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Federer sticks to the script, brushes aside M&M in 57 minutes to reach third round at Hamburg.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 14, 2008

Roger Federer from Switzerland waves after his second round match against Jarkko Niemienen from Finland at the ATP Masters Series tennis tournament in Hamburg, northern Germany, on Wednesday, May 14, 2008. Ferderer won 6-1, 6-3.  

The two two-match losing streaks Federer has had in the last eight months must have motivated him to take care of business in the opening round emphatically. With shaky starts in the opening rounds and against tomato cans lately, this must have been a huge relief for Federer.

And guess which stat in his game finally showed up to make this an easy contest for Federer? 79% first serve percentage. That’s the highest percentage for him for the entire season. Next best was 75 against Ljubicic at Indian Wells. With his average for the season at just 64%, is this an aberration or a trend?

Couple of surprises though. Federer had just two aces and was broken twice on the two break points M&M was able to earn.

Overall, given his track record this year, it was a great win. With Soderling next, the test continues. With so many screws tightening around him now, it could either spur Federer to engage another gear that only reveals itself under dire conditions, or the added pressure may further disintegrate the ship.

The game for Federer has now evolved to the extent that his mental attitude dictates his physical performance now, versus when the physical game was more dominant in the past. When physical capabilities decline in relation to the competition, the great players employ that mental gear to survive and break through the last layer of ceiling to burst into the ‘legend’ stratosphere. Everyone of the great athletes of the past can testify to that. From Jordan to Sampras to Ali.

We are all hoping for that transformation to extend this great era in the sports world. Will it take its root here at Hamburg?


9 Responses to “Federer sticks to the script, brushes aside M&M in 57 minutes to reach third round at Hamburg.”

  1. chieko said

    Good show Federer san, good luck !!

  2. Sarah said

    TP is right; you are off to a great start. Keep up the good work. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. Manon said

    The first thing I looked at during the live scores was the first serve percentage–WOW! That was awesome. I was so happy. I hope he continues steamrolling his way through. He’s going to have to keep that stat nice and high to do well against all the rest of the big guns/clowns in Hamburg.

    Thanks for all the great analyses, TP.

  4. Defrogerer said

    Yes Manon,I checked the stats on the live score as well and was delighted to see his first serve percentage.Hope it stays with him for the rest of the tournament.
    Is that a blister on his palm???

  5. Sarah said


    It looks like a blister. Or could be a bandage? Hope it isn’t or that it doesn’t hinder him. I’m in the happen of checking the progress of that lump on his face. It appears to be going down.

  6. Anand_101 said

    Next match (Soderling) could be tough. Good luck Roger!

  7. saras said

    Great Match for Roger,inspite of him getting broken back to back to back.How Roger recovers from such tough situation is a test of his mental strength..In the long run, this will make a difference in the outcome of a match as he is still struggling at times due to his after effect of his illness.Roger,I feel is still trying to balance his physical & mental attributes at this point in his career not just for Clay game.This “act of balance” became a little more tricky due to remnants of his illness.
    A 12 time Grand Slammer Roger is man made of steel…tough & tenacious..All these preps will show in RG.”Go Roger”…

  8. ricke said

    Roger played great today, the two aces aren’t that surprising on clay. I’d be more concerned if it was a hard court match.

  9. Sol said

    Does anyone else think he looks really tired and pale?

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