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Moving Monte Carlo report with photos from Rein and Chris from Holland. Good work. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 5, 2008

Thank you TP, here is the report, we hope very much that you will consider featuring it as a main article. We would like to say that we are huge Roger and TP fans, and this trip to the Monte Carlo Masters was a very big occasion for us.
In the report are some URL’s for some great pictures to accompany our report, please feel free to upload them or edit the text in any way you wish.

For the last two years me and my friend Chris have been huge Roger Fans, to put it mildly. After failing to see him in Paris because he lost to Nalbandian before we arrived, we decided to try our luck at the Monte Carlo Masters. On thursday we arrived in Nice after a very early flight from Holland, and the first thing we did was go to the Monte Carlo Country Club (MCCC) where we were lucky enough to get some tickets outside for the 3rd round. We had been following the tournament from the start so we knew what was going to happen and could barely believe it.. we were going to see Roger play!! What a contrast to be there on court seing him beat Monfils, after watching him online being so close to defeat in the 2nd round against Ramirez Hidalgo, a match we, like Roger, barely survived.

Chris (left) and I during the match against Monfils:

The next day, Nalbandian was waiting. We decided to go to the MCCC early, and when we entered the stadium we couldnt believe our eyes!! Roger was training (with some doubles player)(Jose was there too), and there were only about 15 people there! We couldnt contain our enthousiasm, and started yelling; ‘Go roger!’ ‘We love you Roger!’ It was in between points, and Roger looked at us and waved his racket! We couldnt believe it!!
Then we saw the amazing match against Nalbandian. We then waited 3 houres at the players exit hoping to get a glimpse or an autograpgh of our hero. When he finally walked past us we couldnt believe it! We were so close to him! At first we thought he wasnt going to give any autographs because he walked by, so we yelled, ‘good luck tomorrow Roger!’ Then he turned and said, ‘thanks guys!’ and we were already very happy, but then just before he exited the park he stopped to give autographs. I was so exited I ran over to him, pushing aside everyone and nearly bumping into Roger! He was maybe a little bit grumpy because he then said: ‘Relax guys, take it easy’ but then he gave me all the autographs I wanted! I also took some nice pictures.
Because I was standing in front of him I could say: ‘you played really well today Roger’, and he responded by looking me in the eye and saying: ‘Thank you man’. I was so happy.

At the players exit:

The next day we saw him playing very well and beating the Joker, and during the final the next day something amazing happened!
It was during the second set, in between games, when we glanced up and suddenly found ourselves zoomed in on the big screens of the stadium! We were so excited so we started cheering and showed everyone our COME ON FEDERER shirts! And then lots of people started cheering as well! We even heard a girl scream Whoohoo!!
Unfortunately Roger lost the match to Nadal, but we saw him play so well during the tournament that we have lots of confidence for the future.

Match against Joker:

Match against Rafa:

To round things up, we had a spectacular time in Monte Carlo, and we can advise everyone to go see a tournament if you have the chance!
And lots of thanks to TP for all the great articles!

Yours sincerely,
Rein and Chris, Roger fans.

19 Responses to “Moving Monte Carlo report with photos from Rein and Chris from Holland. Good work. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Hi Rein & Chris,

    Great post, I really enjoyed it. It’s nice to hear from fans who’ve witnessed it all live so to speak. Thanks!

  2. Adrian said

    Rein & Chris…

    I’m speechless! This is such a ridiculously amazing experience, you should be so happy you went there and watched all those matches! I’ve been thinking about going to one of the smaller tourneys for such a long time and I just haven’t done it, really… I mean, I’ve been to Wimbledon and the USO many times now, but my guess is that you don’t get the same feeling there vs. a place like MC or IW or one of these other masters series tourneys. The other places I’ve been to have been much smaller events like Halle, New Haven, and Legg Mason… probably a notch below the masters series tournaments… so, not the same quality. An event like Montecarlo has the best quality of games and it must feel way cozier…

    Anyway, your pictures are amazing and I’m glad you guys had such a great time.

    Thanks, TP, for posting their article and photos!


  3. Claire said

    Rein and Chris,

    That was great 🙂 It was so neat to see your personnel pictures and hear about your adventure!

  4. bigfish said

    Thanks for the post and like the shirts. Also love the photo of Roger and No.3’s match.

  5. Gregory said

    Thank Rein and Chris its very nice of you to bring us so close to your personal experiences.
    Love the pictures and all.
    I wish that other TP Freaking Fans will be so considerate and send as good reports from tournaments across the pond.

  6. cms said

    Great report and pics. Thanks, guys!

  7. saras said

    Thanks for great pics….
    I could imagine how excited you must have been.

  8. Anand_101 said

    Wow, awesome guys! Lucky you.

  9. Katie said

    Thanks Guys–can’t wait to read about the next match you go to!

  10. Gracie said

    Rein & Chris – Seeing live tennis is a blast! Thanks so much for sharing your MC experiences with us and for including the great photos. I like the one with the two of you, the best.

  11. ricke said

    I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to watch a match than Monte Carlo. Those pictures were spectacular. I agree the smaller tournaments are a great place to see the top players. We go to Cincinnati every year and are so close to the players, especially on the practice courts! The high lite of all my trips was running into Roger and Mirka coming out of the player’s lounge and getting him to sign a picture and a hat. He was so gracious and kind. I was tongue tied, star struck and a blubbering idiot. I don’t think I stopped shaking the whole day.

  12. Rock said

    Great post guys. Your love and admiration for Roger is seen in your post.

  13. chieko said

    So incrediby nice to see you both in pictures. thank you so much.

  14. Rein en Chris said

    TP: Thank you very much for posting.

    And we really like all the comments. Thank you tennis fans!

  15. Colette said

    Yeah – thanks for this both of you, nice report; sounds like you had a great time. MC is on my list for next year as is Rome.

    Finally dragged my hitherto indifferent husband to the Rotterdam tournament this year; he was totally converted. Live tennis is so great – RG here we come.

  16. GG said

    I loved your post, Chris and Rein. What an awesome adventure. And to see our wonderful Federer up close and personal. I can’t even imagine having the opportunity to tell him in person how much I admire his tennis and his personality on and off the court. Happy for you guys and thanks for the great photos.

  17. Dee said

    Oh! Chris and Rein! Way to go! You guys reporting is so amazing I felt like I was there. I was just living in the atmosphere while I was reading it. Hope you can do the same for FO.Thanks.

  18. Deep South girl said

    Dear Rein and Chris
    I so much agree with Dee (#7). The way you reported the tournament was fabulous—makes me feel as tho I were there.
    PLEASE keep doing this

    Love it to the 10th power.

  19. D.S.G. said

    Two years later?? Anyway, thanks so much for these wonderful pictures–I still haven’t made it to a tournament x Davis Cup.

    And happy birthday Chris in 2010!

    Are y’all still going to tournaments?

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