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Federer wins in rain. What kind of crap is that?

Posted by tennisplanet on April 17, 2008

Roger Federer, from Switzerland, acknowledges the applauding spectators after defeating Romania's Victor Hanescu 6-3, 6-2, in their second round match of the Estoril Tennis Open in Oeiras, outside Lisbon, Thursday, April 17, 2008.  

When is the last time players have been allowed to play in rain? And clay? Can’t even imagine what it would be like to play on wet clay. Is that the new surface now? Federer, better hire another coach for wet clay in case it rains at Roland Garros. What kind of BS is that?

Just freaking stop the freaking play. Isn’t that the norm in the tennis world everywhere?

On second thoughts, looking at the straight set win in one hour, after struggling in the previous match, may be Federer needs to pray for rain at RG.

This should have been deeply satisfying for Federer for so many reasons. But in his last four tournaments, he has had these kind of matches in the initial rounds only to bomb out once he faces a top ten player. But this is different. At least that’s what most of his fans are hoping.

This is a new surface, with a new coach and he is gradually coming out from under the mono cloud. With a set already dropped in the first round, it wouldn’t have been particularly uplifting if he had dropped one here too. It’s a good win which makes the previous match look even better.

Most importantly, it gives Federer the confidence which is what he is lacking in most, after four losses this season without a title. His real test will come when he faces Davydenko the only real player in the entire tournament. Hope Davydenko keeps breathing till then for us to know if Federer has turned the corner.

Davydenko has had a pretty good run here in the past. In his five attempts here, he has won the title once and reached the final once, losing to Nalbandian in 2006. He lost in the first round last year though. With his Miami win fresh in his mind, he will be looking to duplicate what Roddick achieved there – reverse his miserable 0-11 H2H against Federer.

All seeds from Federer’s half are out, with Berrer No. 8 seed out today. So Federer will be playing either a wild card or a qualifier next while Davydenko will square off against a seed – Gicquel No. 7.

The final result will, I guess, determine if this was the best route for Federer in his first clay court event of the season under current conditions. I mean not facing a single seed until the finals or how about the whole tournament.

Winning a title here, I assume, will mean much more at this point for Federer than counting how many seeds he beat on his way up. But will that surge in belief and conviction be enough to out-duel the big cats on the biggest stage with the brightest lights? So, are these the baby steps to the eventual crown or he is still lounging in the air-conditioned suite to be unaware or unprepared for the brutal climate in the jungle?

Only one way to find out. If those hands go up on that Sunday with the hardware, or stay down clapping for the winner. Four such major Sundays coming up at a theatre near you.

And what’s up with just three freaking aces in the entire match compared to 17 in the previous one? And what’s up with averaging just 56 percent on the first serves in? Hope Jose is not messing with that area of his game.


5 Responses to “Federer wins in rain. What kind of crap is that?”

  1. Claire said

    Boy, that bee/wasp bite sure looks bad in the above picture! Shouldn’t it be looking better by now?

  2. Brooke said

    Agreed. Cancel play when it rains! Lol anyone remember when they refused to cancel play when it rained during the ’07 AO and Safin just sat in his chair and wouldn’t get up. “It doesn’t matter to YOU,” he told an official, “What do you care as long as you have a girl on either arm and a cigar in your mouth?” That was hilarious.

  3. Sarah said

    Give it about a week. It’s huge, so I wouldn’t expect it to disappear in a few days.

    TP, This match took 61 minutes. That is less time it took him to lose the first set in round one. He played in bad conditions and he played well – I think his low ace count today showed he didn’t need as many cheap points. He was firmly in control.

    I’m crossing my fingers he gets a win here. I read that Novak will lose points for not defending. So Roger can increase his lead over both Rafael and Novak.

  4. Gracie said

    I’ve seen play continue in light rain on clay before. Didn’t get to see this match, so I don’t know how hard it was raining… Yes Brooke, I remember that – lol.

  5. Rock said

    After receiving a jolt from Roddick in his recent loss, this time Roger could be mixing caution with aggression against Davydenko if he happens to face him in the finals, which should give Roger the first title of the year. You don’t want to have Roddick’s mindset against Roger while playing Davydenko, coz that’s when you get lot of balls back and he will be all over you before you realize.

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