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Online tennis game. From Adrian. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 29, 2008



Someone sent an online tennis game that made me very unproductive for about a week… now I found another one which has made me even MORE unproductive at work — if that’s even possible! jaja… and that’s because this one is soooo much better… you can actually control the pace and the angles and all… it’s awesome!!

10 Responses to “Online tennis game. From Adrian. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Absolutely brilliant Adrian, thank you!! Stop it!! or we all be looking for new jobs!! LOL

  2. Schop. said

    Gracias Adrian!

    Oh boy this game is as hard as real tennis…

    The only thing I miss is that TMF can’t be chosen.

  3. Adrian said

    jaja I know, Jenny, I don’t want to be the only one unemployed here! That’s why I share this with you! jaja

    Schop, no problem! It is hard… I couldn’t even return one single ball at first… but then I got better and now I only play against “Claudia”, the only one who poses a challenge to me…

    But by the way, I also found this other game:

    In this one, you can choose to be one of the famous women of the 80s-90s (I am always Steffi… ajjaja and for some reason, that previous statement somehow sounds wrong! jaja)

  4. A tennis fan said

    I was losing 2 games to 0 against Claudia, so I exited the window and “retired” with a sore throat

  5. Jason said

    After beating the first two chumps, my goal became trying to hit the chair ump. How can a computer game have a chair ump be that bad?

  6. Dee said

    Oh Boy I only got the serve in. My son would be really good @this.Thanks any way. This would be my exercise for the day.(It’s raining out side)

  7. Jenny said

    I’ve got the yips on my serve, I need to see a sports psychologist!

  8. bigfish said

    Thanks. These are fun games.

  9. Dee said

    This is a mind game.

  10. Domonic Anderson said

    The third game in the list is awsome, first I couldn’t even past the first round, now one can beat me, and I hit a lot aces (I can make them anytime I want) and I also like smash, two things that the game missed: that you can hit the umpire and that the opponents can commits double faults.

    Round — Jhon Isner vs Gael Monfils-Clay-Roland Garros
    Round 1- Jhon Isner vs Leyton Hewitt-Hard-Aussie Open b4 2008
    Round 2- Jhon Isner vs Jarkko Nieminem-Hard-Aussie Open after ’08
    Final— Jhon Isner vs Jo-Wilfried Tsonga-Grass-Wimbledon

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