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French chief slams Gasquet after Davis Cup exit. Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on April 17, 2008

“You have to make the players understand that they need to fight, to make sacrifices, even if they are undermined by an injury,” Bimes said.

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!

You want a player to continue playing despite an injury? Are you out of your freaking mind? And what reward do you have in place for them if they obey your stupid command? Loss of time on the tour?

Why don’t you lead by example and show up at work next time you have the runs?



4 Responses to “French chief slams Gasquet after Davis Cup exit. Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!!”

  1. Brooke said

    Well, another article I read made it seem that Gasquet’s injury wasn’t too severe and that he’s tried to pull something like this before. They quoted him as saying something like, “I told Guy I didn’t want to play Roddick; I didn’t think I could win.” Guy Forget responded saying, “Gasquet’s lack of commitment has been a real problem.” If Richard was seriously hurt, I’m completely behind him pulling out, but I get the feeling he made a little too much of it. I mean, both Bryans played the final and semis with a draining virus and I think Andreev was sick at some point too!

    This is why I’m against awarding points for Davis Cup. The Americans (and some others, of course!) play for their team and not just when it’s convenient. You think Gasquet would be worried about a little blister if he was getting points for this?! Heck no! And Nadal? He’d jump at the chance to play! I don’t think I’m going to be able to take all the phonies next year pretending they’re all team spirited when they just want the points and wouldn’t come near the Davis Cup stadium under any other pretense (I know I’m picking on Nadal and Gasquet, but plenty of other players would do the same).

    Why does everything have to be about the individual?

  2. Sarah said


    Dear Fans

    I have decided that I will play the Davis Cup tie this September against Belgium. I am looking forward to the opportunity to help Switzerland, along with my teammates, get back into the World Group for the 2009 season. I was so excited that the team was able to pull it out in Belarus last weekend and very much hope we can carry this momentum into the tie in September.

    All the best from Estoril,


  3. Jenny said

    I didn’t see the match, read about Gasquet and his injuries that’s all I know. I understand Richard had blisters on his hand, right? Was it anything else? From past history, he gets blisters on his hands all the time, he sniffles he withdraws. I’ve seen Nadal with blisters, but he gets his hand taped and gets on with it. Fed has played through a heavy cold, mono etc. Richard’s performance in Shanghai was lacklustre to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I love Richard’s game and he seems a nice guy, but his commitment is suspect IMO, I sometimes wonder if he really wants to play tennis at all. Guy Forget is a great captain, and the last person to be unsympathetic to serious injury, he was hacked off with him, and as I understand it, so were the rest of that great team who were comparative veterans. The French Federation really look after their players, give them time to mature, and Richard has been wrapped in cotton wool for years. He was the weakest member of the DC team, Forget would have been better off begging Santoro to play a rubber, at least he gives 200% and has played strapped up. Gasquet should have been sidelined right from the off given the tough US opposition. Sorry to sound so harsh, but Richard needs to toughen up mentally and physically.

  4. Orangettecoleman said

    gasquet wasn’t injured, he just flaked out because he didn’t want to play roddick. that’s why guy forget is pissed at him. they should just kick gasquet off the davis cup team if he’s that unreliable.

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