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Courier Praises Federer’s Decision to Hire Higueras. From Adrian. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 17, 2008


TP vs Jim Courier…

Courier Praises Federer’s Decision to Hire Higueras

Former World No. 1 Jim Courier believes his former coach Jose Higueras could be the key to helping Roger Federer clinch the only Grand Slam title to elude him.

The 1991 and 1992 Roland Garros champion praised Federer’s decision to hire Higueras for the Estoril Open, saying: “There are a handful of great coaching minds out there and Jose is one of them so I was not surprised to see Roger hire Jose.”

With a 1-6 record on clay against Rafael Nadal, the Spaniard who has beaten Federer in the last two Roland Garros finals, Courier believes the voice of Higueras might give Federer an edge when and if they meet on clay this spring.

“I am sure Roger is looking for a spark and a new voice often can do that,” said Courier, who had a 118-37 career record at the four major championships.�

Higueras helped Courier to the No. 1 in the South African Airways ATP Rankings in 1992, a position the American held for 58 weeks in total during his 13-year career.�

Higueras also forged a successful coaching relationship with Michael Chang, the 1989 Roland Garros winner, and several other champions.

“Jose understands the mind of a champion, knows how to deliver information tactfully and knows how to prepare a player as well as anyone you’ll find,” said Courier.

“It’s anyone’s guess as to whether they will connect as player and coach but it seems like a logical choice by Roger.”


4 Responses to “Courier Praises Federer’s Decision to Hire Higueras. From Adrian. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Thanks Adrian, I agree with Courier.

  2. djb said

    I’m sorry, but Courier is wrong on this. Just because Higueras was able to help him, doesn’t mean it will benefit Federer the same way. Let’s not forget Federer has been No. 1 for quite some time, and he’s been able to maintain it, even without a coach. Coach, or no coach, a determined Nadal will always find a way to beat Federer on clay, no matter who Federer’s coach is.

  3. aj said

    Jim was in a complimentary mood:-

    Jim Courier: To be candid, Richard, I haven’t seen Andy hit too many balls this season, but from what I have seen I’m just pleased Andy seems to be in a nice place both in his life and his tennis. He’s taken all the negativity people seem to throw at him and from what I’ve seen he’s built an excellent career. I don’t think Andy has really gotten the credit or respect that he deserves, which bums me out to be honest. He is a true competitor, he trains hard, he’s a warrior who always gives you his best effort on court. So it’s a head scratcher, to me, to see some of the criticism he gets when he’s knocked off the top three in the world this season and he’s just a credit to the sport.

  4. Gracie said

    Those last comments are spot-on about Andy…

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