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Roddick’s wife to be: Brooklyn Decker. Trophy or starter?

Posted by tennisplanet on April 9, 2008

brooklyn-decker-thumb-1.jpg brooklyn-decker-thumb-2.jpgbrooklyn-decker-thumb-3.jpgbrooklyn-decker-thumb-4.jpg




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Has Federer gotten progressively worse this season?

Posted by tennisplanet on April 9, 2008

Roger Federer of Switzerland wipes his face during a match against Andy Roddick during day eleven of the Sony Ericsson Open at the Crandon Park Tennis Center on April 3, 2008 in Key Biscayne, Florida.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images) 

Doesn’t it appear that way? Here, look at the four losses he has had this year:

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, seen here after winning the Australian Open in January 2008, will play all three of the European clay court Masters events at Monaco, Hamburg and Rome as part of his all-out assault on the French Open, the Beta news agency reported.

Ist loss: To Djokovic.

Considering he was fresh from mono and couldn’t play the warm up at Kooyong, leaving him without any match play for almost two months, it was a pretty decent run up to the semis, beating Santoro, Tipsy, Berdych and Blake, all in straight sets except Tipsy. Santoro even ate a bagel.

And the loss to Djokovic, although in straight sets, was very very close. It could have gone either way. Under the conditions it was not bad, since Djokovic was a far superior player than any of Federer’s previous opponents, having reached the semis at both Roland Garros and Wimbledon, with finals at US Open. So he did lose to a very good player who had not dropped a set in the entire tournament up until then.

Even at full strength it was going to be a tough match, as was expected after Djokovic’s win over Federer at Montreal and the close two tie-break loss at the US Open. Being so close to being diagnosed with mono and still recovering, along with all the other BS of match play, in retrospect, that so far has been his best performance, wouldn’t you say?

2nd loss: To Murray.

Murray had already won two titles by the time he faced Federer at Dubai – Doha and Marseille. He was playing great and had 12 quality matches under his belt by then, compared to 6 for Federer. This was a tough opponent for Federer and meeting him in the first round after all that was going on with him further exacerabated the problem. Not to mention Murray had already defeated Federer once at Cincinnati in 2006 – in straight sets.

Despite all that it was again very close. The first set went to a tie-break which Murray won. Federer was still able to win the next set before Murray closed out the third set at 6-4. So it wasn’t a blow out, with so much going against Federer. Besides, Federer did not play a single match for the whole of February before facing Murray in March.

Was this loss a step down from Djokovic’s loss? Sure. After dispatching the likes of Santoro, Berdych and Blake in straight sets, specially after playing a gruelling five-setter against Tipsy smack in the middle of mono, Murray should have been toast considering there was full month’s rest involved even if match play was still an issue.

You don’t suddenly lose all your game if you haven’t played for two months to the extent that you go down to a player who hasn’t achieved anything big so far in his career. Murray hasn’t done anything notable after that either. In fact, he has failed miserably against over the hill players like Haas or Ancic and even Davydenko since then.

So Murray was, and has been, certainly a notch below Djokovic at many levels, both before and after that match. Federer was more likely to win against Murray than Djokovic. Even a cucumber in the snack stand could have predicted that, proving the slide downwards.

3rd loss: To Fish.

Then comes another player so further down the ranking ladder from both Djokovic and Murray, that not only was a straight set win assumed, a bagel would have been appropriate. Keep in mind also that Federer by then was not only more than two months removed from the mono crap, he had 10 matches under his belt by now. So both improved health due to rest and more match play, further separated Federer from his Djokovic and Murray losses, meaninig that it will now need Nadal to beat him.

Not only did Fish defeat Federer, he humiliated him in straight sets. Now, unless this mono BS gets worse with rest and relaxation, there is no reason to go out so tamely no matter how hot the player is, when you just narrowly lost to the No. 3 player right out of a hospital and then took a set off another highly seeded player in Dubai.

Again this was when Federer had not dropped a set in the entire tournament, destroying Garcia, Mahut and Ljubicic on his way up.

