed to catch up last Friday. It was so funny I had to describe what I was wearing, where to meet, exact location. We had lots of fun. We are going out for dinner again tonight. It should be fun. She sends her “hello” to you and “Chieko San”.

  51. Jenny said

    I have posted THE pic and an article on the same page. Next comment coming up, no doubt it will go into moderation.

  52. Jenny said

  53. Jenny said

    Apologies, this was meant for M.

    • jett09 said

      Jenny, there is a video of the Armada and I’m sure that was Davis Cup, would you know when that Davis Cup was please? Might add to my collection. Thanks heaps Jenny.

  54. M said

    news (dot) google (dot) com

    search text: “Ljubicic” “Djokovic” “running himself ragged”

    Don’t tell TP 😉

  55. M said

    Of course since you piqued my curiosity I just had to go searching on, and found another article on Lavoz Libre that I think features some of the pictures.

    Nice article. I’ll leave you the link in reply. If you have Google Chrome it will translate it for you (albeit with the original grammar intact, which can be an amusing experience).

    Juan Carlos.
    The abs. Good Lord.

    And what is that tattoo? (And how did I not know about it before this? 😈 )

  56. M said

    Hi, Jenny – I saw Gaston Gaudio’s name yesterday on the qualifying draw!

    However, though I saw another Columbian player’s (I think his last name is Salamanca), I didn’t see Giraldo’s. Do you think that mean’s he’s already qualified for the main draw?

    P.S. That vid you posted in “Wanna Post” is hilarious.

  57. Claire said


    I’m watching Halle and Queens on ; it’s great!

  58. xeres said

    TP I want a mailbox too !

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