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Are you exposing yourself to enough sunshine for vitamin D? No you aren’t!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on May 12, 2008

Most of the illnesses that are adding to your already miserable life, may be solved if you expose your body front and back for 15 minutes daily. Of course, you need to cover your freaking face to protect sensitive skin.

Don’t even bother to strain your tiny freaking brain on the benefits. There are plenty. And the best part, you all cheap and lazy freaks will like is: It’s freaking FREE and easily available.

Of course, you freaking freaks need freaking evidence for every freaking thing. So here freaking it is.

9 Responses to “Are you exposing yourself to enough sunshine for vitamin D? No you aren’t!!!”

  1. Tina Thomsen said

    Freaking easy to go for so why not take advantage 🙂

  2. Brooke said

    Lol I think I’m getting too much sun

  3. elvislives said

    vitamin D is awesome! time to sunbathe! i hate winter because sun bathing is a little less fun 😉

  4. thelolreview said

    what about all the poor people in england who have never seen sun, and us aussies that get burnt with a good 15 min dose?

  5. Jenny said

    LOL Thelolreview,

    We’ve had plenty in England this last few days, it’s been hotter than Madrid. I can’t sunbathe, redhead skin, never had a tan in my life!

  6. unnikuttan said

    Yes I am, the skin gets better everyday.

  7. dreamxchaser said

    haha. love how you worded this. lol but i learned sumthin new. ill take advantage of this now.

  8. paperdreamer said

    As a student, I haven’t seen the sun in 3 days. I have been stuck in the library basement until well after the sun goes down. But I drink milk?

  9. Anonymous said

    I thought I was the only one who read Roissy and Tennisplanet. Hmm, wonder if they’re the same person

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