Would this loss be considered a step down from the other two losses? You bet!!!!!!!!!! Granted Fish beat Davydenko, Hewitt and Nalbandian enroute, but it’s not that he destroyed them completely. Both Hewitt and Nalbandian were able to take a set off Fish. In fact both matches were won with a close third set tie-break. They both could have gone either way.

Besides, even if he had taken out all of them in straight sets, he should have been annihilated against the No. 1 player in the world. Fish was ranked No. 98 in the world, for cyring out loud. Djokovic demonstrated that clearly in the finals when he defeated Fish, nuetralising his game once and for all.

Andy Roddick follows through on a serve to Roger Federer, of Switzerland, during a quarterfinal at the Sony Ericsson Open tennis tournament in Key Biscayne, Fla., Thursday, April 3, 2008.  Roddick won the match 7-6 (4), 4-6, 6-3.   

4th loss: To Roddick.

By the time this match came around, Federer had repeatedly confessed to being 100 percent at all the pressers. With 14 matches under his belt, even the match play alibi had lost it’s sting by then. Again, he had not dropped a set coming in.

Roddick was the perfect player for Federer to move to the next round. The H2H was 15-1. The match-up was so lopsided that many predicted Federer will win a match against Roddick even when he is past fifty. Although their matches have been close, just the mental toll that 15-1 figure takes on a player is more than enough to swing momentum and a whole lot more your way.

Just their last match couple of months ago at TMC was a blow out with Federer winning in straight sets 6-4, 6-2 in freaking one hour and one freaking minute.

It’s not that Roddick was coming in on some incredible run. He had dropped a set against Troicki (119) in the opening freaking round in a match lasting two hours and 14 minutes. Then Benneteau (72) took another set in the fourth round in another match lasting two hours and 8 minutes.

But Roddick suddenly turns into a super player reversing decades of child abuse by eliminating Federer in the quarterfinals.

Think this was a step down from Fish? You think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as Federer has gotten ‘better’ from both mono and match play affliction, the performance on the court has progressively moved south. The quality of competition he has lost to so far, has deteriorated from when he was most severely impacted with whatever issues, back in January.

Is there any other way to look at it?

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Ferrer follows Nadal. Supports Federer. From Jenny. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 9, 2008


David Ferrer, another fine Spanish player and gent, nailing his colours to the wall and supporting Roger.

…you know that I think that Federer is the best. I’m sure that soon he will be back to his old ways. And it’s clear that playing late into the season always affects the early part of the next season…

Thank you Ferru.

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Venus Williams takes indefinite tennis hiatus for undisclosed reason. Are you freaking kidding me!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on April 9, 2008

What could be the freaking reason that you don’t want the world to know what it is? If you are a high profile athlete, you think it’s not going to leak out. You have yourself said you are dealing with a medical issue.

How in the world does anything change in any freaking way if the reason is not disclosed? Oh, the competiton will catch up? You are way past your freaking prime with one leg already in the marriage saddle. What difference does it freaking make at this stage?

It’s not like you have committed some crime. You are sick, you are sick. Nobody is going to fault you for it, unless of course the medical issue involves Stepanek’s child. What a freaking thought!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!!

Just get out from under the mystery crap and have the balls to say it as it is or just freaking retire and spare us the drama, puulllllleaase.

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Whoooohooooooo, my phone privileges have been restored today!!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on April 9, 2008

I have started passing out my phone numbers to whoever is willing to take the slip outside the grocery store.

I have started receiving calls right away. But ALL of them have been from telemarketers selling drugs for curing mental illness.

Some have been for how to improve social life, how to live like a human, knowing when you are not being funny, how to cure carpal tunnel syndrome, reduce embarassing hospital visits, how to overcome petting zoo addiction seminars.

Wait a minute.

Are you freaking cheap lazy freaking freaks behind all this?

I think you are underestimating the power of my ‘boys’. Mend your ways NOW. There’s still time, for once the ‘boys’ leave the basement, there’s no place to hide. 

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Bacteriologist gives list of top areas where germs collect.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 9, 2008

Click here.

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