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Nadal’s new girlfriend? From Sarah. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 8, 2008


Could this be true? Got this from Espn’s Tennis Board.

Nadal and Wozniacki: new tennis couple?

According to newspaper Ekstra Bladet, Spaniard Rafael Nadal and Danish Caroline Wozniacki are good friends and have already dated several times. Caroline Wozniacki, who on July will turn 18, is world number 30 and one of the most promising young women in the circuit, in which she also draws everybody’s attention for her beauty.

According to the newspaper, Nadal’s interest in the young girl dates back to two years ago, when both tennis players coincided in the shooting of a commercial of cups.

In statements made to Ekstra Bladet, Wozniacki admitted that they keep in touch and that frequently go out. There was even a formal date, but she denied having a formal relationship with the tennis player.

“We are not dating, but we do see each other from time to time,” said Wozniacki, four years younger than Nadal.

Wozniacki described the Spaniard tennis player as “a sweet person, somebody nice to talk to,” but added that for the time being he is just “a good friend from the tennis world.”


20 Responses to “Nadal’s new girlfriend? From Sarah. Thanks.”

  1. saras said

    TP…Thanks for updating nadal’s love life.
    Its just me or you are thinking the same TP…?
    Quite a few Tennis players are getting hooked with either models or TV artists…What’s going on.?
    I am thinking of a posting here few weeks back,where men in general feel the need to have a beauty next to them…Are these men so insecure & want a little more attention that what they are getting?
    A.Roddick with the model B. Decker
    L.Hewitt with Aussie T.V. star Becky.
    P. Srichipan with Miss Thai.( Don’t remember the name )
    Tider Woods with Elin, a former model.
    These are to name a few.Oh…even sampras is married to a former US T.V. Star..
    Hope sincerely Roger stays loyal to his long time girl friend Mirka….Who knows !

  2. Brooke said

    Saras, what about James Blake and Mardy Fish? They’re both dating models.

  3. saras said

    Thanks for the info.I put down a few that I remembered on top my head…There are many other sports celebrity…Please feel free to add up…Lets see how many more we can add up…This is a open invitation to all who ever can remember other sports legends.Would be interesting,I think.
    Pat. Mckenroe is married to a broadway artist, who sang the Natl. anthem at MSG before Sampras Vs. Federer ex. match.

  4. Sarah said

    Caroline isn’t a model – she is a tennis player. And I wouldn’t be surprise if the future Mrs. Roger Federer isn’t a model type too.

  5. Jenny said

    I can’t believe Rafael’s split with his Spanish girlfriend Xisca. I don’t see him as being the unfaithful type, I would imagine he could have just a friendship. Who can tell, he is a man after all, and a Gemini man to boot, those Gemini men can charm the birds out of the trees!!

  6. Sarah said

    I don’t think Rafael dumped his girlfriend. I just think he is friends with Caroline. He is single; so I don’t see a problem with it.

    Jimmy Connors dated and married a Playboy centerfold. And they are still married – 28 years and counting. I think people are too judgmental – assuming just because a woman is pretty; she doesn’t have other endearing qualities.

  7. Brooke said

    I agree, Sarah. Good looking people can have other endearing qualities. As much as I envy Brooklyn Decker, she seems to have a great personality; the female version of Roddick.

  8. saras said

    In the real world…, no doubt gets the attention above other positive arrtibutes in an individual….
    Most of the ads we see either on T.V. or on the Bill boards by the roadside, a beautiful model man or woman is presenting the product, irrespective of the nature of the product being advertised…I mean to say, some ads. of the products we see have whatsoever no connection to the beauty representing it.
    One eg. The Auto shows that I have been to, the girls are model-like,why an average looking person doesn’t cut it ?
    The cosmetic industry…including the “Cosmetic Surgery is a booming business….Its inherent in humanbeing to look”beautiful” than otherwise.A beautiful face turns heads or a second look.So lets not fool ourselves that “Beauty” makes the first immpression.,not to say that the “beauties ” lacks any endearing qualities.Beauty certainly helps in getting a second look at the individual than an average looking person with much more accomplishments..

  9. Jenny said

    I agree Sarah, I don’t have a problem with friendship either, but you know what the media are like, just waiting to pounce and make something more out of a good friendship.

  10. Dee said

    They could be just friends but Nadal’s girlfriend’s not going to be impressed (if they are still together) Remember him taking Ana in his plane. I have this feeling. I think he is looking. I am not really sure about Tennis players dating each other. Agassi and Steffi thing happened after she stopped playing ???? I remember Lleyton and Kim said That they got bored with each other because they didn’t have any novel things to do and couldn’t spend much time with each other because of their different tournaments—etc.
    When you think about it Their circumstances only allow them to meet Tennis players or famous people. They don’t have time for normal people with their schedule, do they. Have you ever heard a tennis player asking the number of a beautiful fan( like Brooke or Katie) he saw at the stadium???

  11. Katie said

    LOL, Dee!

  12. Amin said

    I wonder what will happen to Mirka after Fed’s playing days are over? Will he still be interested in her, or will he be looking elsewhere? Right now, it’s OK, because he does not want to concentrate on anything else, he is in a comfort zone. I can’t see them still being together, considering he has said that he is scared of being married. I think she’s very stupid to be his door mat. If she’s good enough to share his bed and other things, then she should be good enough for him to share his name and possessions. I’ve seen so many relationships like theirs just fizzle out after the need is gone. For instance, women who put their husbands through college, and when the men graduate, they start looking elsewhere, because the woman has served her purpose. I don’t know why, but I feel this will happen to Mirka, and she will have only herself to blame. Men need to respect the women in their lives. 8 years is a long time. People get married, have children and divorce in 8 years. This woman (Mirka) is just setting herself up for a fall. She’s let herself go, is she so secure with their relationship that she thinks her size does not matter to him? Men like beautiful, curvacous, model like women, but this girl seems to have zoned out on what’s the best way to hold onto her man. I hope she lewakes up soon and is saving her pennies, because if it is ever over between them, she’ll just have memories, nothing else.

  13. Adrian said

    About a month ago or so, I actually compiled a list of tennis players and their girlfriends, went on the internet and fetched some photos, and asked the question “Which couple do you prefer?” and “Who is the hottest girlfriend?” and posted it in the Wanna Post? section… but for some reason the posting gave me an error and I just didn’t bother again…!!!!!!! Oh well…

    But going back to TP’s posting, I really don’t think this is Nadal’s new girlfriend… at least I haven’t seen anything on the Spanish news about Nadal breaking up with Xisca… and you know that a magazine like Hola would totally have it on its front page if it happened!

  14. Jenny said

    LOL Dee, and Nalbandian wasn’t about to give his autograph, let alone his ‘phone number to Brooke lol.

  15. Brooke said

    lol also Dee. Thanks : p

    I’m pretty sure Safin’s done it btw.

  16. zihwye said

    didn’t know they broke up (did they?) !!! this is sad news though, i liked xisca & rafa.

  17. Sarah said


    I thought Nikolay ‘saw’ Irina at a tennis tournament (I think it was a Davis Cup) and start dating her and she is very beautiful. I agree with the grind of their schedule, tennis players are more likely to date other players or famous people. I’m surprise you don’t have more tennis couples.

    Not sure about Rafael looking. Don’t really know the status of him and his official girlfriend. But with so many co-ed tournaments it is not surprising he would befriend female tennis players. I mean you can only hang with your family or the guys for so long!

  18. Brooke said

    Not to worry, Jenny, he couldn’t pay me for my number! lol

  19. Sarah said

    I don’t think Roger will marry Mirka and if he does their marriage won’t last as long as they dated. When they met she was an active, somewhat attractive tennis player. You guys put Roger on some kind of pedestal because he hasn’t dumped Mirka; but he is a normal guy (which means physically appearances are important). Yes, a guy falls in love with other characteristics about a woman – eventually; but not if he isn’t visionally stimulated first. I believe Roger and Mirka’s relationship has lasted so long because he has grown to love her and she manages things which allow him to concentrate on tennis.

    Do you think that, if they had no history and they met today, a 30 year old Mirka (she is still a former tennis player and speaks Swiss German) would be attractive to a 26 year old Roger? Do you think he would want to date her?

    I don’t think so. I’m not saying she isn’t right for Roger or that she isn’t a good person. I’m just saying he would be nice to her and move on – quickly!

  20. Sting said

    I’m sorry, I gotta say I don’t get all this talk about Roddick and his girlfriend, Roger and Mirka, Nadal and his girlfriend, blablabla… I can understand people having some curiosity about tennis players and their partners in life but I was shocked when I saw there were 19 comments under this post, I had to read them to see what’s all the talk about. Ok, so I know it’s a little boring right now waiting for Estoril to begin and nothing much to talk about tennis-wise. But all these comments about how ROger should or shouldn’t dump Mirka, should or shouldn’t marry her, his feelings towards her, her weight issue, Roddick and his fiancée… Who are we to judge something so personal? What do we know about their personal life and intimate relationship?? Fortunately for them, we know nothing, so let’s focus on the game and not the people.

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